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Free Seminar on Learning “God Speech”…Christian Prayer

Did you know that at its root, “theology” means “God speech”? I always thought theology meant “the study of God,” and that’s the common modern idea, but in the original Greek, “ology” is derived from “logos,”  meaning “word.”  Biology is the study of life, but it’s also “life words”…learning how to speak the language of life. 324 more words

Thoughts On God

I Am Not Who I Once Was: The Theology of Identity

I am not who I once was.  Correction.  I am not who I once believed myself to be.  Let me explain.  For years I worked to define myself through a projected image.  1,454 more words


More Than "Just a Class"

I came to Chicago/ Moody in the Fall of 2014, wide eyed, innocent and terrified of being in “the big city”.  (Spending most of your childhood homeschooled and in the middle of a corn field can do that to you)  Nothing about my transition into life as a Moody student was easy (I may tell that whole story eventually…), but one of my many road blocks was having my PCM application form go missing (or just not get to the PCM office) not once, not twice, but… 675 more words

Moody Bible Institute

Trading Soles for Souls

Many years ago a young man decided that he was going to move to the big city to make something of himself.  He found work in the city to be hard to come by, though and had to humble himself to work out back of a family members store.   254 more words

Letters From An MBI Student - 1/20

Dear Family,

I don’t think I have ever been so glad to see a Friday. Oh, glorious Friday, you came. Or the end-of- Friday, at least. 471 more words


A Prayer of Lament by a Broken College Student

God, it’s me again

We’ve been here a thousand times before and I’m back




Hollowed out.

Beaten and bare.


I hate to be repetitive but I need to know: 312 more words


Letters From An MBI Student - 12/5

Dear Family,

Today has been brought to you by four cups of coffee.

1: Measured and scooped and pressed and brewed in the hurried five minutes before Lady and I left for class. 229 more words