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The Atomic Comet: On The Far Side

Following the Terrestrial Thorium line of enquiry to the Far Side of the Moon very rapidly becomes a fascinating journey to the Far Side as the Settled Science turns to dust and this independent observer is led to conclude the once wandering Earth only settled into it’s current steady orbital rhythm after it became entrained with the Moon. 3,004 more words


روح کي ول جيان وڪوڙيو ٿي ! ـ شاعري ـ شيخ اياز

روح کي ول جيان وڪوڙيو ٿي !ـ
جيءَ سان جيءَ ايئن جوڙيو ٿي
چوڙيون چنڊ جيئن ٽٽيون آهن
ٻانهن کي ايترو مروڙيو ٿي
هائي ميهار بنسري تنهنجي
ايترا سڏ ! اڄ ته ٻوڙيو ٿي !ـ
اُڀُ گهنگهور ٿي ويو آهي
سِجَ جئن پاڻ کي پتوڙيو ٿي
سيءَ ۾ رات ڪاٽجي ويندي
ڇو صدين لاءِ هيئن روڙيو ٿي؟
اي سُکاڻي اڃا تہ ڪنڌيءَ ڏي
پيار جي ناوَ کي نہ موڙيو ٿي ؟
هاڻي سوچي لکي رهيو آهيان
اي ازل ! عهد ڄڻ تہ ٽوريو ٿي
وانئُٽيون واءُ ۾ پيون ڦڙڪن
نينهن ! پنهنجو نشان کوڙيو ٿي
پيار کان ڪو نه ٿو مڙين اڄ ڀي
ڪيترو اي اياز لوڙيو ٿي ! ـ


The Same Shine by Ernest Gordon Taulbee

The absence of a hangover made Samuel suspect he was dead. Last night’s moonshine had the perfect mix of burn and corn sweetness, so he drank it with the same regard lungs give to autumn air. 279 more words

Flash Fiction

What is like to have the Moon in the 5th house?

-My Moon is conjunct the 5th house, and it’s opposing my Sun in the 10 house(Conjunct 11th house!) Even though, it’s in Libra(Final degree!), it is quite Leonine by nature. 525 more words


The Transformation

 Fiendishly dreadful snap, crackle, and pop of skeleton and the tearing of ligaments, echos off of the anxious slick walls, leading down the grim corridor. Silently terrified candles breathe unsteadily. 72 more words

When the Moon Smiles

Like the Cheshire Cat in the Carroll story,

It smiles at me through the darkness.

When spirits are low and hope is fading,

My Moon shines brightly and harkens. 63 more words


Sending a Habitat to Lunar Orbit by 2022

Bigelow Aerospace and United Launch Alliance announced on Tuesday that they’ll be sending their own inflatable habitat to lunar orbit by 2022. They’re calling it the Lunar Depot. 173 more words