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Craving turtlenecks

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Hi everybody! So, you know when you are in the Januray mood? You have so many new plans and goals for the year but all your energy has run out and the weather is making you all moody and you just wants to go to some place warm and get a tan? 69 more words


Are you chasing every sunset? Are you facing every fear?

Who are the people that make you feel alive?
Are any of them standing by your side?

Are you chasing every sunset?
Are you facing every fear? 69 more words



I couldn’t wait to log onto Illustrator and crack on with my moodboard for my brief and here is what I came up with..


And everything thus turned into the Great Big Cheddar In The Sky

Now I know that my impulse to serve posterity is just the same kind of thing as my fondness for cheese – now that its transcendental pretensions have been exposed for a sham – do you think I shall pay much attention to it?

– C.S Lewis, Miracles


January moodboard

Hey there!

How have you been? This is the first moodboard of 2017! I soo need one. I’m laying in books for weeks and need something to look forward. 233 more words


HUDs - Task Two - Research

History of racing games

the oldest known racing game began in the 1970’s and were practically all arcade games of a sort. the first was a very basic game called ‘space race’ by/for the atari and it was extremely basic compared to the sort of race games that come out today. 156 more words