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Honor Forrest by Returning Him to Elmwood Cemetery

Last week Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton called for the remains of Nathan Bedford Forrest, his wife, and the monument that stands above them, to be returned to the city’s Elmwood  Cemetery… 881 more words


Sun temple : Poetry in Stone

The Sun temple in Modhera lies 125 km away from Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. So eager were we to see this architectural wonder, that we headed straight to Modhera from the airport. 392 more words


#WarOnTheSouth escalates: Digging up graves

Encouraged by Republican leaders across the South (who favor eliminating Confederate flags and statues) and by the pro-business community (which has strongly opposed Southern heritage), Black Leftists and have escalated their demands. 291 more words


Councilmember takes first step to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest statue from a city park

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Charleston church massacre has revived longtime controversies over the Confederacy, and in Memphis, the Nathan Bedford Forrest memorial proved to be the city’s ground zero. 290 more words


Commission Chastised for Covering Jesus Symbol on Memorial

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) – The Boone County Commission is being urged to overturn a decision to cover a Christian symbol on a monument to Columbia-area soldiers who died in Operation Desert Storm. 328 more words


June 30, 2015–Prompt Use these ten words: detect, old, monument, rice, off, sundown, noble, warp, cedar, yield

“Harold, hurry up. Ain’t you got that old truck running yet?” Emmett asked nervously.

Harold grunted an obscenity in reply from under the hood of the ’82 Ford. 203 more words

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Le Louvre by night by fredericmonin24

Pyramide du Louvre située au centre de la cour Napoléon à Paris. Au second plan, on aperçoit l’arc de triomphe du Caroussel.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1dwOZ3N