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Mexico (in) Ruins

On our Mexican adventure we were lucky to explore five very different but all equally amazing Mayan ruin sites. Part of the beauty of these ruins for us was seeing the varying landscapes in which they were built yet being able to recognise similarities of the structures between them all (namely the ball courts, and pyramid dedication to the sun and moon). 578 more words

Chichen Itza


The city is best known for Dia de los martes in november, but more importantly it is also the centre of prehispanic Zapotec culture, with the preservation of indigenous language and customs. 233 more words



My poem, The Dancers and the Dance, refers both to the danzantes and to Monte Albán. Monte Albán was the capital of the Zapotecs and the principal city in the Oaxaca Valley (Mexico) between its foundation in approximately 500 BCE and its abandonment in approximately 750 CE. 967 more words


Whispers from Monte Alban, Oaxaca - From the series 'The Sadness of Souls' (and often their rebirth)

Monte Alban rebirths in history
Listen in silence
Trees whisper
of souls long gone
Before me
Before you

Climb high
Beyond time
Listen in silence… 12 more words

Creative Writing

Oaxaca, from Árbol to Zapotecas

It’s Semana Santa (the Christian Holy Week leading up to Easter), and being here in the city of Oaxaca (capital of the same-named state) is an opportunity to see a particularly vibrant and unique form of celebrating the occasion. 721 more words


steps built for architectural harmony, not for human proportions

Monte Albán: my aunt and uncle on their way up to meet me on the south pyramid. Go, team! You can do it!


Oaxaca, Mexico

We spent three nights here but needed a few weeks to totally explore and understand this city. And I mean CITY. We first learned about Oaxaca in the 90’s through the travel channel and the food network. 676 more words