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Moon Glow

“instagramming’ moonglow”

acrylic, pencils, ink & oil on paper
26 x 20 1/4 in © 2015 Gabriel Navar

#art #painting #pintura



I looked up at dusk and this is what I saw.

I really like being out when the sun starts to set, especially if I’ve had a bad day. 29 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral Moon

The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, colour and nuance. ~ Arthur Smith

I once asked my parents why they kept my name ‘Moon’. 131 more words

Photo Challenge


The moon is dancing in my skin, as she whispers sweet nothing in my ear, tell me she is in love with the sun, but they can never touch, they can never be, like pollux and caster, together until the end of time, without touch, with only a glimpse of what it could have been. 51 more words


Photography 101: Scale and observation

Keeping up with a photo a day – Epic FAIL!

Too much life getting in the way of blogging-time I’m afraid.

BUT – I am going to finish the assignment, I’m just going to be last over the finish line, so please stick with me my blogging friends. 46 more words

Inheritable jewelry

Jewelry is beautiful, and life is too short to use ugly jewelry; as I read one of this days. I believe in heritable jewelry, that legacy or object you can transmit from generation to generation. 110 more words