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Monthly budget results - April 2018

Another quick update on my net worth.

Like I said, things aren’t stellar financially right now but I’m in the process of turning that around. I got a little trigger happy when I allowed myself to buy new summer clothes since it had been about 3 years (living in England makes it seem silly since they’re bagged up for about 9 months of the year). 506 more words


May 2018 - Financial Update

I’m late again, but here’s the May update on my financial goals:

Goal #1 – Emergency Fund

Human Emergency Fund: $0

Pet Emergency Fund: $4290 (no change) 443 more words

Financial Goals

A Financial Planners Monthly Budget (5 minute read)

As promised, I’m going to share my monthly budgeting, including savings, spending, and retirement accounts with you.

The general rule of thumb is to split your finances by three: 518 more words

Saving Money

Monthly budget results - Feb and Mar 2018


Firstly let me apologise a million times for being away for so long – I had no intention of being away for this amount of time, but I got put on a project that sent me to Abu Dhabi for 6 weeks and in that time I had a super ~traumatic~ experience that threw me WAYYYY off and of course I will post about it in excruciating detail very soon (stay tuned!). 679 more words


April 2018 - Financial Update

It has been over a month since baby arrived, and I’m slowly getting a handle on things… Attempting to get some sort of order and schedule to my days.  593 more words

Financial Goals

Heated Talk

I made the fella sit down with me yesterday for a monthly budget meeting. I laid out what our fixed costs are and then said, here’s what’s malleable: how much for groceries, booze, barbers, lawn care, gasoline? 161 more words


February 2018 Money Review: Meds, Meds, Meds

Expenses were a lot higher this month partly because I wasted almost P4,000 on medicines I shouldn’t have taken to begin with. I was prescribed medications that I had to take for at least two months. 328 more words

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