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Man Periods

It is a storm to send those I love packing.
– Myself

A leading example of my tenuous grasp on my emotions are these unpredictable, long pieces of time I call my lowswings.

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Mood Swing

I have an extreme mood change. From ultra diligent to super lazy. From super neat to messed up.

Jadi suka susah ditebak, kayak hari ini mau berangkat kerja aja santaaaai sekali. 228 more words



I get myself back to track lately means the very energetic one that I am always means I start to let myself get involved in many projects and throw my time doing many things at one. 415 more words

My Very Own Battle

Beatspacek's upcoming interview on Moodswing

By Taline Kalaidjian

Coming up on Tuesday August 19 2015, Moodswing will have a special guest programmer, Beatspacek.  Having recently released his debut album ‘Modern Streets’ on the independent UK label, Ninja Tune, Beatspacek joins Moodswings’ host DJ Taline in the studio, to share his experiences with making his music using new technologies, his influences and inspirations with his new sound and the various projects and collaborations he’s working on.   74 more words

Eastside FM

What's Up? (3/22/15)

I went silent since the day before spring break. A lot of good has happened so, where were the journal entries? I didn’t talk about break, going to the city, or finally seeing Bjork (an idol of mine). 326 more words

Blog Posts

Autumn season


Its autumn season now, in my head only. Cause outside my office now, its rain heavily. I feel a little down a bit this week. 335 more words


I Listened To My Inner Voice Today

It has been so humid in Toronto these days. I know that summer season has officially begun; but still, we are only in the month of June, the humidity in the air has already made me sweat like a melting ice cube on the move. 152 more words