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Yay! The vege plot is Go!

Haven’t blogged for quite a few weeks – May is such a busy month in the garden. And I’ve made 2 dresses and been knitting too. 660 more words

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Final notes on fruit tree pruning

I think I’ve got a bit obsessed about pruning my fruit trees – still, I think this is the last word on the matter.

There are basically 2 schools of thought when it comes to how to prune apple and pear trees – the old-fashioned spur pruning, and the more modern renewal pruning. 638 more words

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Stormy weather

It’s been a really wet and windy winter. The storms started mid-December and don’t seem to have let up yet. On Wednesday, we lost huge chunks of a large conifer behind the shed in the back garden. 181 more words

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New Year Resolution

That’s  a scary title if ever I saw one! Declaring my New Year resolutions in public is so not my style. But anyway…

I resolve to blog more. 205 more words


Pruning fruit trees in March - part 2

Some years ago, I wrote a post about how to winter prune apples and pears, based on instructions from Bob Sherman, of Garden Organic. This post gets the most hits on this blog – it seems a topic many people want to know more about. 707 more words

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Coppicing hazel

About 5 years ago, we planted a short hazel hedge between the orchard and where the bees are now. The idea was to wait about 5 years, then coppice every 5th tree every 5 years. 67 more words

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Renovating the small pond

I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but finally got round to it this August bank holiday. The pond has never been good since we moved here in 1998. 336 more words

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