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Once you’re in the centre of town you’d think that there’d be a smorgasbord or decent pubs to visit right? Sadly not if we’re wanting to hop of at Monument; I mean, there are plenty of pubs around, i’m just not entirely convinced any of them are all that decent. 465 more words

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Herrington Park & Penshaw Tea Room

Bright blue skies and sunshine – check!  In February!?!

Time to make the most of it and where better for a bracing walk than Herrington Country Park… 221 more words

Little Mermaid

The little mermaid was installed in 1913, and was sculpted by EDVARD ERIKSEN.


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Urime 9 Vjet Pavarësi!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Kosova’s Independence, which reminds you how young this country really is. Most capital cities have monuments and statues depicting the history of the country and it’s famous inhabitants, leaders and warriors, Kosova has all of those but also has a monument which is unique. 195 more words


latvian riflemen

soviet era monument for the latvian riflemen, 26th september 2014, riga/latvia


Capt. Cook's Monument

I just had to climb Easby Moor today to visit the monument to Captain James Cook R.N. Today, because on this day in 1779 Capt. Cook was killed at Owyhee in the Hawaiian Islands. 111 more words

North York Moors