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Your Emotions Are Your Responsibility

We are all little balls of energy and with every encounter we pass this energy onto one another every second of every day.

I remember when I worked in a very busy restaurant and when I started a shift at 5pm I would soak up the energy of all the other staff members.

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The idea was to have a nightcap

But, the night has its own mind

No lullaby, it sang

Heart bared itself, drenched my soul into the downpour of the emotions… 36 more words


Why she swings?

She loves sweets but craves for salt
She smiles and sudden there she halts;
Adorns her beauty, she takes pride
She boasts, she flaunts
Her varying shades of charm, 120 more words



I’m afraid, I lose sense of time most of the day. One minute I’m writing and the other I’m just lost, lost somewhere in the land of imagination. 67 more words


That's Me Being Me

What I speak, in mirth or distress, it’s all the same, depends what ears you have on.

I’m crazy…ain’t I?

I’m insane…I’m not

I’m bold…I’m not… 103 more words