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A fairy tale from Monty Python

This is too weird! For decades, I’ve listened to a Monty Python sketch titled “Happy Valley,” but I thought they had recorded it only for one of their albums. 16 more words

Bonded Hares and Beyond: The Bodhisattva from Lepus

Rabbits to Earth, Rabbits to Earth! How on Earth did The Rabbits of Earth get here?



To find out one must go… 614 more words


Chapter 16: Truman Meets a Turtle

A fist flew at Truman in the darkness. It missed its mark and gave him only a tap on the cheek. Still, the voice threatened murder. 2,855 more words


Speaking correctly

Speaking correctly and learning your grammar and pronunciation is very, very important. Do NOT abuse language… it is a privilege and shouldn’t be toyed with. Imagine having this guy as your English teacher in school and him threatening your life and eventually cutting off your genitals or a certain part of your genitals if you’re not correct.


Solidarity, Brother (Or Sister)

I went to see Life of Brian today.

It’s my favorite Monty Python movie, see. While I have to be in the mood for Holy Grail, Life of Brian is never not funny to me. 198 more words

Spamalot Programme

Over the summer – after I completed my placement I had the opportunity to design the programme for my local dram club production. I was given a short brief, but was free to layout the content and stylize the programme as I pleased. 129 more words