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Music Moods...

Have you ever listened to a great song that boosted your mood?

Music has a funny way of alternating our moods. Certain songs can bring back so many memories which then make us happy. 252 more words


you must absolutely (not) do this. or that. thingywhatsit.

i really hate how much i disagree with myself.

i’m not sure if it’s normal; specific to being single and living alone; part of my somewhat screwed up mind; first sign of madness; or simply “just one of those things” – you know, the type of thingamajig whatchamacallit doodad. 125 more words


I Hate Coming Up With Titles Sometimes.

You’ll rarely see me post about Humpback Hump Day Wednesdays since I’m a SAHM and the days run together so much that I don’t often know whether it’s Tuesday or Thursday without checking the date on my iPhone. 983 more words



Living is an art-form. It’s beautiful. Art evokes emotion in the person viewing it. You become part of the art, because you emotionally invest in the art. 796 more words


Gently work on improving your attitude and your entire life will reflect the improvements!

If you have never worked out before it might feel impossible to lift a really heavy barbell. But, if you begin with a light weight and continue to practice you will become stronger and stronger. 157 more words

How To Allow

How are you choosing to feel today?

As you wake up in the morning, think about how you would like to feel today. Choose one emotion and reach for that feeling as you gently get up and start your day. 107 more words

How To Allow