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सुबह की वो ख्वाहिशे , शाम तक टाली हैं ||
कुछ इस तरह जिंदगी हमने संभाली हैं ||


#Mood Saturday Evening

Pictures taken by RabsonSpace. Essen, Germany. February 2016.

Available as prints.

All that you are

A new pillar arises

Out of the verses

We wrote in the sand

A beautiful monstrosity

Which was never seen before

By mankind or animal by choice… 21 more words



Did I miss any of your letters

Or was it just the time

That shook off the days

Printed on my calendar papers

I can’t tell… 58 more words


Stickers available in my Etsy Shop!

Lately I’ve been printing stickers of my work, and cutting them out. It’s really fun to do. But I’ve made so much, and I have been giving them to friends and family, I don’t know what to do with them anymore! 36 more words


Mood: Productive

I started packing for Europe since yesterday, I think it is partially because of my mum has been dropping some of her clothes on my bed and advising me to “get a move on” so to speak. 232 more words

The Diary Entries

Sudden Mood dip

I feel like shit. My mood plummeted. Really quickly.

I feel low, so so low.

Suicidal, impulsive, scared I might do something irrational.

Its hard to think. 26 more words