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Issue No. 2 Prompts

We’re musing over rebirth this issue, but as usual, this is a space for babes and their rituals. What does that mean? Well, it’s ritual enough to claim space for our work, season after season. 308 more words


Ekphrastic poetry

For those of us working in all kinds of genres:

Moonrise, Aurora, Nebraska

by Twyla Hansen

No Ansel Adams
but the snapshots we captured
through the open car window… 105 more words


Moonrise CH58 - CoNcLuSiOn

Andy sat behind the wheel in the van going deaf and crazy at the awful sound of silence in his earpiece. His friends were an unknown inside the looming tower, Schrodinger proud at them being both dead and alive at the same time. 3,985 more words


Moonrise CH57 - Promises

Globe sat back in his chair, legs propped on the edge of his desk. His tongue licked the bitter taste of the cigar he’d lit victoriously, celebrating quietly in his solitude, undisturbed and unafraid. 3,124 more words


Moonrise CH56 - Awake

Betty ventured out of the small elevator into a different world—the underground laboratory lair of the main villain. This facility was a glimpse into high-end technology, symmetrically arranged under the ventilated, cool air. 3,384 more words