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Marshall Family Bean Bag Game

  • Walnut and mixed hardwood trim on birch plywood, painted with acrylics and marker
  • 36″ x 24″

A Bean Bag Game for the Nat and Anna Marshall family… 67 more words


A Family Adventure Story, Part II

Clink on this link Family Marshall Trip Part II  to follow the Marshall family into outer space, the moon and back again. But engine trouble detours the family to the North Pole where a jolly ole elf lets them hitch a ride home. 21 more words



  • Pastel Drawing
  • 18″ x 14″
  • In a private collection

Not yet one, this little guy has one hand on his home planet and a Monarch butterfly balanced on the other. 42 more words


Night Blooming Cactus

  • Oil on Canvas
  • In the Paley collection

Memory fails me when I try to recall who gave me this plant (a cereus type, perhaps lemaireocereus thurberi?). 69 more words




  • Oil on Canvas
  • 12″ x 12″
  • In the collection of AM

“Mom” was commissioned by the children of this delightful and generous woman. Some of the images around her include the river and  bridge that she loves and can see from her apartment;  KA with her husband on their wedding day; her father’s ice house and one of the old ice tickets that was put on the dash of a car as it was driven through for ice pick-up; her father; her grandmother; and her seven children seen in the clouds in the background.


Baby Logan

Logan – during his first year

  • Pastel
  • In the collection of N/JM-L

This drawing was a gift for young friends and their beautiful Logan. All the world is a wonder when we’re one, so I added some elements of wonder to the drawing…the fingernail moon, the crane and a prehistoric setting on the shirt.


Chickadees, Coffee and a Full Moon

Chickadees and Coffee

  • Oil on Canvas
  • In the collection of D/SM

Whether I paint them or not I enjoy collecting bird stories. “Do you have a bird story?” is a question I might pose to a complete stranger. 123 more words