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Mood Management

Mood disorders are awful because when you feel a particular emotion, you REALLY feel it. Throw a personality disorder on top of that and suddenly you’re playing catch up with every emotion you go through in a day. 437 more words


Τετάρτη με χορούς.

Μουσική: Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος
Στίχοι: Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος
Πρώτη εκτέλεση: Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος

Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί
και θα βρούμε αλλιώτικα
στέκια επαρχιώτικα, βρε
ώσπου η σύναξις αυτή


A Little Update

So not much has happened since my last post. I’ve had my last shift at the pub now, so currently I’m unemployed. It’s a rubbish feeling and I feel useless and bored out my nut, but it’s meant I actually understand the urgency now to find a job. 116 more words


So the idea that moving home would give me the time to write more wasn’t completely correct. Not a complete lie though, I wrote many posts, however, none the mood that I planned this blog to be. 184 more words


Haiku 3 May 2016

In stormy weather

After sudden turbulence

Sun quickly returns


May 3rd

Today’s self care looked like crying when I needed to ( which today has been a lot), and deciding it is time to take my power back.