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Sunday Book Club: Our favourite books Birth - 2.5 years old

Language is the first gift we gift our children. We speak and sing and read to our children at a surprisingly early age in Montessori: At eighteen weeks after conception when an unborn child begins to hear. 484 more words


"Let's Compromise Mom."

Probably not what I was expecting my then two year old Sweetpea to say.  I remember looking at her and thinking who. are. you???????? Oh yeah that’s right, you’re echoing things I say.   205 more words

Parenting Thoughts

Things only an A to I guide would understand, #1:

The necessity of getting down to a child’s level during presentations and other interactions.

How do you know when you’re getting down to the child’s level habitually? 25 more words


Montessori websites, Part 1: so many Montessori blogs, and what my intentions are behind creating this one.

There are a lot of Montessori websites out there. So I thought I would clarify that whenever I create a post on this blog, my intention is to share my own personal learning about the Montessori method from my direct experiences  working daily as a trained Montessori guide in a classroom. 2,317 more words


In the News: Future students tour their new school

Matt Sheley from the Newport Daily News stopped by this week to witness our children having their first Montessori lesson. The friends were excited to be together in their future Kindergarten space and they were fully engrossed in the hands-on materials that will become a part of their daily life very soon. 40 more words

Introducing New Providers to Respectful Caregiving in a Daycare Setting

The Interview Process

The process of recruiting and training the next generation of early childhood providers can be both the most exhausting and the most rewarding part of our profession. 992 more words


(Even) 5 More Rainy Day Activities

Summer thunderstorms are rolling in and this means more indoor playtime. Here are even more – 5! – activities to entertain the kiddo while you have to finish that last batch of laundry or prepare luggage for your summer holiday. 340 more words