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The New Audi Quattro: Moon Certified

The new Audi Lunar Quattro has been introduced to the public. This week at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, a distinctly non-Audio-looking Audi was on display. 382 more words


ESA's Moon Base and How it Gets Us to Mars

The European Space Agency (ESA) recently formalized plans to send missions to the moon beginning in the early 2020s, with manned missions following by the middle of the decade. 921 more words


50 Cent Drops "Power Inspired" Kanan Tape and Short Film!

50 Cent is still putting out music for the streets! Click on the picture to get new music from 50 Cent!

50 Cent releases the official music video and short film for “I’m The Man”, song off of The Kanan Tape. 30 more words


The Unknown Past

Women Bring About Monumental Erection

There was a time during the early days of the Red Vikings when women dominated all facets of the most advanced technical culture of the time. 432 more words

Science Fiction

ESA To Build "Moon Village" by 2030

At a conference in Noorwijk Netherlands, the European Space Agency shared their ambitions to build a space base on the Moon by 2030 using 3D printers. 286 more words

Where's My Moon Base?

I realize that, like most Presidents, Bush’s moon base concept was more theoretical than practical; an unfunded pipe dream designed more to achieve reelection than to actually establish a serious presence on the moon, with all that that entails. 686 more words