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A child at work

(I often learn what I think when answering a question :). This is an answer to a prospective parent who asked: “Why do you call it “work?” (what the children do.) Such a great question!) 573 more words


I'm still the same dreamy school girl under all these other hats!

I found a little stash of things I made at high school…..my style has hardly changed!

My art teacher was my favourite teacher….

….very closely followed by the Home Ec teacher and the Geography teacher….nothing much has changed there either! 58 more words

Art Activities

Alphabetical Order, Dictionary Skills and the 21st Century Child

The inspiration for these activities came from 3 places. For one, earlier this week I posted on a Facebook page called, Montessori Teachers. Alphabetizing is a skill that wasn’t taught in my training Montessori 3-6 training program so I was interested in learning if this skill was introduced at the preschool level. 1,027 more words

Early Learning

Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn

(Barnaby Wasson/Flickr )

By Katrina SchwartzMAR. 26, 2015


When students use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a big effect, even if it seems silly or unconnected to the learning goal at hand. 58 more words

Learning at home: Reading.

This week, at just shy of three and a half, the Mancub learned to jump with two feet, and read. One of those things was just on the cusp of worryingly late, the other? 1,552 more words



We started some Asia geography with matching figures to cards to increase vocabulary and learn about the animals and places of interest in Asia.  I used the Around the World and the World Landmarks toobs as well as the Wild toob, birds toob (for the peacock) and Wild Republic Tube, I think it was the Africa one, I used the elephant from it.   99 more words


Spirit Week Brings Classes Together!

Recently, the Seventh and Eighth Grade and Elementary classes participated in Spirit Week! “Spirit Week seemed like a success! Many kids enjoyed the community nature of the event,” said Steve, a teacher in the Middle School. 155 more words