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April Goals

Good morning beauties! I know we’re already almost a week into April but I wanted to do a monthly goals post! I find it hard for me to actually do something unless I tell people about it… so here we are! 233 more words

April goals

It’s been proven that when you make vision boards and write down your goals and things you want to accomplish and gain, you’re WAY more likely to accomplish them. 571 more words


April Goals

Here are my goals for this month:

1.Take more pictures

I already take a lot of photos but I want to take more, memories are precious and it’s good to document the good ones. 152 more words

December Goals

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas…”

Last month I did my very first monthly goals blog post and everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  I feel as if it is a way for everyone to reach out to each other and share what goals you have. 199 more words


Three Unexpected Things I Learned in September (Part 1 of 2)

This month I decided to eliminate what has become three of my major food groups: fast food, soda, and potato chips.  I was originally planning to do a Whole 30 this month.   721 more words


September Start.

Hello Internet folk, I’m Hoots…

So this is going to be my very first blog post, so excuse me if I’m awkward.                                 I decided to start this blog up as a way of motivating myself and getting out of this pit I seem to have fallen in to, I figure that if I write out my monthly goals and wishes each month, it will motivate my to get up and actually do something so I can chronicle my progress to loving life again. 238 more words


September 2016 Goals

This month is getting me excited for Christmas. Already the malls are blaring Christmas carols to entertain their shoppers, decorative trees can be found at every corner, and the ceilings sport giant balls of crystal—red, green, gold, and a smattering of silver. 201 more words