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Snippet Nine: Little Boy Lost

“Wait, what?” I exclaim, Thomas’ rapidly-fired demand a word search. “Who’s ‘they’?” I don’t know which part to concentrate my concern onto: Luca being gone or that someone else is involved in his vanishing. 610 more words


(Moodswings) Be Yourself

I have a problem with hypocrisy.

Growing up, I was taught of being civil. “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything.” This is what my Mother always say. 740 more words


A break from my significant other - 10 Weeks Alcohol Free: Week 2

Day 8: Monday

Wahoo! I got through the first week without caving. Trust me, I had my moments.

Energy levels still down quite a bit, but I think a result of a lousy night’s sleep. 999 more words

Better Health

Mood Swings

This is for the first time I am going to share here about the mood swings I normally face due to pcos.

I was diagnosed with pcos from past seven years and since then my life is never being the same. 364 more words


AutoImmune Protocol Journal | Day 1 // Friday

To recap, today is the day I officially start Autoimmune protocol (AIP) after eating decently healthy for the past week. Going to be weaning off of caffeine over the course of the next two weeks, and probably getting hit with some low-carb flu. 365 more words


Snippet Six: Cat Fight

You can tell that something is being anticipated from the buzz that fills the school grounds. Adding just a drop of deviance to the unstable souls of teenage females transfigures them into a salivating pack of wolves. 354 more words


Snippet Five: Stranger Danger

At the fringe of my vision, a shape is moving towards me. A grey silhouette. I am immediately thrown into some kind of disorientated panic as adrenaline kicks in, and I prepare to flee, just as the figure steps before me and I see the face properly: smooth, bronze complexion; short, tufty hair; flat nose: the boy that passed us yesterday. 686 more words