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The Gaming Month Ahead - April 2015

Spring is here, and so too are a few game. There’s a fair few digital releases this month, but very few big name retail releases. … 516 more words


The Month Ahead: January

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and are just as ready as I am to get 2015 started!  I took some time off from the blogging and tweeting for the holidays so that I could enjoy some much needed R&R time with the family.    197 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - January 2015

Happy New Year! (Unless you’re reading this on the 31st of December, in which case skip that and start here) I often start a year, comparing January’s releases with the previous years lot. 519 more words


This Month; Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Wow, it’s december. Time to kick off the last month of the Solar year. Full of frost and debt avoidance.. Perhaps social avoidances as well? Our friend Neptune is squaring the messenger Mercury today, ushering in the beginning of the 12th month. 1,024 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - December 2014

It’s almost December – and that means its Christmas time. It also means that there now won’t be many new releases until a few months into the new year. 698 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - November 2014

November – as ever the biggest month for games, and for the last few years the month of COD as Assassin’s Creed. When the dust clears the 7th gen will be mostly remembered for the iterative releases of… 908 more words


The Gaming Month Ahead - October 2014

UPDATE: 08/10/14

Added a few titles that weren’t on the release list. It’s mostly some high profile PC titles like Legend of Grimrock 2. The first title came out a while back and managed to make what was old, new again – bringing the gameplay of classic titles like Eye of the Beholder and marrying it to some very sweet and atmospheric dungeons. 916 more words