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Planet classification

here it comes, here it goes. Today I will write about planet classification since I want to start to write about dwarf planets. This post will be little similar to… 544 more words


The Graveyard Moon

In this dark time of the year, especially after Samhain and close to Transgender Day of Remembrance, my thoughts turn to ancestors. Until a few years ago, I had never done much ancestor work. 375 more words

Full Moon

Full Mourning Moon

Moon and Water Twin

Peek-a-Boo (the day before….)

Twinkle Down Here

Moon Water

Mourning Moon

Singing Twin

Harbour Lights

Dressed for the Moon


In 20 million years, humans could watch Mars get its own Saturn-like ring

If the future pans out as Elon Musk imagines, some day humans on Mars could get to watch a spectacular phenomenon. Over the period of days or weeks—some 20 million years from now—they could see Mars’s gravity tear apart Phobos, its largest moon, and form the remaining fragments into a floating ring. 218 more words

Before and After

Do you have a face full of zits that make great landing zones for mosquitos?  Are you sick of having a face full of pimples?  Have your friends been calling you: ‘Volcano face’?  324 more words



Late nights alone, peace.

Life goes by, nights slip away.

Stars, moon, silence, sun.