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Archaeological Error and the Extreme Antiquity of Civilization.

Almost two weeks ago I was interviewed by a radio talk show.  They wanted to know why my research conclusions are correct and main line scientific work is dubious.  616 more words

Ancient Civilization

Mexico Trip Report Part 2: Monte Albán

What’s there to say about Monte Albán? It is a site of ancient Zapotec ruins and no one know why it was abandoned for sure. Judging by all the sacrificial alters and death games played in the ball courts, my guess is that they ran out of people to offer up during rituals. 209 more words


USA & Mexico Part 2

Mexico trip was a blast; I loved the places we visited and while I almost never had a bad group on my organised trips, our group in Mexico was probably the most fun one and just a great bunch of people. 482 more words


Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico, Art of the Oaxaca region-Monte Albán

  1. Monte Albán

Besides the Central Mexican plateau, another area that occupies an important place within the rich Mesoamerican archaeological complex is the Oaxaca region, which from the last centuries before the present era (during the Upper Pre-Classic period) constituted a vigorous cultural center with marked… 1,329 more words

Mexican Pre-Columbian Art

Sun and Moon 9

Sun and Moon 9

Old Woman walks within a cloister of stars
the heavens arched above her like a peacock’s tail

she chants the garland of her rosary… 72 more words


Sun and Moon 8

Sun and Moon 8

draped across night’s blackboard
stars and constellations all erased

my black angel bruised by the dark
the world’s feathered wonder reduced to shadow and ash… 28 more words


Sun and Moon 7

Sun and Moon 7

Old Woman weaves a crinoline from stars
she plucks roses from the void and turns them into haloes
nochebuena blossoms on the perfume of her breath… 43 more words