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Singing Moon

I’m going to be away the actual weekend of the Singing Moon, CAYA Coven’s June full moon. I’m going camping in the woods with my wonderful girlfriend! 305 more words

Full Moon


Like Janus stepping out of the clouds,
this room is silent. Is there anything
bringing me back to elevation,
or do changes batter me to Earth, 54 more words



So unexpected.

Crescent moons and Venus, too!

What does it all mean?


Pluto's five moons captured on camera for first time EVER by NASA's New Horizons probe

From the Daily Express, May 2015


PLUTO’S five moons have been captured on camera for the first time EVER as a NASA probe nears the dwarf planet. 293 more words


Waxing, Waning; A Woman's Phases

“Blood moon,” Margaret observed from in front of the bedroom window. She pointed her slim finger at it, nail unpolished and square. “Do you see it, David?” 658 more words


The Last Seed

If the rains were to stop
Leaving in its wake a parched earth
I will plant a seed and cry over it
Sit on the hard dirt for many moons… 17 more words