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Mashhad-i Bayazid Bastami: the work of a family

its towers like Kentish oast-houses

After having spent in Mashhad the days around Christmas, on the entry dated 9th of January 1934, we find Byron further West: in Bastam. 573 more words

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National Park Service Organic Act of 1916

Enactment of the National Park Service Organic Act, 16 USC 1, in 1916 follows the intent of the Antiquities Act by establishing the National Park Service. 181 more words


The Musalla of Mashhad and inscription authorship.

a ruined arch

In the entry dated 24th of December 1933 Byron mentions a number of monuments of Mashhad, that he missed during his first visit… 495 more words

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Revolutionary Era Connection in Orlando, Florida?

When one mentions the word “Orlando” what is the first thought to pop into your head?


Or maybe two words; “Disney World or Walt Disney?” 392 more words

Moonlit Cold War Interceptor in Abram-Mys, Murmansk

On the other side of the Kola Fjord from Murmansk lays the small village of Abram-Mys (technically still part of the city of Murmansk). Here you can find not one, but two interesting places. 882 more words

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In Memoriam

Our nation’s capitol is replete with memorials not only to great individuals (Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln) but to momentous events that took place throughout the history of our nation and helped form not only our country, but the world. 486 more words



The National Park Foundation

These days, in this troubled era, it’s good to reflect on this history. Thankfully, we have the NPS preserving some of the sites that were present at the time history changed. 31 more words