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Costa Rica with Rod

It had been almost exactly a year since I had seen my little brother, so I was very excited for him to come see us in Costa Rica. 873 more words


Chilli Hot Chocolate: A Recipe

Adding a touch of spice to hot chocolate takes it back to its Aztec roots, and to a drink of a rather familiar name – ‘xocolatl’. 369 more words


Hello from Montezuma!

June 29th: Journal post
Hello from Montezuma, on the Nicoya Peninsula!

^on the beach! Sorry, but this may be the only picture because the wifi everywhere is pretty bad. 904 more words


30th June - On This Day In History


1966 Mike Tyson (boxer)


1520 Montezuma II (Aztec Emperor)

On This Day:

1894 Tower Bridge (London) opens

Have a good Thursday, 30th June… 8 more words

The Face of the Calendar Stone: A New Interpretation

by David Stuart, The University of Texas at Austin

Note: The following post, a bit off-topic from the world of Maya hieroglyphs, is excerpted from a larger work now in preparation, provisionally titled “The Face of the Cosmos: Further Interpretations of the Aztec Calendar Stone” 4,265 more words


Montezuma's Secret Chocolate Club (Xocolatl, or Aztec Hot Chocolate)

Author: Sarah

Cacao was originally cultivated by the Olmecs and the Mayans, but has been most famously associated with the Aztecs. Montezuma II was known to drink 50 goblets of chocolate each day and for limiting chocolate consumption to royals, nobles, and warriors. 195 more words