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Sustainability Reads of the Week: 4/13- 4/19

Congress Has Made Undermining Energy And Environmental Laws The Focus Of Its First 100 Days

According to a new report by the Center for American Progress, the 114th Congress has cast more roll call votes on energy and environmental issues than on any other issue. 408 more words

Sustainability Reads Of The Week

Methyl Bromide and Strawberries .. Shock .. Horror .. Oh, Wait a Minute.

Ian Musgrave, Senior lecturer in Pharmacology at University of Adelaide

There was an article on the ABC site this morning which gave us this alarming headline “ 652 more words


Kogan takes down the Schultz proposal on warming

George Schultz says do warming like Reagan did ozone. NOT.

Shultz should know more about the science before trying to draw parallels and dig up Reagan memories. 269 more words


Turkey reduces imported substances damaging Ozone Layer

The Environment Ministry of Turkey has announced that the country is planning to cut large amounts of its imports of substances that damage the Ozone layer, due to the United Nations’ Montreal Protocol. 187 more words

Kyoto and Montreal Protocols

Aichele and Felbermayr’s (2012) paper clearly demonstrates that production based emissions, which measures only emissions that occur within a country’s territory, were decreased by 7% in commited countries however, once imports and exports were accounted for emission increase shifted from the West to the East, leading to domestic welfare losses and undermining the international competitiveness of regulated countries’ industries. 355 more words

Trane rolls through Pensacola

Trane continued their nationwide tour last month, demonstrating their state-of-the art equipment to professionals and students at Pensacola State College.  The convention displayed controls and equipment with Trane professionals on hand to answer any questions and to describe new specifications. 678 more words

Air Conditioning

Zombie Ideology

Twin Cities ephemera: The snow arrived on the schedule laid out by the techno-weather folks, although in less amount than forecast. After a gorgeous October that seemed almost endless, the reality of an old-fashioned early winter has blanketed the region. 1,113 more words