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Snippet Four: Stranger Danger

At the fringe of my vision, a shape is moving towards me. A grey silhouette. I am immediately thrown into some kind of disorientated panic as adrenaline kicks in, and I prepare to flee, just as the figure steps before me and I see the face properly: smooth, bronze complexion; short, tufty hair; flat nose: the boy that passed us yesterday. 686 more words


Snippet Four: (Personal) Space Invader

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a body to my right, where a vacant seat usually resides. Autumnal tresses glint in the sunlight. 682 more words


Borderline Personality Disorder

There’s a parasite in my brain,

Like a mosquito,

It drinks away my sanity, humanity and hope.

So that I am left dry

Detached from what makes sense… 799 more words


Snippet Three: A Drunken Encounter

Luca having slipped into the house, I slowly reverse out of the front garden, striding backwards onto the pavement, still waving at my new friend who has by now made it to the bedroom window where I first glimpsed him. 292 more words


Sunny With a Chance of Irrationality

Today’s been a good day – mostly. I woke up in a grumpy mood but it soon went away. Then a few times during the day my mood has tanked, but not far and not for long. 217 more words

A Day In The Life