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June Goals

Thought I’d start joining in on the Goals posts. Its a really great idea!

  • Finish the ottoman project.
  • Finish the coffee mug holder project.
  • Stick to my budget.
  • 138 more words

April Goals

On to another month and 5 new (or repeat) goals. I’ll have 30 days to accomplish these bad boys so wish me luck! 380 more words


March In Review

1) What was your biggest accomplishment this month?

Being more calm and positive in my thinking and my actions.

2) What was your biggest challenge this month? 451 more words


One Goal Accomplished

I did it!!! I posted my first video to YouTube! It is just a clip of my two boys being cute but it’s a start. I’m going to hopefully post more videos of more things but we’ll see. 58 more words


March Goals

Here are the new monthly goals. I hope I can accomplish these in 31 days and if not, I’m only human.

1. Meditate Everyday

I have tried meditation in the past and afterwards I feel really good. 564 more words


February in Review

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this month?

My biggest accomplishment this month is getting things done. When I had to do different things I didn’t procrastinate or complain, I just did them and they got done. 396 more words


February Monthly Goals

So every month I want to set 5 goals for the month and try to achieve them. I will update you on my monthly reviews what goals I have accomplished and what goals I still need to work on. 612 more words