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What Does Your Transit Sound Like?

In a previous article I spoke about this, I found the song of the Leo New Moon. Organ Grinder in Search Of Monkey

This lovely astrologer Barbara Goldsmith has just come out with more music and astrology facts. Enjoy!


Mardi's Triple Play

Capricorn as Ascendant Aspirant

Capricorn, cardinal earth sign, struggles as life throws one obstacle after another into his path.  But everyday that he remains committed to the belief that he was born to succeed in a big way, his character is strengthened. 1,014 more words


Practice Memory Song Meet The Muses

Practice, Memory and Song were technology the Muses provided humanity with in order to learn History, Astronomy and Music for their delight and learning.

*References on this post are from information at theoi.com which is a wonderful resource for Greek Mythology… 1,257 more words
Sacred Geometry

Filling My Houses Part VI

Starting with the astrological first house, I am filling each “house” which is more like a room. Each room has different purposes and things in it, all are a reflection of the macrocosme and me. 130 more words


Bi-Polar - One Pole Broken

Dear readers, writers and astro-physics folks; Carl Jung asked the IChing, the Text, if it was indeed a sentient being, he said: How would you like me to present you to…”the good will and imagination of the reader, inasmuch as I have to take him into the obscurity of an age-old magic ritual. 1,063 more words

The New Wheel of Life and the Magnetic feilds Within.

What ever this pivotal point we are all in, a part of, is, is so enormous that I have been schooled consciously in my sleep time two nights in a row.   1,734 more words

The Shift

The Electromagnetic Field of the Moon Joins Within You.

Man oh man, what an energy system we walked into with this full moon gig!!  Phew baby!  I am not even sure how to share anything from yesterday, my poor brain is still feeling akin to marshmallows!   730 more words

The Shift