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Blog #1 - Moon Myths

No other celestial body has quite the same reputation as our moon. The source of myths, legends, and ghost stories, the Moon is a symbol of superstition and wonder. 379 more words


a dark diner

They held hands over shakes and the moon was shining through the picture window. His hand was sweaty and hers was as stiff as a board. 193 more words

The 3 Moons: On 1 Day

Hello everyone, and today I’m going to be sharing with you an EPIC event that is going to occur on January 31 (UTC California). If you don’t already know there are 4 types of “moons”. 563 more words



I stared out of my window with your thoughts and I alone
I soaked in every drop of moonlight till my skin turned a silvery tone… 97 more words


What You Need Most To Succeed In Life, Based On Your Lunar Personality

Your ‘lunar personality’ is the phase of the moon you were born in. The placement of the moon at the moment of your birth tells you a lot about who you are and your personality traits. 945 more words