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"The child's laughter is pure until he first laughs at a clown"*...

Catering to bikers, truckers, and other long haul travelers that find themselves off the beaten path, the Clown Motel is the final port of call before the yet another stretch of unbroken Nevada desert.

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Wednesday Trivia Question

What great opponent of Cartesian dualism resists the reduction of psychological phenomena to physical states?

Forgive me for the seeming non sequitur but after reading the… 213 more words

Wednesday Trivia Question

Terry and Terry

I know Terry Jones will be very excited and happy to see all of the well-wishes from his fans from around the world, and I’ll make sure his family is aware of them. 318 more words

Monty Python's Flying Circus

You could possibly say that I had a deprived childhood. There was this programme on BBC TV, late on Sunday evenings, with a weird title, that made me curious. 911 more words

The Goggle-Box

But at what cost?

I was always amused by Terry Gilliam’s animation segment “The Killer Cars” from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, in which — at first — automobiles spring out from alleyways to crush innocent pedestrians. 253 more words



I’ve known for quite a while that I’d have to write this post, but I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t happen. As many of you know, Terry Jones has been diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia/Primary Progressive Aphasia, which has severely affected his ability to speak. 172 more words

Sunday Night Salvation

In 1970, Lou Reed wrote Rock and Roll, a song describing a life saved by rock and roll music. Reed later said the song was autobiographical. 452 more words

Midlife Crisis