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A day in the life of my BPD...

I don’t know the meaning of a balanced life or how to regulate and control my emotions like a ‘normal’ person. (Whatever ‘normal’ 1,036 more words


Mother's are special

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Abraham Lincoln

What to get for your Mum that is not daily, boring, unexciting? 182 more words


Have you ever

I have many talents that have not been mastered. I wish I had a talent agent, fairy godmother, sponsor, or mentor that could help me cultivate the right one. 25 more words

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One For The Girls, Period.

Dear Blog,

While I sit here in a cramping, hormonal heap, I thought “Hey, lets write a blog about how crappy periods are” and voilà! 654 more words

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Today’s forecast

Early morning laziness, afternoon tears with a high chance of regret and evening downcast of dread.

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Mood fluctuation

What should we do if we have this problem.Are women suffer this problem more than men?And how do you people control this?is this related to when we are facing continously failure in our life?If we have stability in our moods only then we can perform better in our life.Any remedies or solution if you people know kindly share in comment section.It will be a great favour for those who are suffering it.