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World of a Thousand Moons

World of a Thousand Moons

Grim death was the only romance to be found on this world that boasted a thousand moons…
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Blog No. 14 - The Mer-maid and The Moon

Photo:  Helen Ree – http://www.helenree.com

That the moon was a space-hopper is no coincidence.

That the Merman surfaced isn’t either.

A Mer-maid knows well a Siren song – 119 more words


A Moon and it's Planet

We choose to go to our Binary Partner Planet. We choose to go to our Binary Partner Planet not because it is easy, but because it is hard! 944 more words


Water Found in Unexpected Space Places

Hydrogen and oxygen, the molecule components of water, are some of the most abundant in the universe. Water is being found in unexpected places in space. 51 more words

Space Exploration And Technology

Turn 6 pt2

Just a quick reminder: this is the last post that will appear on WordPress.com, thanks to their “improvements.” However, the story will be continuing at  2,114 more words


Turn 6 pt1

Narcissa heaved a sigh and straightened up, setting the quill in its cup and pushing the last of the documents away from her.

“I believe that’s everything that needs to be done today. 1,966 more words


Water Water Everywhere

Everyone knows that Earth is a “water-world,” with oceans covering 71% of its surface and at least as much contained within our planet’s mantle deep below its crust. 377 more words