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“I think all the world would gain by setting commerce at perfect liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1785

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Help me, I'm Burning!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Leader.”

Dear John Key, Tim Grosser and New Zealand,

I write this letter because I am scared.

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How Arctic ozone hole was avoided by Montreal Protocol

The Antarctic ozone hole would have been 40% bigger by now if ozone-depleting chemicals had not been banned in the 1980s, according to research.

Models also show that at certain times, a large hole would have opened up at the other end of the globe. 335 more words


Bangkok: hustle, bustle and unexpected secrets

I was recently in Bangkok for a meeting of the Montreal Protocol (governing substances that deplete the ozone layer) held at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific… 635 more words

Surprising Encounters In An Urban Landscape

Sustainability Reads of the Week: 4/13- 4/19

Congress Has Made Undermining Energy And Environmental Laws The Focus Of Its First 100 Days

According to a new report by the Center for American Progress, the 114th Congress has cast more roll call votes on energy and environmental issues than on any other issue. 408 more words

Sustainability Reads Of The Week

Methyl Bromide and Strawberries .. Shock .. Horror .. Oh, Wait a Minute.

Ian Musgrave, Senior lecturer in Pharmacology at University of Adelaide

There was an article on the ABC site this morning which gave us this alarming headline “ 653 more words


Kogan takes down the Schultz proposal on warming

George Schultz says do warming like Reagan did ozone. NOT.

Shultz should know more about the science before trying to draw parallels and dig up Reagan memories. 269 more words