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Travel Diary- Mexico city

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another travel diary. I’m so happy to share with you some of the pictures of my trip to Mexico City. We stayed near the Zocalo in a cute little hotel with a great view. 150 more words


Trope-a-Day: Our Founder

Our Founder: Lots of them in various places, of course, but the several-hundred-foot high statues of Alphas I Amanyr and Seledië III Selequelios that flank the main building of the Imperial Palace are the ur-example of this trope.  31 more words


A little help, please!?

All you really need
Is a little help
From a friend 7 more words


We've had a busy day Barcelona and not everything has worked out

Today has been busy, we have walked all over Barcelona and are still deciding where to go for dinner. One thing Barcelona has going for it is their Metro system – excellent! 322 more words


Seville, where streets just appear...

So Seville is a lovely place to visit, great people, great weather, amazing sights (I’ll get to those soon), but seriously have you tried to navigate these streets? 659 more words