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MOONRISE by Ella Chappell

I’ve had time to notice the moon more lately. Weekends away from work, my depth perception filters out further now. I look up and out more for natures clock, rhythms that get lost to me inside the trappings of the daily grind. 357 more words


Moonrise CH30 - Last Words

“Globe made sure Jensen stays put in jail,” Joaquin declared.

Andy blinked. “It seems that way. That secures his position, paves the way to the Mayor’s chair and plays as enough reason to start a witch-hunt for supers. 1,002 more words


Mama & the Moon

Hi papa!
Yes dear?

Why is the sun still up? It’s getting dark.
Well, he loves her.

He does? Who?
The moon, my dear.

The sun loves the moon? 239 more words

Moonrise CH29 - Forced Awake

Andy puffed on a cigarette. It was burning between his thin fingers, ash gathering at the tip threatening to tip over. He crushed it inside the ashtray. 1,090 more words



The New Moon is on Tuesday, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy to set my New Moon Intentions. Here are some pics from November’s Supermoon…


Moonrise CH28 - Phantom Moon

Joaquin jogged through the stalled traffic, the overcast evening getting cold. He appreciated the comfortable numbness. Light shone brilliantly from behind the clouds. The phantom moon pulled at his inner tide. 1,078 more words