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I’m going to go out on a limb and try something very different for my blog. One of the things that I like to do when I’m very upset or overwhelmed, is write poetry. 162 more words



I don’t want to conform to any set of art rules yet as soon as I see a space between my outline and base my OCD has to fill it in and all I hear in my mind is- Stay between the lines.


Affirmations for The Resistance #1

We won’t be perfect in our roles as citizens of a great democracy; but we will be our best


Rob Goldstein 2018



I love the feeling,
Of water encapsulating,
The cold waves washing,
Gulps of water in,
My lungs burn.

My eyes look to the sky,
Blue as it is, 26 more words


The Sky will Always be Blue

The sky will always be blue.

Even when it’s covered by clouds
The sky will always be blue.

Even when the heavy rain storm
Leaves a dark and grey hue, 87 more words


Why Even Bother

Is the best thing about all of us,
is that all of us on level care?
Is humanity defined by,
the fact that we bother? 69 more words