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One Goal Accomplished

I did it!!! I posted my first video to YouTube! It is just a clip of my two boys being cute but it’s a start. I’m going to hopefully post more videos of more things but we’ll see. 58 more words


March Goals

Here are the new monthly goals. I hope I can accomplish these in 31 days and if not, I’m only human.

1. Meditate Everyday

I have tried meditation in the past and afterwards I feel really good. 564 more words


February in Review

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this month?

My biggest accomplishment this month is getting things done. When I had to do different things I didn’t procrastinate or complain, I just did them and they got done. 396 more words


February Monthly Goals

So every month I want to set 5 goals for the month and try to achieve them. I will update you on my monthly reviews what goals I have accomplished and what goals I still need to work on. 612 more words


September Goals

It’s late but I have not forgotten about my monthly goals for September (despite what WordPress may say, it is a full hour before the official end of the day in my time zone). 301 more words