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Autumn Sunshine

Hello Momu Readers!

We are back again – we are doing ever so well to write two weeks in a row aren’t we?

It has been ever so rainy and windy here for the last few days – Peter has put his jumper back on again. 126 more words

Momu Musings

Stop mooching off your friends

Have you ever gone out to eat, shopping or to a bar with friends and had to lend a friend some money to pay for themselves? 288 more words

Ask For Money

Cat doorstop

For some reason our cast iron cat doorstop has ended up on the kitchen window ledge instead of on the floor. He peers out from behind the Christmas cactii. 69 more words


Hello Momu Fans!

We got an extra day mooching around at home over last weekend because the girl is a little bit crazy and decided to run around doing a 10k race in the morning on Saturday.  86 more words

Momu Musings

New Lad Alert!!

Hello Momu Fans!

It has been raining an awful lot here for what seems like ages and ages.  So we have gone back to autumn mode and we’ve been burrowing, mooching and snoozing under the duvet. 82 more words


Lad Adventure Preparation

Hello Momu Readers!

How are you today? We hope that you are keeping nice and toasty warm – it’s been a little bit chilly here recently.  114 more words

Lad Business

Romance - Foto Fun

Romance is ….

enjoying life with close ones … partner, pet, pals and nature!

Travelling to new destinations – geographical and within!

Hanging with like-minded friends! 27 more words