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NaBloPoMo Day 24: Digging Back Out

So far today, my mood’s been fairly stable. I won’t go so far as to say it’s GOOD, mind, but at least it’s not pinging wildly back and forth between joyous, distraught, and angry anymore. 427 more words

Getting Better

NaBloPoMo Day 23: Down the Rabbit Hole

Today’s prevailing mood started last night – I can’t remember when or over what – but this morning I was absolutely determined that I was the worst thing that had ever walked on two legs. 333 more words

Carry That Weight

So ill

Ugh I feel so ill.  Gross warning: It ain’t pretty.  I thought the first three months you were supposed to either be all glowy and glowing and shitting glitter and walking on air, or you were unaware that you were pregnant??? 577 more words


Do I Even Exist?

Do I even exist?
I feel so lost in numbness these past few weeks.
Like everything is just how it is and nothing I do will change that. 188 more words

Ships Have Sailed - If Only

Ships Have Sailed are an indie alt/rock duo from Los Angeles. If Only is the single off of their brand new album Moodswings. The LP veered away from today’s single-driven musical climate with a well-rounded, full-length story intended to be heard from the beginning to the end; with a theme that echoes the band’s name, a positive spin on the phrase “That ship has sailed,” as it meditates on change’s ability to impact one’s life at any moment. 58 more words


Ships Have Sailed

The LA based duo of Will Carpenter (guitar and vocals) and Dan Hange (bass) make up the group Ships Have Sailed.  The alternative pop-rock group debuted their first EP… 112 more words

Front Range Radio

The Long Sleep

The Long Sleep

After summer’s lazy sun-kissed days have become shorter and her balmy nights cooler, Autumn slowly begins to rouse. Subtly she peers out from her deepest slumber; a gentle sigh escaping her mahogany lips causes the winds to blow and turn brisk. 512 more words