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Has the sun decided to come back properly???

Hello Momu Fans!

Now, as you know we lads love the sunshine and feeling all warm and cosy.  Because of this, we don’t really like the winter time (unless it is snowy, which is always exciting isn’t it?   102 more words

Momu Musings

Stoooooooooooooo in the sunshine

Hello Momu Readers!

The lads like the winter because it means that they can mooch and snooze a lot more without feeling guilty (not that they really feel guilty about mooching and snoozing much at all), but they do miss the sunshine at this time of the year because it doesn’t seem to come out much at all. 29 more words


For Those Of Us Who Know The Value Of A Dollar

It’s sad to see how some people are in their 20s and have never worked a day in their lives and get everything handed to them. 582 more words

The Lads

Hello Momu Readers,

The lads at the boy’s house wanted me to show you some of the photos of them from recently, so here they are; 31 more words

Lad Business

Mooching True

Cos we’re mooching me and you

Mooching you

And sometimes we’re mooching blue

Yeah we’re mooching like angels

Mooching true

Forgotten all the dreams we knew… 20 more words


Paul has a big snooze

Hello Momu Fans!

The other day the lads at the Boy’s house noticed that Paul had been a little bit quiet.  They did some lads investigating and found him; 32 more words