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Thunder Moon

In 2006 I was still lugging around a few film cameras that could capture what my first little 2MP point-and-shoot digital could not. I’d been working with a number of local and larger land conservation groups for years and had a literal field day photographing and painting those beautiful areas as they recovered from industrial or other use, or were simply conserved as overgrown land that housed an ecosystem all their own. 378 more words


Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Puerto Peñasco is a vivid beach town on the northern coast of the California Gulf. While it’s a favorite vacation destination for Arizonians, Californians, Mexicans, and Texans, it reminded me of a small tourist stop in South America. 60 more words


Blue Moon Spectacle Seen in Longbranch

Once in a blue moon, along Drayton Passage, we are treated to a show as spectacular as a summer moon rising.

Last night’s moon snuck up on my lovely bride and I. 201 more words


Everyone Loves Sunsets Over Compo Beach...

…but if you turn around and look in the other direction, you can often find an equally inspiring moonrise.

Diane Wendroff did just that last night. Here it is:


Green flash at moonrise

Follow a sunset on a clear day against a distant horizon and you might glimpse a green flash just as the Sun disappears, the sunlight…

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Moon Science

Day-Glo Days

Re-worked this timeless oldie … images and observations from a northbound road trip to join a hippy sports day in a distant valley.
I made it up about the hob-nailed thongs!
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Contemporary Poetry