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Monthly Goals: JULY

Another month of summer has flown by my eyes, I can hardly believe it. Between work and relaxing with friends and family I  barely even noticed we made it to July already! 637 more words


June has busted out all over

On 6/5, I did a summation post for May with goals for June. I was right in saying that they were indeed ambitious as I only met a few of them. 539 more words


May Goals

As if it’s time to write my May Goals post when it feels it was a week ago I was writing my New Years resolutions. Although now it’s actually starting to feel a bit like summer, temperatures have been reaching a tropical 12 degrees in the Highlands. 390 more words


May Goals

Happy Sunday ladies! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but with school coming to an end I’ve been majorly stressed! Once again this post is a little late into May, but it works! 122 more words

April Goals

Good morning beauties! I know we’re already almost a week into April but I wanted to do a monthly goals post! I find it hard for me to actually do something unless I tell people about it… so here we are! 233 more words

April goals

It’s been proven that when you make vision boards and write down your goals and things you want to accomplish and gain, you’re WAY more likely to accomplish them. 571 more words


April Goals

Here are my goals for this month:

1.Take more pictures

I already take a lot of photos but I want to take more, memories are precious and it’s good to document the good ones. 152 more words