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A Prayer of Lament by a Broken College Student

God, it’s me again

We’ve been here a thousand times before and I’m back




Hollowed out.

Beaten and bare.


I hate to be repetitive but I need to know: 312 more words


Letters From An MBI Student - 12/5

Dear Family,

Today has been brought to you by four cups of coffee.

1: Measured and scooped and pressed and brewed in the hurried five minutes before Lady and I left for class. 229 more words


Letters From An MBI Student - 11/30

Dear Family,

Am I poor?

Please don’t answer that question. I think I know your answer. It’s not actually a question, or maybe it is. Consider it rhetorical, one I’ve asked myself daily. 1,389 more words


Reply to Ben Dockery on Choosing the Minorities' Presence in SBL/AAR Over ETS

With a few of my colleagues I travelled to the Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting (ETS) in San Antonio, TX, November 15-17. Upon returning, I made two tweets reflecting my observation of seemingly even fewer African Americans and other ethnic minorities in attendance at ETS this year. 1,590 more words

Where Are All The Brothers?

Letters From An MBI Student - 10/30

Dear Family,

There is never a dull moment in Chicago. And that includes studying.

Tonight I escaped off campus to drink coffee and read the 400 pages I needed in order to write a paper. 402 more words


Letters From An MBI Student - 10/22

Dear Family,

You’re the ones who listen to me when I’m rambling, right? That’s what family is for, right? Well, that and being the voice of reason on the other side of the table? 1,579 more words


Declared Righteous

I so enjoyed my time today with the teachers of Salem Baptist Church! What an exciting group of teachers! The people of Salem are blessed richly to have so many people interested in becoming better expositors of the word of God. 392 more words