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Our children don’t play with toys

We’ve always been quite aware that our children do not play with toys. I think this is partly our fault, we engage with our children through practical activities and through materials that encourage learning and building connections rather than sitting down with them with ‘toys’. 556 more words

Keep Hope for our Education Sector Alive

(Photograph from The Vanguard News)

There is a cancer in the sector and we need to face it. Anne Lemott an American writer once said “Hope begins in the dark. 776 more words


Making Montessori classroom materials- sewing work

This week I spent a couple of hours making up some more Montessori classroom (Children’s House) materials. This time I was given a few rolls of material that another parent had donated to cut up into squares for the 3-6 year old children to practice their sewing on. 134 more words

Mengenal Metode Montessori

Sejarah Metode Montessori
Montessori merupakan nama seorang perempuan di Italia, beliau memiliki nama lengkap yakni Maria Montessori yang lahir pada 31 Agustus 1870. Beliau adalah dokter perempuan pertama di Italia pada saat itu yang bekerja di sebuah rumah sakit anak-anak berkebutuhan khusus. 883 more words


Deep Rooted

This month our MAV students have been studying about Asia, insect life cycles, and recycling. With so much focus on spring, it’s hard to contain our excitement! 506 more words

Montessori Education

Read about Montessori education and try to incorporate it into your teaching style. Very beneficial!

❝ Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play.❞

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