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Rising Tides

When the moon grows full,

is everyone stirred or just

mad men and lovers?


Subconscious oceans,

just like terrestrial seas,

feel the tidal pull.


Full Moon My Picture

I took this picture last night. I love full moons. It brightens up my room when the moon is full. So beautiful. I thought it would be blue, but it was not. 9 more words


Moon Print Studies

I really loved the moon print that I did during the Blossom workshop this summer so I have been experimenting a lot with printing it on different fabrics, so far I have tried printing with silver pigment on a cream colored chiffon, and black MX Reactive dye on a light pink dupioni silk. 117 more words



This post is related to the most recent blurb on moons…it is about NASA and how Arthur Secunda ties into this organization.

July 29th of 1958 marks the beginning of NASA, a day “when Congress passed the legislation and President Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act into law” (nasa.gov). 149 more words


Dawn Finds Similarities Between Ceres and Saturn's Moons

Around 600 miles wide, covered in craters and cliffs, a composition of rock and water ice… these are descriptions of both several of Saturn’s moons and the dwarf planet Ceres, based on recent observations by NASA’s… 126 more words


Planetary Classification

Tony Harris asks:

It sounds as though you have some kind of planetary classification scheme set up. Care to share how it works? :please:

Well, yes, yes I do.

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A dozen

And more moons

Storm stranded

By jealous tides

“Do you know

Who I was?

Where I have been?

That I could summon, 9 more words

Poetry Perhaps?