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Poem: "Gemini" Maggie Boyle

“On a planet not so far away

We were born together

In the beginning, there was just you and me

Where we was washed up… 132 more words

Just wanted to throw it out there that I like astrology. I’ve always enjoyed reading about them and finding myself within them. I’m Sagittarius and I didn’t always feel like that quite fit, until I learned about Moon signs and Rising signs and all of the other placements. 32 more words

What's Your Moon Sign?

We all know our Sun sign (or ‘star sign’ as it is sometimes called), and most of us will take an occasional peek at our astrological forecast for the day in a newspaper or magazine. 1,892 more words


Astrology 101

I saw this on Instagram and instantly said to myself, “Gods, the accuracy!” So of course I decided to share. This is going to give people a lot more insight into who I am than I am normally comfortable with sharing, but it may also help me get to the bottom of some of my own misgivings about myself. 596 more words


From The Stars

Mood Music: Prototype – Outkast

Today, instead of paying attention to the speakers, I read about my horoscope in the d:tail. It’s strange because I can’t imagine this would be so accurate, but it’s been fucking me up. 349 more words

About Me

Motivations and Aspirations Determined by the Sun and Moon Signs

Our personality is primarily composed of our likes, dislikes, preferences and instinctual motivations.  It is through our personality that we relate and communicate with the world around us.  1,152 more words