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Time for Reflection

I’m coming to the end of my time at this position and I’ve been offered a new job to start immediately after. Obviously, I will have to move again, but this time it will be back to a place I’ve lived before…quite unusual in my life experience. 125 more words


Al sur del Pacífico Norte / North Pacific south

En algún lugar, al sur del Pacífico Norte, se puede encontrar…

In some place, in the North Pacific south, you can find…

Al ser que hace posible la unión entre lo mineral y lo vegetal… 216 more words


Hiking Heaven

(AZ to LV Part 1 of 4)

Coming back from the valley of the sun to rainy, 45-degree Maryland, I now understand why people retire to the Southwest. 2,080 more words


Motecuhzoma v Cortés - Part II

The Spaniards and their affairs

Spain had been under the subjugation of Moors since the early 8th century, and the Arab Muslims and the Berbers… 1,830 more words


Motecuhzoma v Cortés - Part I

Aztecs were one of the most popular civilizations from Native America. We have all marvelled at the exquisite architecture of their glorious stepped pyramids. The meso-americans were excellent hunters and astronomers too, the… 1,957 more words


Montezuma's Lime and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

I saw this in Infinity Foods and it looked a bit interesting! So I thought I’d give it a go, because it’s always fun to find new vegan chocolates, and was pleasantly surprised. Well worth a taste!