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Green trail, golden leaf!

this is very abstract title I guess but it summarizes why I did not post last Saturday when I planned, yes I am sorry. Anyway I was on this contest called Green trail, golden leaf which is contest of mostly biology though there is also astronomy, meteorology (not this year) and geology. 335 more words


Triton Is The Strangest Moon In Our Entire Solar System  In 3.5...

Triton Is The Strangest Moon In Our Entire Solar System 

In 3.5 billion years, Triton will eventually come in contact with Neptune and break into pieces.

By: Futurism.

The Moon View May 14, 2016

May the 14th seemed to be the clearest night I’ve seen in a while so I setup the camera for a few quick-pics!

The moon is always a willing and able model, providing the hater clouds aren’t trying to hop into the shots! 138 more words


Dwarf Planets

The main difference between planets and dwarf planets is that a dwarf planet has not cleared other objects in the area out of its orbit and a planet has. 113 more words

Seeing the celestial sights.

It’s gonna take some time to really get good at using my telescope, but in the two hours I was at it, I felt like some kind of low-level scientist. 209 more words

In the Distant Quiet

In the distance – a small dog’s

high-pitch, by the sound,

alarming the darkness,

a striking of cymbals,

the first bird wakes early

having heard the little dog, 27 more words


Hello May!

May is the fifth month of the year. Its astrological sign is Taurus, the bull (April 20 – May 21), a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. 620 more words

Morning Thoughts