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I love my job, but I hate what I'm doing

I love my job. I love being an Event Manager. I love making weddings happen and I love creating memories for other people. I love the thrill of closing a deal and gathering the details from my clients and then eventually executing their event. 313 more words


HELLO IT’S ME, everyone please have a banana, if you hate bananas have a minion, if you hate minions well have a glass of water its good for your health!! 239 more words


Roller coaster

An upsurge of warmth, I feel hopeful. I wonder why am I not letting myself move forward? It’s all in my mind. Maybe if I don’t let myself think so much or feel so much, then I can take charge of the situation and just do something about it. 159 more words

EP Review: Ships Have Sailed, Whispers

Ships Have Sailed’s spearhead, Will Carpenter, has difficulty slowing down and an admittedly over-active mind, hence songs with names like “Midnight” and “Insomnia”.  So when he put across the idea that Ships, a band whose undeniably slick pop had earned them a loyal following over the past two years, should put out a completely acoustic EP, his band mates at first questioned his sanity. 276 more words

EP Review


I FEEL VERY UNSATISFIED WITH MY LIFE RN.Like hell, why am I stuck with my phone?? I should be out and yolo-ing!

I’ve always felt like Im meant to be outside, not just outside the house but also outside of my box. 381 more words

Chasing Rainbows

Sometimes I’m on it
Thoughts aligned
Chiming burnished dreams of gold
Sometimes the demons
Bring me down
’till the heat of the day turns cold… 66 more words


Everything is perfect except me?

I have a job,i have a sense of purpose,a love interest who wants me but he seems to be aloof and never smiles when he sends pictures and is  working we have our engagement in a month,and i have to please his family but I can’t imagine what to do.Also at the same period of time my but deadline at work is coming up and lets just say both have shown no effort done from my side. 215 more words

25 Year Old