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SampleBoard & Pinterest

Sample board created by Rosena on Sampleboard.com using Pinterest pins

Have you joined the craze for Pinterest? Do love Pinterest? Did you know you can combine all your Pinterest pins onto a board using… 265 more words


SampleBoard.com has a whole new look, has been improved and rebranded

The sampleboard.com team is buzzing with excitement SampleBoard has a cool new website. All of the best original features have been retained. But it just got a whole lot easier, faster and it is still the greenest way of creating great professional looking design concept boards. 187 more words


Interior Design Student Competition | Design an inspired space!

Calling all Students of Interior Design | Design an inspired space!

Create a sampleboard that reflects your ideas and best communicates your design interpretation of an inspired space. 130 more words


Contemporary Kitchen Design | Inspirational SampleBoard using CeasarStone

Kitchen Design | Use fabulous finishes like CeasarStone

The most important thing to remember when designing your clients (or your own) kitchen are the finishes. Kitchen’s are always valued by which finishes you select so bare this in mind when designing a kitchen from scratch. 103 more words


Inspirational SampleBoard | Use nature as inspiration for design projects

‘Designers Block’ | Using nature to portray visual ideas

We all use design in our everyday life, we just don’t always realise its impact on us! 128 more words


Wedding Planning | Inspirational Moodboard Design

Wedding Planning on SampleBoard.com | Inspirational moodboard

Be inspired for your wedding day with many wedding theme images available on sampleboard.com to help you plan your perfect day. 46 more words


The digital moodboard vs The traditional method

Creating moodboards and sample boards offline, using the traditional method, and computer-based using photo editing software like Photoshop and Coral Draw, is useful. SampleBoard.com developed a faster, simpler, easier platform to help you create a digital moodboard – combined with the benefits of the digital age of speed, efficiency, quick turn-around and global availability. 137 more words