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October 24 - Ariel and Umbriel

We have a double-header today.  Two moons of Uranus, Ariel and Umbriel, were discovered on October 24th 1851 by Bolton-born William Lassell, brewer and keen amateur astronomer, who was in the fortunate position of being able to use his not inconsiderable wealth to fund the construction of impressive telescopes. 537 more words


still juicing

I’d have had more done by now, but yesterday i was elsewhere, and though i had brought this with me, the minute i opened the bag, the needle flew out and was lost! 114 more words

In Progress


Slow progress–so scattered right now!

Now wondering what background to use so they don’t fight!

In Progress

Midnight, Away From Home

Tonight the creek sits high in its bed

a wolf howls at a snowy owl

she mistakes for the gibbous

moon (until it takes flight) 14 more words


Pokémon Sun and Moon's Devs Respond To The Popplio Backlash

(Source: kotaku.com)

Earlier this month, Kotaku asked the folks at Game Freak which starter Pokémon they prefer in Sun and Moon. Unfortunately, poor Popplio didn’t make the cut. 413 more words


yes we have no bananas

but do we ever have mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fruit salad moons :)

Contextural Fibre Arts Co-operative

More Moons For Uranus?

The distant ice giant Uranus may not have been visited by a spacecraft since Voyager 2’s “Grand Tour” flyby in 1986 but the data gathered then is still being used today to make new discoveries. 259 more words