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Moon Aura Photography

The optical phenomenon of the halo around a moon or sun is a beautiful sight to behold.  It is “produced by light interacting with ice crystals… 162 more words

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Shoot for the Moon!

It was not a full moon, but it was still full of beauty! As a matter of fact it was spectacular! We pulled into the driveway of the farm last night about midnight after running out of town for a load and there it was…you know what I did. 129 more words

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San Antonio Night Sky

San Antonio is a diverse and beautiful place; from it’s eclectic cultural heritage to its weather extremes.  Rain is most often harsh (bucket-fulls and sometimes horizontal), summers are as hot as you can get in the U.S.A. 183 more words

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The June 2015 Night Sky - Part II

Some might recall this video I shared earlier this week:

I added the photos below to the existing SmugMug gallery HERE. If you watched the video, you know the 19th and 20th offered the opportunity of photographing two different isosceles triangles. 936 more words

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The June 2015 Night Sky - Part I

This paragraph is here because otherwise this poor excuse for an editor continuously loses the setting for opening the photos in a separate window or tab. 1,025 more words

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June Moon 2015

Waning Moon, June 08 2015

photos taken without support, using a 70-300 mm Sigma lense

Besides, I’m introducing a new website section for my humble attempts at creative astro photography: Sun, Moon and Stars


How to shoot the moon

Last week, we talked about how to get those colorful sunset photos.  Now, in case you’re thinking that the sun has set so now it’s time to go home, not so fast!   493 more words