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February 2016 Financial Update

My plan this year is to do a financial update post once a month to go over my progress (or lack thereof) on my financial goals for 2016… 394 more words

Financial Goals

Budget: February 2016

This is my February 2016 budget. I’m paid bi-weekly so my monthly salary is based on pay day. I’ll post a routine and month end update on how I actually fared against the budget. 39 more words

Monthly Budget

December 2015 Budget Review

2016 starts tomorrow, and even if I do spend some more money today, the transaction wouldn’t go through until next month (or next year!!) so I can do the budget review today. 580 more words

Financial Goals

2016 Financial Planning


Well hello there on this nice confused weathered ass Tuesday warm winter day. As the new year approaches, I’m buckling down on updating my financial planning, budgeting, and goals for the 2016 year.  165 more words


Goblin Hoard Report - November 2015

The main financial news in November 2015 is that I suck at mental math. For some reason I added the Alchemist’s paychecks together incorrectly and figured our income higher than it would be, leading me to be  536 more words

Building Your Hoard

November Budget Review & December Budget Preview

Another month has finished, so it is time for yet another budget review and preview post.  We are starting the last month of 2015, so this will be my last post like this for the year.   953 more words

Financial Goals

Monthly Spending Summary: Oct '15

How is it the end of November already?! Once again, I’m super behind on the spending summary post… whoops. Okay, so, October. Wow. It was a heaps busy month spent learning to surf and then backpacking around… 334 more words

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