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Letters From An MBI Student - 7/1

Dear Family,

I think something is wrong with me. Or the world. Or both? Please don’t answer that. Because all jokes aside, truly, there is an enormous list of things that I do not understand and, lately, life has involved a lot them. 562 more words


Day 51 #InternationalTraveling


Once again I bring to you the events and rants from Regensburg, Germany. After Prague we headed back to our little Youth Hostel in Regensburg. 493 more words

Letters From An MBI Student - From the PO Box


Dear Family,

So, I wrote you some letters. Quite a while ago, actually. In varying states of finished, but all “unsent” or whatever the internet equivalent is. 2,850 more words


Day 44 #InternationalTraveling

The beginning to the 44th day. Prague is nice. Well the old city is nice. Yesterday me and my friend Jackson ate an authentic Czech meal. 110 more words

100 Years Ago at Mount Hermon

It’s summertime, and that means events at Mount Hermon Christian camp are in full swing. Nestled in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California, Mount Hermon is a place of quiet beauty, where people can renew and build on their relationship with Jesus Christ. 574 more words

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MBIprivilege, An Overview

(This post summarizes an incident that happened at my alma mater about a year and a half ago. I share it here because that incident provides the context for today’s other post on white privilege – a post I originally wrote to address that situation, but which I believe has wider applicability.) 1,206 more words

Day 26

When the internet is sporadic and at places you stay it sucks…. you might be in Southern Germany in a Youth Hostel. But who needs internet? 191 more words