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7 am

The alarm rings.

It’s 7 am. Time to eat her tablet.

She’s sleepy. She really wants to sleep some more. She’ll take the tablet and go back to sleep. 145 more words

Exploring new letters.

I read through the email I got sent after my diagnosis last night and realised I had missed a couple of points on there, the first being Sensory Processing Disorder and the second being ADHD. 778 more words

I know what i want, but i just dont know...

So… I actualy have no idea why i am doing this right now. I dont even give a shit about blogging! I am not a “blogger” type of dude. 78 more words


​Sunshine in the Attic

A mirror tells the future,
a birthday gift from father.

He seldom gifts any hope,

I decided not to accept it.

I don’t remember my birthdays, 295 more words

Rhye - Open

I have done my wee bit of research on Zodiac Signs and one thing that I found common in all Zodiac signs is “Mood Swings”. There is no Zodiac sign in existence that has got the bones to overpower this trait. 163 more words


Down In A Hole

So, Friday felt like a good day and there was the prospect a good weekend ahead of me. After a while I could feel my mood just disintegrate before my eyes. 815 more words


I Just Want To Be Stable - 26 June 2016

I’m really sick of not knowing what my mood is going to be everyday, or heck – every hour. I think it makes it even worse that a lot of the time, when my mood changes, it doesn’t have rationale behind it. 182 more words