Quick and Simple

I love quick and simple crochet patterns. I especially feel that the simple stitches repeated over and over produce the most stunning results. Nothing against complicated patterns, but they do come in the way of an otherwise meditative crafting process. 152 more words


I learned something new -Thanks Moogly

I have learned most stitches ( I call then non standard) from moogly.com . If I need to know a certain stitch for a project, I type it into google and the first video or tutorial is , 9 out of 10 times , from Moogly/Tamera Kelly. 72 more words

Crochet Stuff

Two things:

First of all: always check your gauge. I didn’t, thinking I’d be smarter than that, and then this happened:

About 12 rows in I realized that on the first page of the pattern it says: … 237 more words


Nadelspiel's Crochet Advent Calendar - Day 3

Rows 6 and 7 are online and done! Considering to start this again (- in addition, not instead of) with a very thin yarn, just to see the difference. 102 more words