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18 months to go...

Seeing as writing is a form of therapy and one of the main reasons for me starting this blog in the first place, I guess I better fill you in on my latest mental health update. 579 more words

Crabby or not to be!

Hi there,

My moods have a way of choosing the most inconvenient of moments to take a turn. One minute I am little miss sunshine and there the next moment, let’s just say you would not want to have a conversation with me.  314 more words


A Day in the Life of a Borderline

Woke up from a restless sleep by the youngest demanding I get up , am soaked with the venlafaxine sweats that ooze decay out of my pores and leave the tangled sheet s wrung out. 1,711 more words


Do guys have moodswings

I would like to know 😐

They say it’s hard to understand a girl. Hello! It’s the same when it comes to guys too. I seriously don’t understand what goes in his mind. 86 more words


Just Chill! Take a Chill Pill !

We often use this phrase “Just Chill! Take a Chill Pill! Tension na le!“.

But, do we really mean it? Do we really want the person to not think and care about us. 348 more words


2015, the year my battle with depression ended

A/N: This is an account of my experiences with depression, how it affected me and how I came out of it. I share this so that it might be helpful for some one out there, who is facing what I did. 616 more words