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The Rise of the CFC -- An Atmospheric Spy Thriller

“It appears that emissions of CFC-11 have increased in recent years, which is quite a surprise given the fact that production has been phased out — reportedly. 

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Someone is leaking a banned, ozone-killing chemical into the air

A mystery polluter appears to be flouting international rules and dumping copious amounts of a banned, ozone-destroying chemical into the atmosphere, scientists say.

The harmful chemical, dubbed trichlorofluoromethane ( 817 more words


Ozone Depletion: What we can learn from the success of Precautionary Principle

The next few posts on Global Challenges will relate to some of Rockstrom’s 9 key Planetary Boundaries and global governance in relation to them. This is to aid my revision for an upcoming exam on the Environmental Principles of Global Sustainable Development, but will hopefully be educative and informative for anyone reading! 722 more words


Kigali agreement and Montreal Protocol

This article goes through each aspect of the agreement and its relevance and how it differs from other agreements.                                                                    Why in news?                                      Various agreements were made by nations across the world to protect environment and to curb ozone layer depletion. 1,079 more words


Renewables focus not the most important says leading environmentalist, Paul Hawken

The visiting American writer and environmentalist, Paul Hawken, made people sit up and pay attention in Melbourne this week when he said there’s no point having hope. 585 more words


Ozone Hole is Shrinking? Because...

The Ozone Hole is shrinking – according to Scientific reports released in 2016! In fact, it appears that the main reason it is shrinking is because of the natural global temperature changes, ie, warmer temperatures in the polar regions cause the hole to shrink and rising temperatures in the stratosphere also play a significant role. 588 more words


NASA Claim: Definitive Evidence of the Montreal Protocol’s Success on ‘Ozone Hole’ – but may be premature — Watts Up With That?

From the “Montreal Protocol success is not weather, unless it is” department and NASA Goddard: Using measurements from NASA’s Aura satellite, scientists studied chlorine within the Antarctic ozone hole over the last several years, watching as the amount slowly decreased.

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