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Assumptions of Open Scholarship

Openness in relation to educational and scholarly practices has become an important topic in academia in recent years, augmented by the widespread availability of online platforms where teaching resources and products of research can be openly shared.  1,084 more words

Digital Scholarship

Breaking Barriers...MOOCs

Hello guys.. Stuck in a rural area without good universities or didn’t make it to your dream top university. Feeling sad because you are unable to learn new things because your current schedule is not flexible enough. 275 more words

Breaking Barriers

Teaching-Learning at scale

Just checked the course enrollment page on http://www.iitbombayx.in, and was pleasantly surprised to see that 3000 participants have enrolled for the course. It is NOT a big deal anymore to have thousands of students. 113 more words

Disrupt This!: MOOCs and the Promises of Technology by Karen Head

Over the summer, I read the latest book from my Georgia Tech colleague, Karen Head. Karen taught a MOOC in 2013 to teach freshman composition, as part of a project funded by the Gates Foundation. 617 more words

Mindshift Resources

This post provides information on resources for mindshifts. Although this post focuses on massive online open courses (MOOCs), mindshifts can be accomplished from many sources. However, MOOCs are a new high tech means of learning. 347 more words

Transactive Memory

Is Distance learning degrees changing higher education?

Distance learning is not a new concept. In fact it can be traced back to the 18th century for the first correspondence course.  Distance learning used evolving technology like the radio and the television.   407 more words


Open Letter to Mr. Svorinic CurrIQunet CEO et. al.

Mr Svorinic:

I am very deeply disappointed with your decision to keep silent about our ongoing dispute surrounding the right of metaCAMPUS LLP to conduct its business in the United States. 624 more words