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The Night is Yours

You fought hard today and now rest your tired eyes. Strength builds up from the sky above to help you with all tomorrow’s problems. The night is ready for you.

Coffee Log, Day 94


Coffee: Cafe Pajaro Extra Dark Roast, Trader Joe’s brand

Walking in the parking lot: girl in purple jogs by, seen her a few times; crickets; last ditch birds holding that daysong; every light’s on at the apartments; the moon is woebegone. 84 more words

Ghost of the Moon- Friday Flash

Ghost of the Moon


Melissa L. Webb

The moon reflected off the water, harsh and cold, like glass on a snow-covered day. A lone figured stood on the sand, staring out at the searing refection. 472 more words

Friday Flash

Observatory Plans for Friday, May 25, 208

Featuring: The Moon…Tycho Crater

I will arrive sometime before 8:30.

  1. Venus sets around 11 pm

    • -3.42 mag, 82% illuminated, 1.3 AU away

  • Mariner in 1962, Venus Express in 2005 orbiter studying the atmosphere, plasma environment, and surface of Venus…

  • 131 more words

Atelier Pepe - Keisha Catwa

Atelier Pepe – Keisha Lipsticks (Catwa)

Hair: Moon. Hair. // Distance – Silent Acoustic
Body: -Belleza- Freya V 5.1 BENTO – Tricky Boucher
Hands: -Belleza- 147 more words

Second Life


She sits on a bench in this cold night and shivers slightly due to the cool breeze hitting her bare arms, wishing she hadn’t forgotten to bring a jacket with her tonight. 274 more words

Day 145: Review - By the Light of the Moon

After taking a while to settle on one choice tonight, T finally picked out By the Light of the Moon by Tom Percival for his bedtime story. 206 more words