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Hello Momu Readers!

How have you been lately?

We have been hiding from the snowy weather – it is very pretty to look at from a cosy spot inside (under a duvet for example) but we don’t like the idea of being out in it.  138 more words

Lad Business

Easy and Tempting Assumptions

“We followed, encountering one gorilla after another until at last we came across another silverback lying on his side beneath a bush, with his long arm folded up over his head scratching his opposite ear while he watched a couple of leaves doing not very much. 115 more words



Ambling, wandering, meandering excursions will always lead to a vista never seen, or an encounter that is itself a digression from the journey.  I had a couple of delightful, unexpected encounters in the last few days that stayed with me and make me smile to remember. 259 more words

Busy Busy Busy

Hello Momu Fans!

We are really ever so sorry that we have not written for a little while – we will try and be a bit better about that. 115 more words


Charity Begins At Abergavenny 

Surely you mean “charity begins at home” I can hear you think?  Maybe, but given Abergavenny is now “home” it’s perhaps not surprising that the town hosts a plethora of charity shops for locals and visitors alike to mooch in! 364 more words


The Micro Lads Explore

Hello Momu Fans,

The Micro Lads have been in an exploring kind of mood in the shop recently.  They do like to mooch and mainly they are good, and sometimes they are a little bit pesky. 89 more words


Bear and his Book Snuggles

Hello Momu Fans,

We are getting ready for a busy summer with the humans and their shop, so we are making the most of any little bits of time tat we have where we can relax for a few minutes. 46 more words

Lad Business