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cradled by the moonlight

“with a nightingale in its nest, cradled by the moonlight”

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About Sons and Daughters… The Physical!

… you must know, that Eternal and Darkness, know them as Suns and Dot.ERs… they know them not as you DO, because, well you are… 622 more words


Indian Summer

Hey there readers! Long time, no type! I have been so busy in RL lately that I haven’t had time to write my own name but I couldn’t let another post go by without saying hello :) 126 more words


Japanese Moon Rabbit

The Moon Rabbit is a mythological character that is most predominant in Asian and Aztec cultures, each one having it’s own interpretation of the story.  In general, the rabbit lives in the moon and depending on the culture, it is pounding something different.   66 more words

Music And Art

Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann) [1 / 3]

Published on 23 Aug 2009

This excellent little interview of Henry Deacon at the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit was made by the radical Spanish researcher and activist Rafa Palacios. 42 more words



Old information I know but I am also using this website as a Scrapbook for my own personal collections of some of the subjects I have found fascinating. 211 more words


Push and Pull

like the push and pull of an ocean,

you and I are different.

Like the sun and moon,

you and I are different.

Yet like a positive and negative we are drawn together.