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Is the dark really making me sad?

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How do Scandinavians deal with long, dark winters? For Mosaic , Linda Geddes explores what this might teach us about the relationship between our moods and sunlight. 2,972 more words


To be weak 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤

The strength that comes from knowing I am only human 🌹


What a day

We live in a time of great sadness today in London, a year age in Brussels and every other heart-wrenching act which has happen. One day we will live in peace and harmony.

The Lantern of my life..

The moon is the lantern of my life.It has always tried to create a mood at midnight along with the wind and it has always been a pleasure to watch .At night when the moon swings on the lap of the sky,i sit in the courtyard and the moon wink at me through the cloud above .Often i sit with a copy and pen and try to write some beautiful lines that comes in my mind.

Choose to be in charge

“Be aware without becoming immersed in that which is bothersome, frustrating or causes anger.  The more you focus upon those kinds of situations the more you attract like experiences into your reality.  77 more words

Dry spell

Soft brush of rain on glass overhead

the fall of notes punctuating this space below

A mood evoked

I surrender to the gradient of sounds sent down… 53 more words

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How "Daily Uplifts" Can Counter Depression

Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D

One of the most common symptoms of depression is “anhedonia,” the lack of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. If you’ve ever been depressed you probably recognize the experience of not looking forward to anything, even activities you used to enjoy. 662 more words