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Other worlds

The vast regions of space. Twinkling down into other realms that seem to curve. They’ve found other planets outside of our milky way. One maybe closer to earth in size and scope. 36 more words

questions and moons

themes of the dreams

and held on the caution

and best of the puzzle

and  when it was the overall

and when it was the going… 45 more words


Juno Sends Back First Image Of Jupiter Surrounded By Moons

PASADENA (CBS/AP) — A NASA spacecraft has sent back the first pictures since arriving at Jupiter.

An image released Tuesday shows Jupiter surrounded by three of its four largest moons. 132 more words


Coffee and Cake

Take me away on the whisk of a date,

Where space goats meet us drunk at the gate

sipping thimbles full of wine’


Coffee and cake, 222 more words


Jupiter | Harmony of Motion

Galileo used a telescope to cast his eyes upon Jupiter and its moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto in 1610. He recorded notebook drawings of their positions nightly. 299 more words


July 06 - Lysithea

Lysithea, discovered today in 1938 by Seth B Nicholson at Mount Wilson, is the second smallest of the Himalia group of Jupiter‘s moons (the others being Himalia, Leda… 155 more words


Pictures of Jupiter and its moons on a low-end camera.

Taking pictures of Jupiter and its moons is one of the ways I’m learning my equipment. It’s a challenge, but not so hard as to make me throw up my hands in frustration. 369 more words