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The Moons of Mars May Have Been Born in Giant Impact

The two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, may have been created billions of years ago during a massive impact, according to a new research. The object which collided with Mars would have been almost 500 miles in diameter, roughly the size of Ceres, the largest member of the asteroid belt. 192 more words



I set out to draw Neptune’s moons, but I messed it up, so here is a drawing of… just a lot of moons.

Extraterrestrial Skies

shop update, "Gifting"

As they say, “Buy my art before i’m dead” please. This is the last day of my Day Job, and i really don’t want to work in the ffFlower Mines anymore! 26 more words


Meet Metis – Jupiter’s Closest, Quickest Moon

Let Jason Major take you on a trip to meet Metis — the fastest and closest of the 69 satellites orbiting Jupiter.


Twitch Is Collecting Moons In Super Mario Odyssey Now

(Source: kotaku.com)

As of this writing, a couple hundred people are collectively controlling Mario via a Twitch broadcast. And despite the inherent chaos of Twitch chat, these players are actually making progress in Super Mario Odyssey. 372 more words


Europa: A Jovian Lunar Oasis?

Discovered in 1610 by the renowned astronomer, engineer, and philosopher Galileo Galilei, the Jovian orbiter Europa may again serve to revolutionize humanity’s cosmic perspective. Initially evidence that Earth was not the absolute center of motion in the Universe, Europa, among the discovery of the other Galilean moons, advanced the credibility of the heliocentric model through demonstrable opposition to… 198 more words


The Moons of Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, which means its gravity is strong enough to attract various moons into its orbit. As far as we are currently able to tell, Jupiter has… 174 more words