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A Place in the Sun: Two Women, One Dream

A Place in the Sun (1951) directed by George Stevens and based on the book An American Tragedy, tells the story of outsider George Eastman. 624 more words

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A River Runs Over It

Elia Kazan’s WILD RIVER  (1960)begins with a snippet of documentary so shockingly raw — a man describing how he lost all his children in a flood of the Tennessee River — that it seems indecent to tie it to a fictional drama, no matter how much time has passed between the original event and the movie’s date of production (certainly more than twenty years). 482 more words


Watching Shia, Watching Shia

I have often wondered whether actors watch their own films and, if they do, what do they think of their performances? What do they look for when they watch themselves on screen? 1,832 more words


THE MISFITS (1961 United States)

On one hand we have the female sex symbol of them all giving her all – on the other, er hand – we have a man named Gay. 662 more words


"Sister is the sensible twin, she see things in black and white. Monty sees all the colours." Nurse Wilke

Despite my ever growing number of years on this planet, I am still surprised when people  see things as black or white, and who, despite their number of years on this planet, never seem to deviate from what, in my mind, is a rather simplistic view.   1,015 more words

Song of The Day: The Clash - The Right Profile

Had to add another SOTD, coz it’s Montgomery Clift’s birthday, and how many musical tributes to him can there be?

Say, where did I see this guy? 142 more words


TINTYPE TUESDAY: At Home (and on the Floor) with Montgomery Clift!

Welcome to another edition of TINTYPE TUESDAY! This week: a slightly early 95th-birthday tribute to Montgomery Clift.

Before Stanley Kubrick began telling stories with moving pictures, he told them with still-lifes, as a $50-a-week photojournalist for  487 more words

Photo Gallery: They Had Faces Then