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An Annotated Listening: "Rumor" by K.A.R.D


+ Perhaps it’s my Latin background, but K.A.R.D’s latest single “Rumor” is my favorite release of theirs thus far. Something about it takes me right back to the sweaty nightclubs on dirty sixth in downtown Austin, where the rich scent of vomit and booze fill the air and burn your nostrils. 297 more words


Moombahton Round Up #2

Kicking off this month’s round up is the Global Based Compilation featuring six tracks from some of the Genres best!!

MAXX & EJ, Zues, Rathero, Ricky Vaughn, Yuri Viroj, and LOS XL make this comp a well rounded out piece. 505 more words


Dawg E Slaughter/iTron - Jook & Jook (D-DOTs Remix)

After recent trip to Trinidad, D-Dots just so happen to meet & link up with Dawg E Slaughter. Random because he just woke up to him sitting next to his bed which was the on the floor in the living room. 52 more words

Sister Nancy: "Bam Bam" (TWOGOOD REMIX)

The original version of this song was  released back in 1982, a few years before I was born. Any time I hear a remix of… 31 more words


Moombahton Monthly Round Up #1 🔥

February Moombahton Round Up

Steve Ohh Releases Moombahton: The Compilation

Starting off the comp is El Rey! Desde Nueva York!!! So good to hear Ricky still merking the fucking game! 643 more words


Moombahton: The Compilation

Well guys the day has come when Steve Ohh! shares this little Moombahton Comp with all of you. Once again I decided to take a shot and try to put together a series of tracks provided by non other than my Moombahton family. 231 more words