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Yo confieso

Confieso que adoro el cine en general y el cine clásico en particular. Que cuando era sólo una niña disfrutaba con mis hermanas de los grandes clásicos y siempre veía… 144 more words


Wild River (1960)

Montgomery Clift only made 17 films yet his career encompasses so many great films and torturous performances. When he’s on camera I can hardly notice anyone else… 598 more words

Daily Take

heartbreak garage sale

The crows flew in that morning from the wrecking yards, a black mass low over the estuary, blocking the sun, landing inky on the rooftops and perching like judges in the trees. 2,568 more words

'The Misfits' at the BFI

The Misfits (1961) was reissued in the UK and Ireland in June, and also headlined a major retrospective, ‘Marilyn’, at the British Film Institute on London’s Southbank. 766 more words

Marilyn Monroe

Montgomery Clift and the LGBT Connection

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage, it comes to mind that many younger people have no idea who Montgomery Clift was. 378 more words

The Misfits - "Thoroughly engaging because it often hints at a deeper truth..."

Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift and Clark Gable seem to exist in an era, whereby Hollywood is all glitz and glamour. Studio stars dress impeccably and look perfect. 674 more words

Film Review

Even A RubbIsh Film Is Better Than Real Life

Old Hollywood, a world once lost to, one never really returns from or if they do they are deeply disappointed by the mismatch between the impossible promise of the movie screen and “Real life” (whatever that is). 199 more words