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MIT 11.133x : Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology - Week 0 Sum Up

This week I started with  another MOOC by Edx “Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology”. It is a 5 weeks course going from week 0 to week 4. 304 more words


The Wonderland of a Literary MOOC

I recently joined ‘Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World‘ by Prof. Eric Rabkin of the University of Michigan. This is a typical Coursera xMOOC with the usual closed forum populated by a minority of participants. 1,680 more words


I have loved the concept of MOOCS since the concept was first introduced in 2008. MOOCS are Massive Open Online Courses. They are meant to help break down the educational divide and allow for access to education for all. 421 more words


Geodesign: Change Your World MOOC: I think I'll keep my world the same for now.

I was so excited to see that Penn State was offering another MOOC this year, this time about geodesign. It’s been on my watchlist for the past few months, so when I got the email to announce that class was starting, I immediately checked it out. 207 more words


Getting into webapps and Paas: Nitrous.io

After my nightmare with installing Ruby on Rails on Windows, I ended up on Heroku. This was my first experience with PaaS, so I was a bit foggy on the details about how everything worked. 225 more words


MOOC + VHS = :-)

Lange bin ich ja nicht mehr dazu gekommen, an einem MOOC teilzunehmen. Bei diesem konnte ich aber nicht widerstehen als ein Facebook-Kontakt darüber geschrieben hat. Die VHS Hamburg und die VHS Bremen haben gemeinsam den bundesweiten… 319 more words


Great Reads: Initial trends in enrollment and completion of massive open online courses

This solid article is by Katy Jordan (Her fascinating blog). The article, which seeks to understand the student relationship to MOOC platforms, is published at… 296 more words