Good Stuff: The Last Story

JRPG for the Wii.

What’s to love?

It’s good and long, but not incredibly long. The structure of the game doesn’t favor excessive level-grinding. There’s some free-roaming exploration and side-quests, but not too many. 519 more words

Good Stuff

Chevron Lace Scarf

These days crochet seems to have dethroned knitting from my heart. :) :)

I still drool over awesome knitting projects while surfing the net, but when it comes to finally sitting down and starting something,I find myself invariably and surprisingly leaning towards crochet. 107 more words


Moogly block 14

Introducing Block #14: Tamara 12″ Square by E Lee of The Crochet Lounge!

Bk 14


Moogly block 13

Bk 13Introducing Block #13: Granny’s Shining Star by Elena Hunt of Beatrice Ryan Designs!


A banner for Yarnya ... and the chance to do a small side project

I can’t stay away from a new project for very long and yes, I know I’ve still got my summer top to finish and knitting to practice, but this didn’t take long at all. 151 more words


WIP Wednesday: Leftovers Hat

I actually thought that I’d be posting about another project that I’m working on right now, but those mittens reached a point on Tuesday where they were finished with one step and ready for blocking. 468 more words