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99 Word Blog (#018) Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

WordPress provides bloggers the wonderful service of quarantining spam comments. As one who doesn’t receive a whole lot of legit comments, I decided to check out my spam queue… just for “laughs”. 73 more words

99 Word Blogs

Pythonic Paragraphs

Been a while since I checked in with any Python news (or any 
news at all, for that matter).
Unfortunately, two of the three items today are sad ones. 197 more words

Notes From Italy, Vol. 6: Botticelli's Niece

Vol. 6 in my Notes From Italy series.

So, yeah, we were in Florence, visited the Uffizi Gallery, a massive and profound feast of art, and we had the great pleasure to stand right in front of this masterpiece, Sandro Botticelli’s… 263 more words

Fish & Bicycles

He Worked All Night, And He Slept All Day

Fred Tomlinson 1925/6-2016

It’s well nigh impossible to select one sketch as the signature moment of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Monty Python is the exalted Monty Python because even before the classic films, there were dozens of magical moments ready to be quoted by young nerds like me decades later. 210 more words

Why #MontyPython is still not dead yet

Here’s an article on how Monty Python nearly ended before it began:


Although there isn’t much longtime fans didn’t know, it never hurts to point out how precarious history can be, and how important it is to save, document, and archive as much as possible. 791 more words

My Sense of Humour

Many people comment about My Sense of Humour (MSoH) and so I thought it might be nice if I tried to explain something about it. And this is it: MSoH is not my own – I stole (okay – borrowed) it from The Pythons. 534 more words