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Moonrise Kingdom - Film Review

Wes Anderson’s trademark style suits this film perfectly. A romance between two kids, a coming of age story on a secluded little island, scouts, strange parents and a near perfect symmetry throughout. 452 more words


a whimsical wedding


This couple from this wedding so reminded me of two characters in a Wes Anderson film. They were quirky and entertaining and had a charming ceremony in a location that any film director would be jealous of. 17 more words


"she likes daisies best of all": Picnic at Hanging Rock + Marc Jacobs's Daisy

Cult classic film Picnic at Hanging Rock has served as inspiration for many, from the alt-fashion world’s perennial favorite Chloe Sevigny to Ezra Koenig of the band Vampire Weekend. 789 more words

Marc Jacobs

Wes Anderson's Magic Touch

Apart from literature and music, one of my other favourite distractions is cinema. I’m into absolutely everything- from the gentle hues of Sofia Coppola’s gorgeous films to the grisly brutality of Tarantino, all the way back to the French masterpieces created by the one and only Jean-Luc Godard. 884 more words

5 Reasons Why You - A Milennial - Love Wes Anderson Films

Hail, the king of aesthetic.

1. His Characters

A collection of lovable and eccentric misfits make up most of Anderson’s characters. You see yourself in them, but not quite. 473 more words


14 Unique Series, Specials, & More Currently on Netflix

Let’s hit this off sprinting. This list is going to cover pretty much every category from sports, entertainment, action, adventure, documentaries, films, series, animation, food/drink, and travel. 2,804 more words


Film Review: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Rating: 4/5


The year is 1965. The Place is New Penzance. A pair of young lovers flee. A local search party sets out to look for them. 202 more words