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[Trendkingz] Song Of The Month - "Ahaye" by KELLY



This wonderful tune didn’t only get the highest buzz on our blog’s stats, it also received a high level of positive appraisal from different people, far and near. 70 more words


Snapshot of a son

One day old, you captured my heart
I knew you were special, right from the start.
One week goes by, time moves so fast
I wanted those precious, innocent days to last. 185 more words


April Favorites

Person: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss. The name may sound familiar as it has become quite well-known in the past years. You may have noticed her alongside Taylor Swift in music videos or on magazine covers or her impressive social media presence. 249 more words


Women, moods and their 'conditions'

When I was 12, I started my period.
Rather than a horror story, the story of my first period is quite a happy one. See, having got an older sister and a mum that insisted I know everything about these sorts of things, I was quite excited about starting my period and on that Sunday morning, having slept over at my Nanna’s house, I was positively elated to find blood in my knickers. 613 more words

April Photo A Day Challenge - April 28th

Trees (Around You):

While going to a couple of places yesterday

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