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The July Full Moon

July begins and ends with a Full Moon!! We have the Mead or Blessings or Thunder or Lightning Moon at the beginning of the month and a Blue Moon at the end. 49 more words

Spirit Guide

The Lover's Moon of June

Standing beneath the moons glowing light, I can feel her magic coursing through my veins. The energy of June’s full moon is that of love, marriage and success. 146 more words


On Super Moon, Eclipse and Equinox

Hello, Friends, I’ve missed you.

It has been a few weeks since I’ve written anything of consequence, here in this space, and oh how I would love to make up beautiful, imaginative reasons for that. 589 more words


The Pull of the Waning Moon

Perhaps its just me, perhaps not. Having been born during a waning moon, and discovering Witchcraft, the Goddess, etc has made me more aware of different energies in Nature. 154 more words

Afternoon Repose

Full Snow Moon

Full Moon Magic, Full Moon Light, Full Moon Circle Shining Bright!” Happy Full Moon! Bright Blessings!
(chant via Selena Fox) 8 more words


New Moon Ritual

New Dark Moon energy is delicious to me, it is gentle and soothing, very introspective, reflective of the past and looking towards the future. There is hope and enthusiasm about it, quiet contemplation of what gifts are awaiting us all and enthusiasm for new ideas, which usually are springing to my consciousness around that time. 866 more words

Magic In The Moon

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice.

 A powerful weekend of dreams and messages.

 I have private meditation practices and cleansing rituals that I do not discuss here. I have abbreviated things that I do on a daily basis, but on special occasions, like solstice or new and full moons when the energy is high, I have a more specific focus. 460 more words