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Does 2 Timothy 3:16 Teaches Sola Scriptura?

Protestants are fond of quoting 2 Timothy 3:16 as a proof text for Bible alone doctrine. Objectively speaking they are attracted to the statement which says “all Scripture is inspired by God”, then make a hasty conclusion that the Bible alone has the authority in matters of faith and morals, and the Bible is sufficient to serve as a guide for a Christian’s life. 530 more words


Determining Success

The greatest adaption I’ve had to make coming to Moody Bible Institute is within time management and prioritizing. There is a dynamic shift between a public-school emphasis on GPA and a Bible-school emphasis on relationships. 372 more words

Sunday Blog

Back in the Windy City

I leave for Chicago in 19 hours. Things I am psyched to see (in a very particular order):

  1. My Moody people. Bless them–I haven’t seen most of them in almost a year.
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Holy Saturday: On Looking Back and Peering Ahead

“Something strange is happening….”
~ Bp. Melito of Sardis

This past Holy Saturday I had the privilege of sponsoring my friend Chris as he made a…

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A New Adventure Awaits

Two years ago, I wrote about change and contentment and posed the following question : How content am I when plans and dreams change?   Well, my plans and dreams did change…AND it was good AND different AND challenging AND insightful. 202 more words

Letters From An MBI Student - 3/22

Dear Family,

Sometimes I just need to rant.

And sometimes I don’t.

Maybe missing you,

~Rae 232 more words