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The moodinator

So I already wrote about how big of change it is to suddenly have this attachment on you most of the time. But I didn’t go into the feelings and mood swings, and even depression. 406 more words


Menopause Madness And Me

Dear GOD, make it stop. This whirlwind of emotional turmoil, this up, and down, and up, and down. Turns, and twists, and happy bliss, and then deep dives into this sorrow that I don’t think I could possibly describe sufficiently, but to say the intensity can be overwhelming. 826 more words

Letters To The Dead

Here is a funny thing- PMS...................Not

It started with eating, hogging and then some more till all carbsy sugary snacks were finished from my pantry. Right at that moment, when I was feeling sick with the super sweet taste in my mouth, I wondered what is happening?  289 more words

Nothing Anything

Mood swings.

According to my fiancé my mood changes to fast that he sometimes doesn’t know what to do. He says that I’m a purring little kitten that goes straight to grizzly and back to kitten in a span of seconds. 194 more words


Good mood day!

We have our bad days and good days and I guess today was my day ♡

I always feel irrated, angry, annoyed, hot headed (ALL!!) in the past days. 78 more words

Just An Overview.

I’m Kate. I am nineteen years old, unemployed, six months pregnant, and living with my boyfriend and his step-dad. This might sound like your typical teenage pregnancy “she-never-going-anywhere-in-life” story, but it isn’t. 194 more words


Short Story: Through Feline Eyes

Prompt: There are days when I wonder what my cat, Raizo, thinks about me. She knows me better than most and I wonder how she processes it. 496 more words