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Review of Spy of Richmond

In her novel, Spy of Richmond, Jocelyn Green tells the story of Sophie Kent, the daughter of a southern slaveholder who dares to write abolitionist articles for the newspaper. 492 more words

Book Review

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode

More on this crazy story later, but for now I have to get this out to the public. Most of the illuminati know this but for me to feel better I can’t hold this in anymore, even if it goes out to just a couple of people, you my followers. 244 more words

Blogging 101


Tears, Why are you cold?

Why do you come freely,

Without reprieve or reason?

Tears why does misery follow you like a shadow?

Why does music seem to make you leave a trail of words that bring such sweet sorrow. 122 more words


Bite my apple

Took a bite from that red juicy Apple
Let the poison wash over me
I watched my body go cold.
I like it
Like how you make me feel like this at times… 60 more words


Crazy Day

The days you wake up and think it’s going to be stress free and be normal, are normal the days when something is going to happens. 176 more words


Maybe God Is Not Boring Maybe You Are

People think that God is boring.  But I disagree.  I think that I’m boring.  If you’re bored with life, then get a new plot line.  Live according to a new narrative.   31 more words

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