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Where you live will affect your pocketbook

I am no stranger to moving. If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I lived most of my life in Ontario, Canada and only recently moved to Calgary, Alberta 4 years ago. 700 more words


Day 2 - Account for Every Dollar

Welcome to day 2. Yesterday we wrote down our financial goals, planned for our emergency fund and set realistic timeframes for everything. Now it’s time to take it one step further and start putting our plan into action. 396 more words


Budget Breakdown: March 2016

The hardest part of setting a budget? For me it’s holding myself accountable to the goals I set each month. That’s why I put together a super simple spreadsheet that does all the math for me! 157 more words

Budget Breakdown

The earners budgeting data void

Recently there was a post on LinkedIn that outlined the budget of a $200,000 per year earner and how little there was left at the end of it.  1,952 more words


March 2016 Review

I won’t write much about March since so much of it has been covered in the homestead updates I’ve been doing. We spent a lot of money but as you’ll see in the category descriptions a lot of it was towards priorities of ours that we are finally able to spend towards given a stronger financial position. 271 more words

Building Your Hoard

We Need to Talk ... Finances

Alright, I need you to take a seat at my proverbial table here and pay close attention because I have something important to say. If you are having financial troubles, someone could hand you all of the money in the world right now and it wouldn’t help you. 445 more words


March 2016 Financial Update

I was really hoping that I’d have a more positive post than last month, but no such luck.  In any case, here is my March update… 358 more words

Financial Goals