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Here's What Happened When I Did One Thing That Scared Me Every Day For A Month

When I decided I was going to do one thing every day that scared me for a whole month, I’d already gone skydiving. I’d already traveled through another country on my own. 1,343 more words

Beating the January Blues

Everyone take a deep breath. January is nearly over. What feels like the longest, most dreaded month of the year, is very nearly over. No offence to anyone who loves January – but what are you thinking? 545 more words


Jan. 23

Oooh, that Viking-like horned helmet is back, as is that asterisk-looking thing. The bee with the stinger is here too. Is all that why someone is listening through headphones?


Monday journal – 23 January 2016

Well here we are on yet another Monday! Happy Monday to you all? How many of you are actually Garfield?

I have to say that I am not really one of those people because I think Wednesday is the worst day. 361 more words

Work In Progress

The First Month of the Year

January is almost over and with it came some new things. Resolutions had been made, some still going strong and others already over, new president was inaugurated, and men, women and non-binary people marched together in a stand to show why their rights matter. 140 more words

Motivation: Part 2

I’m going about this year in phases. If you know business, you know that there are quarters in each year. Phases are like the quarters, except the phases I’m embracing are short. 316 more words


Little Lifestyle Favourites

A lot of Favourites posts seem to be all about beauty products – nothing to do with craft, not a lot to do with lifestyley things, and they all seemed a bit full of one type of thing…And I didn’t really want that, so here are my Little Lifestyle and craft Favourites for January! 1,159 more words