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Convictions 8 pt2

(chapter continued from previous post)

Bewildered people still trailed in from deeper in the building, sent this way, or occasionally escorted this way, by those guardsmen and volunteers who were methodically sweeping the building’s upper floors. 1,615 more words


Moon Outshines the Stars

“Moon outshines the stars,” he said, trying to look away.

I knew what he meant; I knew he was telling me my worth. The only thing he wanted was to stay away, unwillingly. 227 more words


Moons and Rings of the Cosmos

Other than all the stars, the Moon and the planets classically held attention and commanded wonder, whenever a civilization gazed into the heavens. Of course this was largely because so little was known of outer space, about what else was up there besides what could clearly be seen, but it shouldn’t be denied that the planets of our own solar system are indeed magnificent. 7,609 more words


Convictions 8 pt1

Tyrel glanced up at the lowering sun. Two days, with scant sleep the night Sanur was full or the night after, and he was feeling it. 1,863 more words


Convictions 7

Kieran and Tyrel waited in a meadow outside Galimont, where they could drink in as much as possible of Talir’s light while they could, knowing that in a very few days there’d be little available, and watch for Sanur’s rising. 2,710 more words


Convictions 6

Kaveri heard a short, sharp bark just outside the window, followed by a deeper wuffling noise.

“We’re here,” she said. “No moonlight inside.”

The little light they had from the window was eclipsed briefly by a small body; he hovered there for a moment, then leaped down to the floor. 2,089 more words


Convictions 5 pt3

(chapter continued from previous post)

“My parents stood by me. His family supported him. I suppose it’s better I found out before the marriage. I accepted it as my own fault and accepted that I would never marry. 1,512 more words