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Moonrise CH36 - Awake

Anne blinked away her scowl like she was on a long road trip, and sleep threatened to stop her for the night. On the way to the address provided by Major Globe, Anne sat in macabre silence her brain trying to figure out how to warn Massey of the impending danger. 985 more words


La Salina, Baja California, Mexico

Photo: John Read

Moonrise over the Pacific, so bright it woke the photographer from a deep sleep and demanded a photo be taken. 8 more words

Moonrise Kingdom: misadventures in adolescence

Moonrise Kingdom is a film masterfully directed by Wes Anderson and set in the Winter of 1965 on an island off mainland New England. The film captures the period incredibly well through the use of intensely detailed costumes, a series of nostalgic and quirky sets and a dialogue to match. 1,442 more words


Moonrise in motion

Time lapse video of Wednesday’s moonrise over Robie Reid and Golden Ears – made a few mistakes but it worked out well enough :-) ๐Ÿ”๐ŸŒ 256 more words


Same old friend

I never get tired of looking at the sky. The moon is really full ย and bright these past few nights.

It was nice to have a break in the storm yesterday, and a fabulous evening. 124 more words

Moonrise CH35 - Hot Dog Heaven

Anne played her part masterfully. She pulled in contacts, set meetings, offered a cash reward. They would find Joaquin soon, she assured Silas and Globe. They just had to wait for word to roll through the dents and cracks filling the city. 1,030 more words