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The stuntman of Montezuma

Montezuma can be reached by taking a bus out of San Jose’s terminal 7-10 to Puntarenas, cross over by ferry to the Southern tip of Nicoya peninsula, then on by bus again to Cobano and change buses from thereon to Montezuma, or Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. 1,166 more words


Hassan Ikhzaan Saleem

“When I was getting into horsemanship, a great cowboy and horseman, he said to me, if humans were like horses, there’d be more peace on the earth because you just take a wild horse, a feral horse and it’s being chased by a mountain lion, it’s going 100 miles an hour and the mountain lion gives up and lets it go, the horse just doesn’t stop and go back to grazing, but the horse stops and gets on the ground and roll in the dirt and makes a transition. 383 more words


Surviving Montezuma's Revenge with Style

It happened.

You were so careful to drink only the purified water.

You ordered all your drinks with no ice.

You even rinsed your toothbrush with purified water. 607 more words

Elopement at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort Montezuma Costa Rica 2016

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma is a wonderful, tropical location for a beach wedding in Costa Rica. The hotel is situated right on the beautiful beach Montezuma Beach. 78 more words

Costa Rica

Why go to Costa Rica?

Everybody knows that Costa Rica has no army, two sides of the country facing the ocean, amazing tropical forest, lovely weather, but is this worth all these hours in a plane? 513 more words

Child Custody Lawyer In Montezuma Georgia

When a competent court gives a parent the right to make important decisions for a child’s life, it is called as child custody. Decisions related to health, religion, education and place of living are included here. 198 more words

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Montezuma Wuz Here

I lied, Montezuma wasn’t here.  He was a series of Aztec emperors in Mexico, one of whom was killed by Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s.  But you wouldn’t know it from Rimrock, Arizona, where both Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle (but, fortunately, not Montezuma’s Revenge) are located. 554 more words

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