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have you ever felt this way?

do you hit the rock bottom sometimes?

do you feel like youre the only thing wrong with this world?

like youre the only one to be blamed? 43 more words



there are days I’m without you
there are days I bleed for love
there are days chaos commands
there are days I need a hug… 84 more words

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Suddenly so melancholic… didn’t know that was part of moodswings too…

Actually, I am getting these melancholic flashes now for quite a while. Nice memories. I am closer to death now than to birth. 105 more words


[Cogitating Conversations-VI]*Mood Swings*

Sundays are precariously precious and given the fact that it is the only day of the week my parents and I can be together. Today was a day I was looking forward to spending calmly. 517 more words


My lifeĀ 

I honestly, have days when I’m in a really bad mood. Today is one of those days. I just want smack someone in the face, I’m just so angry and I don’t know why. 14 more words


[RANT] My fucking shitty day...(like many others)

Warning: Contains swearing…I’m that pissed

What a day it has been. Now I have been having crap loads of crappy days the past week or so, but this one takes the cake. 947 more words


Where's my food: Tale from Pregnancy

I have a tale to tell. Please do take a seat.

I had this strange craving for chocolate ice cream and tried to get my sister to take me anywhere to get it. 453 more words

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