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A day in town eating!

After gymnastics the girls and I headed into town as we needed Velcro to fix Beanster’s shoes and winter leggings for Beanster. Yo sushi also had an offer on and as Beanster loves yo sushi it was too good a chance to miss. 98 more words


Clean Your Room

After reading Erika’s post over at Dorky Mom Doodles, I almost commented in 700 words, but then I realized, I could reply in my very own blog and hold all my readers hostage instead. 861 more words



hey, we found this cow on the Aran Isands in Ireland.

Tooka-tooka-tooka! You'll have to ask Baby Bop about that

I’m excited for Baby Bop to start talking. I’m imagining conversations that will never happen:

“Mama, I’m all done eating, please take my plate away before I dump everything on the floor.” 417 more words


Under the Trees

Today was the ‘Play Out’ session with p the Trees, but before heading there Mama took the girls to a second hand ballet clothing sale to get Beanster kitte3ld out for her ballet class. 215 more words


Swimming and toys for grandma & grandad

Beanster’s ballet class is held at the local leisure centre where there is a pool and a soft play. Moo only noticed the soft play for the first time about half way through this week’s class and got very upset when I said we didn’t have time to go in this week. 259 more words


Moo Is the Only Word a Cow Can Say

We had been discussing the special abilities of different animals…

Me: You’re a human being. Your special skill lies in how smart you are. You are smarter than all of the other animals in the world. 23 more words