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"Moon Shadow, Moon Shadow."

I love the Moon! I’m drawn to the changing cycles but also find comfort when it continually begins again and gives us another chance to get it right. 64 more words


Moon Pics Anyone?

Who else loves moon pictures? I love taking pictures of the moon:)

Moon Photography

Shoot the Moon

The harvest moon gave me the opportunity to practice some moon photography here on the eastern edge of Wyoming.  I’m almost there.  Almost.  I love the composition of this, but it needs some work on sharpness.   40 more words

Silently On Saturday:Moon Through the Boughs

More Silently on Saturday goodness continues with this somewhat recent capture of the moon, the sky, and a wickedly curved bunch of branches…

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday… silently or not(?) 16 more words


What does the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on September 16th and Mercury going direct on the 22nd mean for you?

I got to thinking about these two events this morning and decided to do a reading for myself asking this same question. We’re in the ninth month. 174 more words


Rare Event: Moon Changing Color

The moon in the blue sky

Blue moon

Purple moon

Yellowish moon

That was a full moon day. I really astonished to see the colors of the moon. 256 more words