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The Pendulum Swings

I’ve been talking a lot about how the addition of the one medication I’ve been missing has helped with my energy level, but haven’t really talked about how my mood has been affected. 390 more words

A Day In The Life

Managing Moods with Meditation

Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked that way??

Then again, I suppose meditating ANYTIME will at least soften the blow of the dropped ice-cream cone or of course more pressing concerns. 289 more words


Mercury is in retrograde and the yanks and pulls are felt within many individuals communications and moods. Usually these are golden days for me but not this time. 121 more words


Absence of love

I tried to interpret the mood I am experiencing right now.

I found out it is: the lack of a loving feeling. The total absence of love. 375 more words


Melancholia - month 1 - moodswings

I have these melancholia strokes lately. This morning I have one out of the blue. Though I suspected these moods were not actually connected to memories of events in the present or the past, but went together with them coincidentally, this morning I find myself in the melancholic state with no cause whatsoever. 53 more words



These lyrics seemed to have been stuck in my head for a long time.

I’ll drive you crazy

with my ever changing mind

When my mood goes off…

49 more words

Who's got your remote control?

Yesterday I was in a terrible mood.Ask me why? Well I heard my friend calling me a lazy bum .Even though being a full time mom I really cannot imagine the word lazy coming in my life’s dictionary from any angle,but as   526 more words