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The Go-Between

I told her
as you had asked
that she knew nothing of moons

that it was waxing and gibbous

and she replied to tell you that… 43 more words



The moonchild is a fascinating creature.

She is elusive and mysterious,

but had a way about her that set her apart from the rest.

She enchanted people in such a way that they would think, … 59 more words

The Bechdel Test and Beyond - Part III

So, in the last two posts on this blog I introduced a new Rounded Representation test that takes us beyond the starting point that is the Bechdel Test, and gave various examples of its use. 1,349 more words


Our Time 


Sunflower🌻 & Moonchild🌛


The Soft Glow of the Moon.

I run through the darkness, following the light of the moon. My breath trails behind me, leaving a foggy memory of where I came from as my feet pound the pavement.   203 more words

Introducing Marie Claire(Moonchild)

Im not a writer just a woman with questions,that wonders alot makes misakes sometimes learns from them,a stubborn mom and a geek but most of all a true believer that everything and everyone is connected,thats why im not afraid to say that some energies need other energies to become whole or to make it easier to walk the path that is layed out for them. 256 more words

Flash Fiction - A Quartet of Short Fiction

A Pilgrimage through Carnage

At a short distance from The Town on Hooke Sea in a concealed humidihome, a social conciliator, revered for his impartiality, is passing his day off in pleasant solitude and quiet comfort. 2,158 more words

Flash Fiction