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Today Is My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I am of no particular age. I push a board daily that makes others who stand shoulder tall rage. I am bound by nothing. 64 more words


The Incredible Transformation of Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI

Who is Pope Benedict XVI?

Who is Pope Benedict XVI? Does he factor into Scriptural prophecy? What has been his role in the last days? Research into this man turns up some intriguing facts that are no less relevant since his resignation. 5,138 more words


After watching the trailer for Toren, I was so excited for it because it felt like it got its cues from Ico and would play out similarly. 621 more words


Write Your Life

I hate my job. I hate having a job. I hate having a job that has absolutely nothing to do with the person I am. I hate having to explain that to coworkers who’ve bought into the whole idea of the American dream. 203 more words

Your Spirit


It’s quite something when a game can sell you on visuals alone. That’s how I was introduced to Toren, a screenshot. That’s what it took to look into it, and after seeing it in motion, had to check it out. 503 more words


simply ME Beginning

Hey everyone to be honest i have no idea how to blog or do any of this stuff but then i thought “what the heck, why not”. 127 more words

Colorful Indie Adventure 'Toren' has a Release Date for the PS4, PC

Independent Brazilian developer Swordtales and publisher Versus Evil have announced the release date for their gorgeous action/adventure title, Toren. The game is scheduled for a May 12th release, on the PlayStation 4 and PC, and will cost $9.99/£6.29/8.99€, with a 10 percent discount available for those who pre-order the game on PC. 111 more words