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Like moths to the flame
We are drawn, drawn
Haunted but happy


Music of the Spheres

Many folks in my neighborhood are hanging spheres of lights in their trees this holiday season. Tonight, Someone out of this world decided to join the fun.


Footprints on the Moon

Something quick and cheesy/inspirational :P

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A pale Iris sky

I breathe in the profound chill of seeing a lunar cycle behind your eyes.
The rise and fall of expectation hidden in the craters.
We used to bathe in Diana’s silvery light, but now our backdrop is sickly cerulean blue. 59 more words


Moonrise: Thanksgiving Eve

Last night, my sister (who is a photographer based in Pennsylvania) and I decided to try and capture an image of the full moon rising.  My sister is visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday and the coincidence of a full moon in late November on a perfectly clear night with temperatures in the low 60s was impossible to resist.   14 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Through the Window

Family is everything.  And sometimes you do crazy things to make sure you can spend time with your loved ones.  Like battling Los Angeles traffic on the day before Thanksgiving, knowing that the drive that should take between 90 minutes and 2 hours will likely be at least double that. 796 more words