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2. Promises made.

More than a week later, I realized I did not keep my promise.

Not that it seemed likely in the moment either.

With my constant state of mood swings, and the humming low I’ve been feeling, blogging was the last thing on my mind. 7 more words


Yes. A few days ago, I felt that urge to take my own life. I didn’t do it thought, pretty sure I’m not brave enough, that’s why I could post this today. 771 more words


IT sucks

If anyone knows of an easy, free editing program for iPad, with royalty free music please let me know. I just spent all day trying to create two sixty seconds videos for the barn. 36 more words

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Hormone Imbalance

So I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about hormone imbalance, the why’s the where’s and the issues related to having your hormones out of whack.   758 more words

And now the other shoe

Got a call from my oldest today- she might have to move back in with us. Her roommate has ditched her payment again and announced that she leaving in three days, leaving Kaylie’s bank account drained and with no way to afford the rent on her own. 9 more words

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When it rains ...

Well Murphy is not done raining down on us. We got our water bill today and was shocked – we had gone over our allotted allowance by 164560 gallons. 11 more words

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