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Moomba festival

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You are welcome to use this photo . please ask before you use. 74 more words

A little catch up

This is a little bit like going to your favourite cosy cafe somewhere to have a nice warm beverage on a cold, rainy day and just enjoying the company and the atmosphere. 1,972 more words

Bangor University

Moomba Festival

Melbourne is home of many festivals, but Moomba has been a crowd favourite due to the labour day public holiday and the parades that happen on that day. 344 more words


Tiger Tiger

I was describing the exhilarating landmarks of the upper reaches of the Yarra River when a large brown snake swam into my purview.  Its head was popped above the surface like a snorkel with eyes, while it’s lithe body did the gymnastic ribbon routine below.  477 more words


Moomba Monday!!

(This post is a colab with Alexa.V.Photography.)

As you may have gathered from my recent Instagram spam; Alexa, Siobhan and I attended the Labour Day Moomba Parade which is an event that has been held annually in the city of Melbourne for 60 many years. 455 more words


The lost art of getting your Moomba on!

Any other Melbourne children of the 90’s out there who loved Moomba as kids? Any of you left who still love it, even a little bit, as an adult? 781 more words

Eat Here! (food Reviews)

Why do weekends fly on by and the rest of the week drags??

Weekend round up

Goodbye long weekend, hello four day week. We are all in for a treat this month with public holidays in abundance. For me public holidays mean more family time and an extra pair of hands to wrangle the toddler. 755 more words