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New Moon

The New Moon is today at 1:12pm Mountain Time.  I’m planning a private ritual to set my intentions for the upcoming month.  Do you take advantage of the moon’s energy when you’re working on an important project?  498 more words


Moon Energy

Did the September Full Moon hit you like a ton of bricks as it did me? I’ve been recovering for the past two weeks from that Full Moon in late September. 427 more words



You could feel like your being used because your carrying the weight of a certain relationship. Or when you ask a person to do you a favor they don’t do it for yo. 899 more words

Daily Horoscope

Art and Plans For Art, Art and Oh Yeah, More Art

Sold! Yay!

Finished the big sunshine peace piece, well, almost done, I have to attach grommet’s and then it will indeed be complete. 

I’m working on a chakra/smudging kit. 161 more words

Hippie Art

Angels Among Us Indeed

Back in January 2017 I migrated to North Texas from the lowest regions of the state. It was a moment in time where I was at a crossroads of adult proportions, building the foundations for the next portion of my life. 888 more words


Free Verse Hippie Poetry, Share My Moon

He saw her there

sitting under the tree

lonely and sad and so beautiful.

Diamond tears rolled from blue eyes

that reminded him of his own skies… 155 more words

Peace Love Art

July 2017 New Moon - Passion Pushing Forward

For most, the new moon will fall on Sunday July 23.  This moon phase is in conjunct with Mars and will bring a surge of passion, and not necessarily romantic.   292 more words