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Leo Moon lifts spirits today 1-23-2016

We still are dealing with echoes of a sluggish Mercury hitting the Uranus-Pluto square today though once the Moon enters Leo midday the mood will lighten. 136 more words

Uranus In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn

Cranky Cancer Moon Today 1-22-2016

Cranky Cancer Moon day! Remember no one can hurt us as much as our nearest and dearest because they know us the best. Today the Cancer Moon translates the Uranus-Pluto square while Mercury Rx conjoins Pluto for the second time. 111 more words

Daily Lunar

Settle into a Cancer Moon Day 1-21-2016

Smooth sailing for the Cancer Moon once she slips past her awkward morning meetup with the Aquarius Sun. Cancer and Aquarius have little in common. Cancer is all about feelings and Aquarius prefers to live in their heads. 141 more words

Daily Lunar

Cancer Full Moon 25 December 2015

The Full Moon occurs at 3:11 AM PST at 3 Cancer 19, with Vesta creating a T-square to the Sun-Earth-Moon axis, the FM in sesquiquadrate to Ceres, and with generous orbs the FM forms a Water Grand Trine with Neptune and Juno. 845 more words


The lost female figures of Christmas

I don’t want to make a long post about the Full Moon since enough digital ink has been spilled on the subject. Here is a quick debriefing and a beautiful drawing from Vanya Vukelić. 127 more words


The Emotional Nature of Cancer Moon

 When the Moon is in the emotional water sign of Cancer, the native will likely be very in-tune with their feelings and emotions. This could often cause the Cancer Moon native to become self-absorbed since they’re so focused on their emotional state of being. 837 more words


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday November 1st is another day dominated by lunar aspects with the Moon in Cancer.  It is a bit of a moody day best spent with family or close friends, but do not be surprised if people are a bit moody on this “Day of the Dead.”  A Grand Water Trine is present (Moon in Cancer, Sun in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces), and financial opportunities will present themselves to some people.  135 more words