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Financial Accounting and Analysis

Confusing? Daunting? Intimidating? Are these the words that come to your mind when people discuss financial numbers? Get a strong grasp of financial numbers and statements through our upcoming MOOC on Financial Accounting and Analysis and acquire much-needed financial business acumen with this course. 11 more words


Love and social justice

Summary of Week 5 of Love as a Force for Social Justice (Coursera – Standford University)

Perhaps the most public examples of nonviolence and love are campaigns involving people who protest nonviolently to secure the rights of marginalized people, challenge regimes that undermine democracy, and wish to protect the environment. 62 more words


Recommended Courses For You

Note there are a couple of courses listed below from the University of California, Irvine that are focused on K-12 distance, online, and/or blended learning. 383 more words



Summary of Week 1 of Measuring Health Outcomes in Field Surveys (edX – MITx)

This course will focus on the fundamentals of health survey research with an emphasis on measuring health outcomes in resource poor settings using a variety of methodologies. 245 more words


You can now take an online course to learn how to build a flying or self-driving car

Yesterday, online learning platform Udacity revealed two new programs in flying and self-driving cars.

Intro to Self-Driving Cars” promises to teach students “the essentials of building a self-driving car” over four months for 10 hours per week. 280 more words

Gender, power and violence

Summary of Week 1 of Understanding Violence Against Women (FutureLearn – University of Strathclyde)

This course takes a gendered perspective on violence against women, which is a way of looking at the world which takes account of the differences in men’s and women’s lives, and how this affects them. 236 more words