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How I budget

In my first year of uni, I thought I had more money than I actually did (I didn’t consider food for the term etc.) as it was difficult to budget when my only income was termly from student finance. 979 more words

Understanding your financial story

During the process of completing a business’ tax return, an accountant prepares financial results or statements. The statements provide details about the gross revenue generated through sales, the expenses required to generate those sales, and the taxes payable on the resulting income. 214 more words

Start Up

October 2017 - Financial Update

So, let’s not talk about how I fell off the blogging wagon… again… Let’s just move on, shall we?

Unfortunately, because of the chaos in our house with the renovations, the computer that I have stored my normal spreadsheet with all my financial stuff is packed away in a dark corner of my basement, so I’m going to only be able to give you a partial update here… 346 more words

Financial Goals

I was a Hoarder

Let me clarify…not to the serious extent of the TV series and not to the extent of many people. But I save things for no reason. 368 more words


So it Begins

Here I am…sitting on the deck of a place that I got myself, something I have never done before.

I realized in that moment, when I wrote out a rent check for deposit at 31 years old, I realized that this family now rests solely on my shoulders. 480 more words


September 2017 - Financial Update

I’ve got my work cut out for me this month in keeping up with my blogging promise that I made in my last post.  Luckily the first one is an easy one, but I realize I am a day late according to my schedule… I blame the long weekend… It messes with your perception of time… Anyway… here we go… another quick update on my  394 more words

Financial Goals

Current Debt Summary

We had over $100,000 worth of debt when we realized how unnecessary carrying debt is.  We want to be the owners of the belongings we use and care for, not some random bank. 177 more words