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Two weeks in Mexico: What I found

It felt like passing through a portal — arriving in rural Oaxaca. That first evening, Joseph recorded the sounds that arrived to us on the porch of our friends’ house where we would spend our two weeks. 441 more words



10/02/16 – 16/02/16

“Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también.”

Uit Mexico City reizen we door richting Oaxaca, de rijke hoofdstad van de gelijknamige arme en etnisch diverse staat. 551 more words


Oaxaca del Amor - Día 1

Dos años suspirando por ir a Oaxaca, lo tenía en mi loca lista imaginaria de lugares por visitar y ¿saben como lo logre? Simplemente un día ¡me decidí ! 886 more words


Obisidian's Edge 1

At the Edge of Obsidian

“everything burns, the universe flames,
nothingness burns itself into nothing
but a thought in flames: nothing but smoke”

Piedra de sol… 328 more words


Mexico (in) Ruins

On our Mexican adventure we were lucky to explore five very different but all equally amazing Mayan and Aztec ruin sites. Part of the beauty of these ruins for us was seeing the varying landscapes in which they were built yet being able to recognise similarities of the structures between them all (namely the ball courts, and pyramid dedication to the sun and moon). 582 more words



The city is best known for Dia de los martes in november, but more importantly it is also the centre of prehispanic Zapotec culture, with the preservation of indigenous language and customs. 233 more words



My poem, The Dancers and the Dance, refers both to the danzantes and to Monte Albán. Monte Albán was the capital of the Zapotecs and the principal city in the Oaxaca Valley (Mexico) between its foundation in approximately 500 BCE and its abandonment in approximately 750 CE. 967 more words