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Something Morbid

Passing by are the days of the year
Like the wind carrying the sand
Is it too fast, doesn’t it need to stop, I think it’s my fear. 191 more words

Danger in a Tone

That old adage, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” is so very true. It’s that tone we use that can make all the difference in the world. 312 more words

Living Life

Best ways to start your morning in a healthy way

It’s always great to start out your morning in the best possible way to get a fantastic and successfull day. It’s no secret that the people having the best morning are also the most happy people doing the day. 510 more words


Why massage?

Life happens! Deadlines at work, city traffic, multitasking and other problems could lead to an accumulation of harmful amounts of stress hormones. You might already be experiencing some of the impacts of stress such as digestion issues, migraines, anxiety and sleeplessness. 55 more words

Massage Therapy

Elementary, Dear Writer

The construct of the horror story contains certain predictable elements. I want to toss a caveat out here — not every story has all the elements or even any of the elements, but then not all stories are created equal. 1,225 more words


And when our brains just don't want to cooperate...

I write when I’m excited. I write when I’m sad. I write when I cry. I pretty much write with the easiest of triggers. And yet I came here today to write about my surgical placement and found that I just didn’t want to. 314 more words

Life As A Medical Student

Top 10 Artists to look out this year!

10:Leaving Records – ‘Banana C’ is a unique sound; mixed with an almost jazz feel, this interesting tune will capture your hearts. This tune is delightfully repetitive and creates a fresh atmosphere.I would recommend this band as it gives you a feel you never experienced before; with its light melodies, this song it perfect for a chill night. 499 more words