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Where's my food: Tale from Pregnancy

I have a tale to tell. Please do take a seat.

I had this strange craving for chocolate ice cream and tried to get my sister to take me anywhere to get it. 453 more words

Local Lady Media

Fear and Loathing in (a) Blog Hiatus

Dear Reader,

I seem to have taken an involuntary hiatus. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything and I feel bad about that. Sometimes I get to a point where I keep putting things off and then I feel embarrassed and feel it’s too late to do something and feel like an idiot. 758 more words



Writing is a means of communications, but it is also therapeutic. Allowing the cares of the soul to bleed onto paper has almost a transfer effect, making whatever was in the mind disappear from the neurological record. 176 more words

To the past and future me.Things I would say to my past self.

I guess I am in my idealization state,and I plan to be here till bpd strikes again,for a while,cause really I deserve it,and have been whining for a month. 1,130 more words

25 Year Old

Life has no point or meaning,and that is not a bad thing?

This is some guy I came across. 12 steps to recover from idealism and then this your day sucks and God why?

Maybe the answer to this world is outside my black and white thinking,well of course it is.Welcome to duh . 470 more words

25 Year Old

Its that time again....

Its that time of the month where we are hating everything and everyone and we just want to curl up in a ball and not move untill its over… The backache, sore boobs, headaches, breakouts and lets not forget those not so lovely cramps where it feels like someones punching us from the inside out! 291 more words



What do you say when feelings are too much to put down into words? When they’re too much to keep to yourself, yet too much to tell anybody. 367 more words