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"I CONFESS" ( 1953 )

“O what a tangled web he weaves
When first we watch Hitchcock’s movies.”

“I CONFESS” is gnarly. Yes I mean it in that surfer boy way of good, cool. 1,374 more words

Alfred Hitchcock

Sex & Love: Sex Ed and The Screen

Take a listen here: 

‘Sex Ed and The Screen’ – partly a generous pun on ‘Sex and the City’ (which is mentioned here), but mostly, these are the two things I had in mind when thinking about this episode. 284 more words

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My latest episode of Spectrum, part of our series on Sex and Love:

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A film by John Huston

Cast: Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift

Guido (Eli Wallach) meeting Rosalyn (Marilyn Monroe) and her friend/landlady Isabelle (Ritter) as she’s on her way to get a divorce. 490 more words



Montgomery Clift’s Chuck Glover, a modern man, finds himself in the midst of a dated landscape with a forward-thinking mind-set, making him a very commendable cinematic character at the centre of this wonderful 1960 modernity drama from Hollywood master director Elia Kazan. 448 more words


Silver Screen Daddies

By Eduardo Feteira
In Handsome London

Don’t get the wrong idea. The article you’re about to read is not at all about weird father-son relationships or abandonment issues – although that would kind of make my case further down these lines. 1,331 more words


Jack O'Connell and the Vanishing 20-Year-Old Star

Leonardo DiCaprio was a film superstar in his teens. Monty Clift, Brando and James Dean were legends by 27. But in 2014, Jack O’Connell was the only under-30 leading man outside the YA ghetto to anchor a $100 million movie. 33 more words