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Excel Tables

Today we are going to learn about “Excel Tables”. When I heard this term ‘excel table’ in the second lecture , I had quite a few questions in my mind. 346 more words


Coursera: Miracles of Human Language - Week 1 (Language Informants)

Having completed the first section of this module last week, today I finished off “week 1” of this online course. This section was actually very short – just introducing the native speakers who will be appearing throughout the rest of the course. 175 more words


Blog analysis

Blogs: open space for reflection/ forum for discussions/ portfolio of completed assignments/ opening up courses to a wider group of participants.

Blogs’major applications: maintaining a learning journal; recording personal life; expressing emotions; communicating with others; assessment and; managing tasks. 98 more words


How the Pioneers of the MOOC Got It Wrong (from IEEE), As Predicted

There is a sense of vindication that the predictions that many of us made about MOOCs have been proven right, e.g., see this blog post where… 284 more words

"It won't take too long" - eLU presentation on developing online learning

Recently, Liverpool’s Hope University got in contact with Glenn Godenho, an academic in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, to ask him if he would deliver a CPD presentation about online / blended learning courses. 435 more words

Classroom Technologies

Coursera: Miracles of Human Language - Week 1 (Introduction to Linguistics)

Having previously studied several languages, including French, Mandarin, Latin and Japanese, I’ve become curious about the development and evolution of language. Simply by comparing the languages I know well, some of these links are easy to spot – however I thought it would be interesting to take a short online course looking into the study of linguistics in more depth. 835 more words


Introduction to Reporting in Excel

Data Analysis is the process which is used to reach to a certain conclusion for a given situation. Data analysis is of two kinds, Qualitative analysis and Quantitative analysis and the nature of data dictates the method of analysis.Qualitative analysis can be done where we have non-numerical data.Quantitative analysis, on the other hand focuses on measurements of data. 424 more words