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What's Up? (3/22/15)

I went silent since the day before spring break. A lot of good has happened so, where were the journal entries? I didn’t talk about break, going to the city, or finally seeing Bjork (an idol of mine). 326 more words

Blog Posts


I’m a little insane. If you have read my posts you may have noticed I have so many mood swings, I can go from super depressed to happy in a few seconds. 92 more words

Autumn season


Its autumn season now, in my head only. Cause outside my office now, its rain heavily. I feel a little down a bit this week. 335 more words


I Listened To My Inner Voice Today

It has been so humid in Toronto these days. I know that summer season has officially begun; but still, we are only in the month of June, the humidity in the air has already made me sweat like a melting ice cube on the move. 152 more words


Can a specialized social network really combat suicide?

What’s the most disheartening moment in a young entrepreneur’s life? Perhaps that moment where you think you’re building a fun, light-hearted social network and slowly realize that all your users are suicidal. 809 more words