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Watch Saturn's Moons Race Inside the Rings

Round and round they go… the animation above, made from 14 raw images taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on August 23, 2016, shows the moons Prometheus and Atlas orbiting Saturn within the Roche Division gap between its A (top right) and F (center) rings. 143 more words


Red moons

What light!

Petal-smooth and languid,

Red moon swims

in a sea of lake mist.

Above black rocks

a red moon rose

with a thousand rain whispers. 37 more words

Affirmation 8/26/16

You are brilliant. You shine bright like stars and moons and comets. You light up the world around you in so much darkness. Each life you touch, and there are so many, shines brighter because of you. 17 more words

I'm Glad You're Here

Why Jupiter is the coolest object in the night sky

If you’ve never seen Jupiter up close under a telescope you’re really missing out on something spectacular. It is now late August and Jupiter can only be seen in the western sky just after sunset. 396 more words


I can't Oglia-stay-yua here

Bakimryus Iyevs, the moon of the planet I was on and final destination in the system Ogliastaiyua, is unexpectedly teeming with life.  It is a beautiful green world, though with a strong toxic atmosphere and brief but severe storms. 151 more words

No Man's Sky

A thousand moons

For Magnetic Saturday in honour of Elusive Trope whatever he’s about today.

The oracle of the fridge magnets has a clear theme.

A thousand moons… 65 more words