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My Filofax

Hi there!

I’m going to show you my Wes Anderson themed Filofax. It’s an Aqua Saffiano. I’m pretty proud of it, though we all know that our planners are never finished. 116 more words

Darjeeling Limited


If you make mistakes, try new mistakes by making new things, trying new things & learning new things.

Make mistakes nobody ever made before. Nothing is really “Safe” 17 more words


4 Things to Expect From The Grand Budapest Hotel [Archive]

This weekend’s release of The Grand Budapest Hotel marks Wes Anderson’s biggest and perhaps most anticipated film yet. The acclaimed director brings a unique style to his films, winning many die-hard fans with almost cult status. 361 more words


Moonrise Kingdom - reviewed

Wes Anderson’s cinematography is really remarkable. Yet while I appreciate his ability to convey a message through artful scenery and camera angles, I leave myself wondering what the message being conveyed actually is. 140 more words


Surprise! White people have all the lines in Hollywood films

Despite the monetary proof that diversity sells movies, Hollywood still has issues with giving people of color an equal stake when it comes to the simplest things in the film industry. 277 more words


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