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September 2015 Budget

Why I love September so far: Hubby got a raise of $80 more a month (after taxes) and I’ve picked up some extra shifts at my part time job.  91 more words

Debt Paydown

Get ready!

September is right around the corner.  Do you have your budget in place?  Our budget will be up later this week!

Debt Paydown

Trimming the budget: August 2015

I posted our August budget earlier this month and I’ve been trying to focus on little ways we can trim and tweak the budget.  Here are challenges we’ve come across that I hope to have under control soon: 187 more words

Monthly Budget

Side Hustle: August Goal

It’s almost mid-August (where, oh where has the time gone?!) and I need to get my rear in gear to reach my side hustle goals. 77 more words

Monthly Budget

July 2015 Budget Review & August 2015 Budget

It’s a little later than I’ve been normally posting my budget reviews… but here it is… Oh, and that means that there are already expenses put in to the August budget… but oh well… 937 more words

Financial Goals

5 Reasons Why Falling off the Budget Wagon Sucks

It’s no secret that Dave Ramsey lives in my house. Even if we don’t have a budget set for the month, he’s still in these four walls. 860 more words