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New Releases - March 2018

March Highlights include Attack on Titan 2 – one of Koei’s/OmegaForce’s highlights in recent months as it differs to the regular Dynasty Warrior gameplay with the exhilarating vertical maneuvering gear. 420 more words


New Releases - February 2018

There are two things that were long overdue. A new Dynasty Warriors game, and an overhaul of the Dynasty Warriors games. Of course, anyone who follows the series knows that its the odd numbered games that are important. 381 more words


New Releases - January 2018

UPDATE 04/01/2018: Capcom finally confirmed that they’re going with a Ubisoft style release-the-pc-version-later-than-the-console-versions for Monster Hunter World, and will be releasing sometime towards the end of the year. 284 more words


Back and Forward: November and December

I seriously cannot believe November is over. The last few months have been a blur, but I have to say November was one of the nicest months I’ve had this fall, thought, sure, it was full of hard things too. 1,336 more words

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New Releases - December 2017

No one expects much out of December. Still, there’s a lot of Switch games coming out. The only games I would highlight this month are… 195 more words


New Releases - October 2017

October is pretty chock full of new releases. Top mention goes to A Hat in Time. Partially because I helped back it on Kickstarter and mostly because it looks soooo adorable. 548 more words


August Forecast

Well, the outlook for August is out and it seems to be more of the same. July was drier, and warmer, than the average and it looks like August will continue in the same vein. 151 more words

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