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panic attack

I never had a panic attack as evident as I have experienced when I was applying for a job abroad. as the day of my departure comes close I have anxiety attacks and it’s really bad. 227 more words

Releasing Until Renewal at the Dark Moon

I thoroughly enjoy the Dark Moon as much as the Full. The Dark Moon, for me, is private, intimate, richly renewing, and full of depth. It lures me toward the deepest self, the longings of my soul, and restful listening. 107 more words

LL: My latest music find

Hello and welcome back!

The last month has been a bit hectic, I can’t remember the last time I had a weekend just to chill, and I’m a person that needs their alone//chilling time. 159 more words



I am Moonchild
I live under the sea
on the back of the moon
when I can
I send songs down to earth
and love… 12 more words


Creepypasta and Tabasco sauce

Hey hippies,

I left Minneapolis around 7pm on Tuesday. It went well, got through a lot of my CDs, and it was raining, so it was very peaceful. 215 more words


Creative Outlet

This is my first real blog. I was going to go back to my old Tumblr but, it just seemed to be littered with too many old posts that I didn’t feel like digging through, and there is nothing like “starting fresh, as the way I live the rest of my life, I can’t sit still for too long. 115 more words

The Go-Between

I told her
as you had asked
that she knew nothing of moons

that it was waxing and gibbous

and she replied to tell you that… 43 more words