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Time to Learn

I just read this article, which shares the wisdom that students perform better when having math class in the morning. The premise is that although many high schools have later start times than they used to because we all know teens need more sleep, it may not be serving them well. 378 more words

Wilmington Montessori School

We have been enjoying what could be the final warm days before winter approaches. Our beach explorations are almost a daily ritual now. I imagine we will just trade our  bare feet for woollen beanies and gumboots and continue on through the colder seasons, rather than forgoing this regular adventure we have become so accustomed to. 265 more words


How To Make Children's Bed Time Easy

When my child was newly born, I spent hours and hours on internet on how to put my child to sleep and how can the child sleep throughout the night. 695 more words


Frequently Asked Questions About Montessori at Home

I’ve encountered many of the same questions about Montessori and how to be Montessori at home over the years and especially recently, so I decided to put together a list of FAQs with their answers.   2,079 more words


The Animals At Oakland Zoo

Female reticulated giraffe

In my last blog, I shared an article about toddler Montessori shelf with a variety of rainforest and farm animal collections. Today, I will be showing photos of our recent zoo visit. 464 more words


Contact Paper Collage

When I was completing my training for my Montessori certification, one of the instructors mentioned this work as an easy one to do in the beginning of the school year to help new students feel comfortable and become engaged in the classroom.   129 more words


Famous Creative Montessorian in the News (this time, it’s Beyoncé…)

A colleague tipped me off (not to Beyoncé, I’ve heard of her) to an American Public Media Marketplace piece about the business of Bey, which cited her curiosity and habit of life-long learning.   282 more words