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The Gaming Month Ahead - February 2017

UPDATED: It turns out Persona 5 is delayed until April 4th. Thanks to James in the comments for that heads up.

There’s a few big titles this month, but surprisingly not as many as I might have expected.  539 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - January 2017

I never have much expectations from Januaries. Most of the time they tend to surprise and have some pretty great games hidden away in the post-christmas lull. 393 more words


December 2016 - the month ahead

A very busy month coming up! Lots of travel to and from our parents’ places, people to see, things to do!

Here’s what you can look forward to here! 257 more words


November 2016 - the month ahead

So, because I am a planner, I like to create an outline for my posts well before it is time to post them. I was thinking it may be useful for you to have an idea of what I’m planning to post when (although, things may change, and when they do I will update this post as soon as I can). 232 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - October 2016

I think it’s hard to argue that this months biggest release is that of Playstation VR. Coming out like a new console, complete with a bevy of release titles, PSVR marks the beginning of affordable VR. 655 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - July 2016

Hopefully everyone has enough to do over this July, or enough of a backlog of games to keep them satiated. There isn’t a heck of a lot out this month. 453 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - June 2016

The headlining game this month was supposed to be No Man’s Sky, but that’s been delayed to August. So instead we’re left with a lot of lesser known titles, some of which I know very little about. 631 more words