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7 Great Uses of Symmetry in Moonrise Kingdom

MINI REVIEW: Wes Anderson is without a doubt one of my favourite directors. Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel are both favourites of mine, and it goes without saying that Moonrise Kingdom is worthy to be classified one of his best films. 283 more words


Moonrise Kingdom: A Place to Belong

Review by Amber

When two young lovers flee their homes in a tiny New England town to start a new life, the island is turned inside out with the search to find them. 709 more words

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Movies with Style: Moonrise Kingdom (Giveaway Info!)

Wes Anderson of course. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now. You’ll like it.


P.S Giveaway winner announced today at 3pm EST. 16 more words


Cinematography in Moonrise Kingdom

In Moonrise Kingdom, the tracking shots are used to demonstrate the different ways that multiple characters from the film think and feel about the events of the film and even other characters in the film, as well as to provide details about characters with minimal expositional dialogue. 173 more words

That Moment In Moonrise Kingdom (2012): A Conversation On The Rocks

REVIEW: No one will walk into a Wes Anderson film with high expectations of experiencing “reality.” His movies are works of a skewered fantasy, not fantastical, but certainly off center. 1,575 more words


Movie Mania #39

I’m always pushing off writing movie reviews. Why? I don’t know. They’re one of my favorite things to write, but I’m always forgetting. But today, I am writing a lot of them. 1,676 more words


SN: My "12 Years a Slave" story

SN: My “12 Years a Slave” story

The last two Oscar “Best Picture” winning films, “12 Years a Slave” and “Birdman,” I saw at the   315 more words