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Happy Birthday Hitchcock!

If you have ever watched the original Psycho, or The Birds, or Rebecca (preferably alone on a stormy night, with all your doors bolted) you know what it is to experience Alfred Hitchcock at his best. 1,687 more words

Daily Prompt

A Place in the Sun (1951)

Dir. George Stevens. Starring Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters

In a movie that frequently sits on Montgomery Clift emoting – a very good choice, that – and lingers on closeups of Elizabeth Taylor, the most important player is Shelley Winters, the patron saint of women who want things too much and never can take hold of them. 1,636 more words


Red River

Montgomery Clift in a publicity still for Red River (1948).  The actor didn’t always appear in their period costumes.  Here the publicity department opted to show Monty in a contemporary shirt and tie, giving him a timeless quality for his film debut.

Red River

Red River

Howard Hawks gave Montgomery Clift a twig to twiddle, giving him something interesting to do in his scenes as Matthew Garth in Red River (1948).  Similarly, he gave George Raft a coin to flip in Scarface.

Red River

Red River

father and adopted son in Red River (1948)

John Wayne