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Comparing themes from different sites...

To start it off, I am not to familiar with code talk and fancy words used on websites, I prefer easy simple ways for me to be able to read directions, that doesn’t mean I won’t try, but if I see a couple websites having the same tools of another but one looks most clean and easy to read I will for sure be using that one. 347 more words


Rubrics and Grading Guides

Rubrics and grading guides are commonly used to provide clear directions, expectations and feedback for students before and after they have completed written assignments, projects and/or presentations. 451 more words


Optimizing MySQL- Moodle

To be specific, if you are loading Moodle, look at the optimization at – https://docs.moodle.org/37/en/Performance_recommendations

On our server, we use a SSD with the Inetinfop\Parameters set to 2.  174 more words


More Than One Right Answer—Some Moodle Quiz Tricks!

An instructor asked me if we can set up multiple-choice questions in Moodle Quizzes with more than one right answer. Of course we can! 212 more words


Three tweaks

Sarah Horrigan: Listen (CC BY-NC 2.0)

That’s tweaks as in non-earth-shattering changes I’ve introduced to the course this semester. In case you were wondering if I was still teaching, yes, the online writing skills course is still going strong, despite the reservations I’ve been having about teaching it for the seventh (gulp) year in this format. 1,016 more words


Forum intro

Only a few days have passed since we all started this journey, and I am quite surprised (and glad) to see so many different profiles in this online class! 42 more words

Learning Activities

Ready, set, go!

Yes, Hazelnut is an artistic surname :)

What do you do in your first day in school? Exactly, you introduce yourself with a brief description and try to get to know your fellow classmates. 51 more words

Learning Activities