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Letters From An MBI Student - 9/15

Dear Family,

Out of all the things that I thought I might have trouble with at school, words was not one of them. But then I have a day with the same words that aren’t the same words and my brain seizes them and says: “Yay! 420 more words


Letters From An MBI Student - 9/23

Dear Family,

Some days you really need to study. Some days a friend really needs to talk.

Some days your three hours of study time disappear in two hours of conversation. 293 more words


A Shift in Seasons

Sometimes I write because I have something weighing on my heart.  Other times, I write because I am avoiding homework. This post is a result of the later. 936 more words


Letters From An MBI Student - 9/12

Dear Family,

I’m writing to share proof that I am at a Bible college. I can now confirm that the stereotype is true, and so are comments like these: “I don’t know math! 194 more words


Letters from an MBI Student - 8/22 Notes

Dear Family,

So how is school? Well, it’s the first day of class, and here’s how it started.

6:00 – Alarm #1. What is happening? 367 more words


The most wonderful time of the year...

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year…


It’s the first week of school. I love this time. No matter how much people say they can’t stand homework or can’t stand reading many college students will admit that the community they build during the semester is pretty significant. 39 more words

Anything Goes

What is Maturity?

People have many opinions regarding what maturity is and isn’t. “He is so immature.” “I can’t believe she’s acting that way; how immature.” “My kid is extremely mature for their age.” “I’ve been told I’m mature for my age.” There are so many different opinions of maturity.

15 more words