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Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes Of Apollo, review

When you think of NASA, the images that come to mind include hurtling into outer space, the moon landing and countless launches from Houston. Images of several men in a large room full of computers and a lot of data isn’t quite what you’d think of as an American hero. 388 more words

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Rogue Wolves

Rogue wolves of all creeds,

yowl and yip with a cacophonous rancor

from the endless shadows and corners

of the deep woods.

I sound my war cry to the blood moon, 10 more words

Original Poetry

April 24

String the moon closer;
let me sing lullabies
of the night we spent
in her halo.


April's updated

Hey ! lately I’ve been busy, lots of things goin’ on here and there..
Having a project for this blog too, and think too much for whats best, also been busy for my studies. 48 more words



I will be your moon,

And you can be my earth,

Bound by unseen forces

Since our galaxy’s birth,

I may cause you to howl, 78 more words


Anyone Planning on The Big Eclipse?

Hey, everyone! How’s everyone today?

There’s this solar eclipse lined up for later this year. It’s on the calendars for August 21, the birthday of two (two!) of my friends. 601 more words