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On Our Shelves this Week

Sorry, no pictures yet but I will try to get those up asap. I am the most disorganised person I know, and I have gone and lost the cable to connect my phone to the laptop. 298 more words


First Day of New School

Bopper started school today — for real this time. BECC was more like daycare. (Although we had parent-teacher conferences once a semester where we discussed in all seriousness things like pencil grip and ability to recognize shapes.) Today was her first day at Denison Montessori, which is in our neighborhood and part of the Denver Public School system. 378 more words


Introducing Books To Your Child

Reading books as early as infant helps in developing language and a great concept to immerse them in the sounds and rhythms of speech. When you read to them, they get your full attention. 491 more words


Quelques liens autour de l'approche Reggio

Reggio : la nouvelle mode de l’éducation en France? Certes, on en fait beaucoup mention sur les réseaux sociaux et dans certains blogs, mais ça reste assez confidentiel à mon avis.  754 more words


Sunday Book Club: Awesome nature resource books for school

The weather has changed. There is a crispness in the air suddenly. Talks of school (whether at home or away) have been circulating in our friend circles. 322 more words


DIY Montessori Materials - Colour Tablets

Traditional Montessori materials can be expensive, especially some of the sensorial materials. This is partly because they are built to be handled by lots of little people and as such need to be very durable. 340 more words