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Eric Idle: "We're Funnier Than Scientology" - Monty Python Invades Tribeca Film Fest

They’re grizzled and jowly but barely less quick with the sardonic retort, the five surviving members of Monty Python. The recent concert reunion of Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, John Cleese and Michael Palin in London (sixth member Graham Chapman died in 1989) is the subject of… 540 more words

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Monty Python, Simon Pegg, Robin Williams Comedy 'Absolutely Anything' To Screen For Studios

As the Monty Python crew reunites on stage at the Tribeca Film Festival today, their most recent film – a comedy Absolutely Anything – is getting its final touches as it readies to find distribution in North America. 958 more words


And now for something completely expected...

The requisite Eric Idle picture of the day…

Sorry, England, but he belongs to us now.


Flavorwire Premiere: The Rutles' "I Must Be In Love" Gets an '80s Pop Makeover From Skylar Spence

“I’m not big into Monty Python, but I’m pleading ignorance on that one,” admits Ryan DeRobertis, the one-man electro-pop band known as Skylar Spence (and formerly known as Saint Pepsi). 333 more words


Spamalot gallops into Stage West, coconuts clacking

Monty Python fans have already indicated that they will be storming the faux castle walls for the latest production clip-clopping into Stage West Calgary. I had an email arrive yesterday indicating that if there was any chance I wouldn’t be showing up for the media presentation of the show tonight, I had best let them know, due to the high demand. 449 more words


University Antics!

As the years pass by and a spirit of creative rebellion fades away and the realities of work, mortgage, kids and life take over, it’s easy to feel that person was someone else. 1,161 more words


The Ni! Scale.

So… how does one measure the relative silliness of something?

It is a fair question, after all. I mean, one has to wonder if anyone has endevoured to create a standard measure of any type – of scale, quantity, degree, size, or amount – for the purpose of capturing the… 381 more words