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Do you ever learn a new fact and it eff’s you over really bad, even though it has no effect on your life. But it feels like your whole life was a lie anyways! 22 more words

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"I can't believe today was a good day."

“Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”

Tonight was actually suppose to be the night that I write the part two but I actually feel good and will not bring my mood down in order to write some words. 561 more words



I stand near the shore where the crystal blur waves kiss the golden sand and tickles my feet each time they say a goodbye. From a far a distance I can see the wave of emotions approaching me. 264 more words

She was happy thinking that all his talks, laughs, jokes, sharing moments and pictures and feelings was just for her, until she got to know about the third person in the frame.

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I’m not even going to lie! I judge people, and I judge them hard! If I see a person with wacky clothes on, or a girl wearing a bright blue eyeshadow upto her super-thin arched sharpie looking eyebrows, yeah I’m judging them because, I personally don’t agree with their choices, but I keep my mouth shut, and keep my damn opinions to myself, because I ain’t a piece of crap who wants to put others down! 91 more words


Is it just me, or did we use to have normal- smelling shampoos before? Everything was strawberry, and peppermint, and citrus. Nice, normal things.

Now I pick up a bottle and it’s like Dew gathered by monks, from The Himalaya mountains, mixed with the root of an asncubeskv plant, that grows only in an obscure village in Amazonia, with a dash of magical berries from Narnia to give your hair volume! 13 more words


While writing: I’m so creative right now, it’s like all the constraints have been lifted. Wow! I wrote 2000 words in 30 minutes! This is going to be great!! 49 more words

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