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50 Cent Auditions to Play Young Han Solo on Conan

Has 50 Cent taken his career to a galaxy far far away?

Recently, the Queens New York rapper and businessman, along with other guest celebrities, dropped by on Conan… 73 more words


‘Power’ Recap: Tasha May Have The Plan For Ghost And Tommy’s Freedom From Lobos

On tonight’s episode of Power, James still seems to be in denial about all the issues from his past coming his way soon. Speaking of, he tapped his well-connected lawyer, Proctor, to find out where the heck Lobos is. 933 more words


Movie Review: Independence Day - Resurgence

It’s been twenty years in coming, but the sequel of the 1996 hit movie Independence Day, titled Resurgence, has finally arrived. The main question I had before seeing this movie was ‘will they mess it up like Star Wars’. 494 more words


We Got The Low-Down: ‘Power’ Actors Reveal Season 3 Secrets

Although Power is honing its audience, it’s still one of the best shows on television. As the new season of 50 Cent and Courtney Kemp Agboh… 374 more words


Declassified Documents Reveal Project Horizon: The Lunar Outpost Of The US Army

Source: Ancient-Code.com
June 1, 2016

The establishment of a manned base of operations on the moon has tremendous military and scientific potential. Because invaluable scientific, military, and political prestige will come to the nation that first establishes a lunar base, it is imperative that the United States be first… 698 more words


CHINA to own the Moon?

An important reason to go to the Moon is to compete with the Chinese. They already have a capable space program. Now they have begun to put their Moon exploitation efforts in high gear, as shown by two reports. 187 more words


More Than HBO: 6 TV Shows You Need To Start Watching Now

You’ve got your TV routine down to a science. You watch one show live to avoid spoilers, another on Hulu, and when the game is on, you’re glued to the screen at your local bar. 823 more words