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Will The “Real” Montessori School Please Stand Up?

By Athirai Baskaran

After careful research, you are convinced that a Montessori school is the best fit for your child. Next, how to find a real Montessori school. 718 more words

Stop using the cane 1

This is a plea to Parents and Educators, all adults at large: Stop usining the cane as a form of discipline.

I cannot event believe the extent that this evil has invaded our lives. 740 more words

20+ Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

So you may have seen my 30+ Montessori-Inspired Christmas Activities post, but what if you don’t celebrate Christmas?  Or what if Christmas is over but it’s not quite time for the next holiday yet?   1,152 more words

Giving Your Child a Gift ~ Montessori for the Kindergarten Year

Giving your children the benefit of their Montessori final Primary year is an irreplaceable gift. The foundation and exploration the children have previously experienced in their Primary class blossoms into a culminating experience in this final year. 427 more words


Movement, Motor skills & Montessori...

Children are not meant to sit still. Movement is vital to their development. By engaging in physical activity, their muscles and senses develop, and as those send messages to the brain, that develops too. 477 more words


Christmas Activity : DIY Play snow 

December is a month which is full of celebrations, winters make it even more special.And making a snow man from snow is the best thing but wait we don’t have snow here in Oman or rather had we been in Delhi getting a booking done for Shimla in december is next to impossible.So does that mean Little N will miss out on making snow man and his childhood winter memories will have no snow man in it? 289 more words


Why Montessori in infants' and toddlers' second language acqusition?

In principle, in order to learn a language and produce it , there must be a safe environment, particularly for babies and toddlers. Using Montessori methods in an appropriate manner help parents provide this safe environment. 458 more words