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Moonrise Kingdom painting

Was stuck at home today because I scraped and bruised my knee pretty terribly yesterday while running for the bus (in heels), and I got bored so I decided to watercolor a Wes Anderson still. 166 more words


The Colorful Life of Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is becoming one of the iconic directors of our time. His most recent movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” won Academy Awards for both Best Original Music Score and Best Costume Design. 271 more words


being a grown up sucks sometimes 

Captain Sharp:  So ‘nother words – it’s over.

Laura Bishop:  I guess so… for the moment.

Captain Sharp:  Until further notice.

Laura Bishop:  That’s right. 69 more words

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Explore Wes Anderson's Violent Tendencies With This Quirky Supercut

Often, when Wes Anderson movies come to mind, people mostly discuss his unique cinematography or the melange of kooky and quirky characters featured in every one of his stories. 89 more words

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Favourites from 2012

Based on the limited number of movies I’ve seen, these are some of my favourites that were released in 2012. They’re not necessarily the best films I watched from that year, they’re just some of the ones that I found the most enjoyable. 1,925 more words