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News with the Transits :: Venus in Capricorn 

Venus, the superpower of love, luxury, art and comfort enters Capricorn (Makara) on the 2nd of December. Venus would stay here till 28th of December. How does his energy perceive to be when he is in this sign? 1,471 more words


Sagittarius Taylor Swift Butt Grabbing Interview

The radio meeting with the person blamed for snatching Taylor Swift’s can was unexpectedly expelled from the station’s site – and there are clashing stories about who pulled the fitting. 262 more words


It's Not Eazy Being Gemini G-Eazy

G-Eazy got some undesirable organization at a late music video shoot after a man purportedly assaulted his team basically in light of the fact that they were taping on his square. 149 more words


Anger management according to your zodiac sign?

Anger management आज के युग की सबसे बड़ी परेशानी है । छोटी-छोटी बातो को इसके द्वारा बड़ा व भयानक रूप दिया जा सकता है और कई बार हम इसकी वजह से खुद का ही नुकसान कर बैठते है । Anger management सही से न कर सकने की वजह से कई घर बर्बाद हुए है और कई जाने भी गई है । आइये आज हम जानते है की अपने राशि के अनुसार किस तरह हम अपने ही गुस्से से अपना नुकसान करते है 26 more words



In Astrology, the Moon speaks to your feelings, your internal identity, your impulses, propensities, and responses. The sign it involved when you were conceived is your Moon Sign in your horoscope. 899 more words


Los Angeles Weather Feb 2017

This is the weather for LA the week of Feb 3-10. It’s a first quarter moon at 15 degrees Taurus. There is an influence from Saturn but it doesn’t get triggered by the other planets. 100 more words


Birth Chart Basics

It would be difficult to find someone that doesn’t know his or her sun sign. But very few people even know that they have a moon sign as well as an ascendant sign. 484 more words