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Gardening at 22 Months

I am having so much fun with M in this early spring weather. He can now use a spray bottle on his own, which is for some reason a huge milestone in my mind. 188 more words


Peg fine motor activity

Ask your local paint store to keep the colour sample cards when they top them up or change them over. I’m using some of these to make a patterning and matching peg activity. 91 more words

Once More Unto the Breach!

(My Years of Montessori – Part 36 – partially plagiarized from Part 6 – but this time with pictures!)

On my very first day in my “new” school (which really isn’t new anymore, seeing as how this is my sixth year there) I watched with morbid fascination at how awful the kids in the “Sekundaria”  – the 13 and 14 year olds – treated one another as well as the teacher who was trying so hard with them. 1,519 more words


How Often Should You Rotate Montessori Materials?

Many totschool or homeschool preschool parents switch out their trays weekly — or even daily. I often feel almost pressured to do so when I scroll through Instagram or Pinterest.

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Where to start in Geometry? What age is the right one? How much does one need to pay attention to language? Again I think that children can and need to be trained in their visual understanding and additionally one can add the right words to what they see and obsreve. 87 more words


#Montessori misinterpretation mess

Nooo it’s not an article against Montessori education, which is great!

Here’s the core of it, copy/pasted from Wikipedia :

Montessori education is fundamentally…

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The Addlo Montessori 3 Day Challenge

More or less everyone has heard about Montessori Education and schools but does everyone know what the Montessori education method is or what Montessori schools should be doing and teaching? 151 more words