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I just had a dream in which I visualized the new high wall at the border between the U.S.A. and Mexico which had been invented, forced and erected by the U.S.-American president Donald Trump till its finalization in early 2020. 152 more words


Settling The New World

In addition to going to extraordinary lengths to constitutionally define “personhood” (at least until Roe v. Wade) and “citizenship” through conflict and Constitutional Amendments, the end of the Civil War set the stage for the most enduring immigration to America in our history and brought the final end to the American frontier. 3,731 more words

Montezuma, Costa Rica 2016 Recap

On this cloudy and rainy afternoon, I’m reminiscing about my one week stay in Montezuma in June of 2016. I want to share some pictures and maybe serve as a resource for any future travelers :) 941 more words


Montezuma, Costa Rica Must-Do List!

I spent a wonderful week in Montezuma and would love to share some highlights. Although short, I hope this list will be helpful as you navigate your way through this kooky little beach town ;) 410 more words


Is it really a castle?

A local “road trip” took us to Fort Verde, Montezuma Castle, and Montezuma Well.

Fort Verde is now a museum with a self-guided tour through the 1880’s era U.S. 305 more words


Montezuma and the Great Flood

Montezuma and the Great Flood


The Great Mystery Power created the Earth and created a big hole. He created a shape out of clay and dropped it into the hole. 821 more words

Native American Tales