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And now for something completely different...

OK.  We’ve done the sums.  The answer could be either 4 1/2 or 72.

Inspect the grid.  There are only five pairs of unambiguous letters B (hereafter known as Bs, or Bees) in the grid… 186 more words

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By special request of Mr Davy Doran of  ‘Inside the mind of DavyD’ The famous Monty Python sketch ‘ The four Yorkshiremen ‘. 

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The Four Yorkshiremen


Convergent Evolution: Knights and Samurais

Convergent evolution is a process where organisms that are not closely related independently evolve similar traits. This usually occurs because they live in similar environments and must adapt to these ecosystems in similar ways. 651 more words


A Small Gathering

Sometimes, you just need a holiday.  It’s not necessary that it be a great distance, an exotic location, or even an extended period.  A few nights away, visiting friends is enough to help relax and restore.  791 more words


Chapter 7: Truman has a Fight With a Crippled Child

“Where…”Arthry huffed and puffed behind Truman, dragging Tyro along by the wrist. “…are we … going?”

“The Mountain Base. I have things to obtain.”

     Like a certain missing knight, Truman thought. 2,327 more words


A Common Complaint

What have the bloody Romans done for us?
And don’t dare say the roads and aqueducts.
Don’t cite the sanitation – make no fuss
About their Roman law – I think it sucks. 95 more words