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How Does Science Fiction Handle Our Growing Population?

Many great inventions can be credited back to works of fiction. With inventions like flip phones and warp drive being seeded by the ideas of science fiction writers.  634 more words


How Far We've Come

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

Ever since man could walk and talk, they gazed up at the stars just wondering what is up there and why it is there. 455 more words


No, the FAA isn't actually regulating property rights on the Moon.

By Leslie Riley

With Bigelow Aerospace’s recently reported letter from the FAA raising the very important question about property rights, the FAA’s role in licensing commercial space companies is in the spotlight. 

391 more words

Space News

Punished For Disclosure

Sleep paralysis induced after posting mission details.

Soul transported to Nightmare Room on Dark Side Moon Base for torture tests.

Just go ahead and kill me, forever. 7 more words

Spaceship Filmed Firing Thrusters In Front Of Moon

Published on Nov 5, 2014

This clip shows what I believe to be a spaceship under intelligent control, in orbit and firing its thrusters/engines in front of the moon – and beyond. 28 more words

Neptune Mission Chapter I: Nednick's Banter

In Lumelion, the E.R.A. Is constantly monitoring your words and thoughts. In space, they still are, but they are too busy to really care. In space, everyone is too busy. 970 more words


Why childhood dreams need giant deep space antenna networks

A month ago I participated in a NASA Social event for the launch of the Orion spacecraft.

I meant to write about it immediately following, but things happened. 878 more words