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Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

2016 #95
Wes Anderson | 90 mins | TV | 1.85:1 | USA / English | 12 / PG-13

On the New England island of New Penzance in the summer of 1965, a troop of scouts at camp discover that unpopular member Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman) has fled in the night. 383 more words

4 Stars

Día 21: Un película sobrevalorada

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ trata la historia de Sam y Suzy, el primero es un chico scout que se escapa de la tropa y la segunda es una chica de una familia que se escapa de esta. 606 more words


Quote of the Day

I know I don’t need to double, but I’m going to anyway.
“What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go off the…That’s all I do all day. 124 more words

Quote Of The Day

Young Love

I watched the film Moonrise Kingdom which is a touching and funny story about two 12 year olds falling in love.

As I was watching it, a song came into my mind that I had not heard for a long time – Leo Sayer’s “ 446 more words

Worst to Best: Wes Anderson

With one of the most distinctive sets of stylistic and storytelling tendencies out there, it seems like you’re bound to either like pretty much all of director/writer Wes Anderson’s films or dislike all of them–or at least go into watching one of his films with a bias leaning either way! 1,310 more words

Twelve again: The magic of "Moonrise Kingdom."

This is the final entry in my Wes Anderson Blogathon, which has been fabulously successful. To see all the entries by various movie bloggers on Wes Anderson’s body of work, … 977 more words

INTERVIEW: Chad Hartigan, writer/director of "Morris from America"

In case you haven’t noticed from talented actors committing major blunders or fouls in an interview, the press process is long and grueling. I’ve sat at many a roundtable where journalists ask the most basic questions that were probably answered in the press kit (that the same interviewer probably chose not to read). 2,655 more words