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Moonrise CH24 - New Friends

“By our way, you mean the supers way? Fighting with goddamn superpowers! Do you understand how much damage that will cause to this city, to its people? 1,060 more words


Why did the builders of Stonehenge choose Salisbury Plain?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Stonehenge is “Why is it where it is?” and there are several possible explanations for this. They’re described below but it’s important to understand that combinations of these are also possible – there may not be just one single reason… 862 more words

Stonehenge Landscape

Rise of the Hunter's Moon

Last Saturday brought the Full Moon for October. Folklore has it that, though it probably has several names, the most accepted one is that it’s the Hunter’s Moon. 224 more words


சிகப்பு ரோஜா ( Sigappu Roja)

பௌர்ணமித் திருநாளாம் இன்று
வானெங்கும் வெண்ணிலவு நிறைந்திருக்கும் என்று
விரைந்தோடி வந்தேன் கடற்கரைக்கு

ஒரு துளி வெளிச்சம் இல்லை
ஓயாத அலைகளும் துள்ளவில்லை
காரிருளில் மிதந்ததால் கடல் அன்னை

காலம் கடந்தது
காணும் எதிர்பார்ப்பும் கரைந்தது…


Beebe Hill Fire Tower and Lean To

Last weekend my husband surprised me by suggesting that he would be open to going camping for one night over the weekend.  I was thrilled!  I’ve been suggesting (read: nagging) for a long time that we go camping together.   1,019 more words

Trip Reports

Moonrise CH23 - Reunion

Massey threw his phone on the passenger seat. His cruiser growled when he changed lanes and direction. He triggered his lights and the siren cleared a path for him. 1,130 more words