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18 coins & a 50 piastres note

A New Rambunctious Craziness

A new rambunctious craziness comes,
dragging our chains,
tearing and spilling the full sacks.
Some nameless Bedouins
buy Joseph for 18 coins…

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America Comprehended: The Liberty Bell (military march)

THE LIBERTY BELL (MILITARY MARCH): Patriotic American military march now more recognizable as the theme tune to Monty Python’s Flying Circus; British payback for the American appropriation of that paean of British patriotism… 9 more words


And now for something completely different

‘AND now for something completely different’, as they used to say on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. That’s a little quotation that fits the bill nicely for our concert on Saturday 11th July, for after our many decades of singing the likes of Bach, Handel, Mozart or Haydn we have none other than the 20th century American composer George Gershwin. 354 more words


When Death Knocks At Your Door...

… there are at least two ways to deal with that problem.   

Originally posted on  I Wouldn’t be Caught Dead Wearing That blog.

This  is a funny story, written by a long time associate.   36 more words

Ray Visotski

Famous Actor is Alcoholic, Gay, and Dead: A Liar's Autobiography, R, 2012

My favorite Python really seems to outshine the other cast members. His song lyrics are remarkable, his delivery impeccable, and his shirtless scenes are top notch. 339 more words

Lotsa Larfs N Sex

Bonus! Elections on Film: Monty Python's Flying Circus Election Night Special

Speaks for itself, really – if you’ve ever seen the first few hours of any of the BBC’s election night broadcasts….

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Name that piece of Art... part 53...

Okay, this one is sort of cheating. It isn’t a piece of art with a piece of Art… me… in it… it is just a photo of a play pen with a whole baby me in it. 59 more words