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Costa Rica Study Abroad: Montezuma

I really should be studying for my midterm tomorrow, but instead I want to tell you about the day trip I took to Montezuma, Costa Rica last weekend. 1,191 more words


Christmas in Montezuma, Costa Rica

The holidays have been a completely different experience here in sunny Costa Rica. Instead of cold, dark winter days, we’ve experienced what feels like perpetual summer weather: hot & humid days filled with sunshine and few clouds. 372 more words

Long Term Travel


12. November
Tommy and I arrived to Montezuma just as dark fell the day before. It was a long day of travelling, as we missed our first ferry by a few minutes. 1,213 more words


Merry Christmas Montezuma

There are those times at Christmas you wish you would remember forever. There are those times at Christmas you wish your children would remember forever. And there are those times you wish everyone would forget. 331 more words


I just had a dream in which I visualized the new high wall at the border between the U.S.A. and Mexico which had been invented, forced and erected by the U.S.-American president Donald Trump till its finalization in early 2020. 152 more words


Settling The New World

In addition to going to extraordinary lengths to constitutionally define “personhood” (at least until Roe v. Wade) and “citizenship” through conflict and Constitutional Amendments, the end of the Civil War set the stage for the most enduring immigration to America in our history and brought the final end to the American frontier. 3,731 more words