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Reel Life: Suzy Bishop

This is a very popular choice for my next Reel Life, if the sewing community is anything to go by. I have seen so many adorable handmade costumes for Moonrise Kingdom and I can’t say I blame them. 204 more words


"It feels like, feels like I'm coming of age"

Coming-of-age; the genre of awkward moments, “firsts” and rebellion. It’s my favourite genre of film. Some would suggest it holds this position because of that “relatable” factor but let’s be serious, most of us only dream of the scenes from the teenage parties and road trips that are portrayed on the big screen.   574 more words

Decaying Potatoes

Movie With Major Style Inspo: Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson is known for his movie’s trademark fantastical imagery and style.  Moonrise Kingdom is a classic case of this. From Suzy’s Sunday School shoes, high socks, jewel tones of eyeshadow, and peter-pan collar dresses, to the Khaki Scout khaki uniforms, and even to the Social Services worker’s monochromatic blue, these clothes aren’t meant to make you stare- they’re meant to tell you something about the character. 365 more words


Wes Anderson: An Exception to the Rule of Hollywood

After the Oscars ceremony fiasco overshadowed the deserved victory of Moonlight, it became all the more relevant to investigate the rise of independent filmmakers in Hollywood’s domination of mainstream cinema. 1,907 more words


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To Be Alone With You

Young love aspires to adventure. “To Be Alone With You” to (Moonrise Kingdom) vouches for that longing, mystical experience we all once had. 37 more words