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Music and Meaning in Moonrise Kingdom

As graduate school comes to a close for the year I’ve been working on a paper about some of the music in Wes Anderson’s (amazing) movie,  645 more words

#classical Music

Moonrise Kingdom **** (Out of 4)

Consensus: Another terrific film from the under-appreciated director Wes Anderson. Once again he creates a wholly original setting and fills it with wonderfully quirky characters and a heartfelt story.

Moonrise Kingdom

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

It certainly has its very funny moments, but I am glad Wes Anderson took a step back from the oddness of this story, and the strong language in it, in order to bring us the wondrous world of films like… 8 more words

60. Absurdist Turd Monger

Fuck Wes Anderson. Fuck, Wes Anderon. Fuck Wes Anderson. Anderson, Wes Anderson, fuck him. He’s not Wes Craven, like I used to think, he’s just some pretentious fucker that treats actors like dolls for his weird movies. 266 more words

Pause to l.i.v.e!

We are all rushing to get somewhere, do something, become something and then what? Sometimes, it might do us well to practice to be as nothing…free! :)