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Situation update 

I’m not to sure how I am right now. Here is what I do know.

I’m depressed. I have no will to do anything or I am so frustrated that I’m ready to blow up. 69 more words

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Snippet Twenty: Punctured Balloons

I rake my eyes about the room in attempt to glean inspiration to write, an exercise suggested to me by Kitty. Recently I’ve been trawling through my tattered tome of Japanese haikus for some idea – some emotion – with no joy. 162 more words


Mood Ring - Flash Fiction

Her hands were warm, unusually so, and there was something about her smile that made his stomach flip, and not in a good way.

Greeting each other as they usually did, they began walking in the direction of his parents’ house for their first meeting with her, his new girlfriend. 506 more words

Flash Fiction

Snippet Nineteen: The Cure

Luca’s house is our unspoken destination, seeing as all its inhabitants are in the long and twisted loop. Although, Thomas is nowhere to be found, which unsettles me. 430 more words


Snippet Eighteen: A Happy Ending

Sam and I arrive at the main road, taking turns dragging one another into a sprint as we start to tire. We encounter no obstacle, although alarm bells beat all the other background noise out of the air. 222 more words


Snippet Seventeen: The Great Escape

We get down to the lab; Aeiou doesn’t say a thing as I let him hook me up to pulse and blood pressure monitors then slap a thermometer onto my forehead. 690 more words