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A119: The US secret project to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon

Why would the US ‘nuke’ the moon?Called “Project A119“, it was one of the most secret projects whose existence has long been denied until recently when declassified documents about the project were released to the public.  156 more words

UFO And Secret Space Program

Judge Scolds 50 Cent For Posting Pictures Of Cash After Declaring Bankruptcy

50 Cent‘s trolling ways have caught up to him…again.

Fifty has been posting shots of stacks of money all over social media since filing for bankruptcy last year. 304 more words


Power’s Season 3 Trailer Is Out!

“Ghost. Must. Die.” And with those three words viewers will be thrust back into the life of James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, from Starz’s hit television series  362 more words


Bankruptcy Update: 50 Cent’s 21-Bedroom Mansion Will Become A Senior Citizen Facility

Instagram beefs and an ongoing bankruptcy have seemingly overshadowed 50 Cent’s A-List career as a rapper and entrepreneur. Less than a week after a judge summoned the “Power” creator back to court for being… 181 more words


The New Audi Quattro: Moon Certified

The new Audi Lunar Quattro has been introduced to the public. This week at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, a distinctly non-Audio-looking Audi was on display. 382 more words


ESA's Moon Base and How it Gets Us to Mars

The European Space Agency (ESA) recently formalized plans to send missions to the moon beginning in the early 2020s, with manned missions following by the middle of the decade. 921 more words