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Four Months

Well all resolutions require will-power and once you have kept them, you need to give yourself a pat and celebrate the fact that you did. I have just finished 4 months of my no alcohol resolution and am I wiser, braver or kinder after having kept to it or did I loose friends over this resolution and make important choices? 356 more words


Mania or Depression or Ennui?

I’ve been thinking of going off my meds. Several people have discouraged me from doing it, citing deleterious side effects, including seizures and the inevitable crash. 578 more words


Nature Heals

What’s life without nature…I missed all those best and peaceful evenings, lively sunsets, playing with kids, making them play outdoor games…And now,
I am just back to all those routine :) 7 more words


In The Way or Way Over Here

Some days you just got to get out-of-the-way.  Sometimes it’s a case of getting out of the way of others.  Sometimes it is getting out of the way of vehicles or access lane.   252 more words


Where Does the Friendship End?

We all know how a friendship begins. It begins with a shared coffee. It begins with the like of the same book. It begins with the unexplainable feeling of closeness. 247 more words


After the dawn broke she looked at the sun as it was coming up and said I will have nothing to do with love.

And as the dusk turned blue into a dusty hue of pink and grey. 15 more words