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Down In A Hole

So, Friday felt like a good day and there was the prospect a good weekend ahead of me. After a while I could feel my mood just disintegrate before my eyes. 815 more words


I Just Want To Be Stable - 26 June 2016

I’m really sick of not knowing what my mood is going to be everyday, or heck – every hour. I think it makes it even worse that a lot of the time, when my mood changes, it doesn’t have rationale behind it. 182 more words

Feeling my feelings.

Sometimes I wonder why one minute I am super excited about everything in and around me ,and the next minute I am all grumpy and blue. 761 more words

Entry 4: Headache, Migraine, Internal Bleeding?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which one it is. A couple years ago, I started getting headaches, daily. Well, not necessarily daily headaches, but more of a never-ending migraine. 823 more words



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When people talk about bipolar, you usually hear them joke about having mood swings. 374 more words


The Insidious Power of Music

I was having an okay day this morning. I got up with the alarm, I did my vitals and my meds and my breakfast, and I went back to sleep for a short little nap. 293 more words

A Day In The Life

I love my job, but I hate what I'm doing

I love my job. I love being an Event Manager. I love making weddings happen and I love creating memories for other people. I love the thrill of closing a deal and gathering the details from my clients and then eventually executing their event. 313 more words