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478 Tiny Moon Amalthea

From the tiny moon Amalthea, Jupiter would span more than 45° of the sky.

Amalthea is the third moon of Jupiter in order of distance from the planet. 121 more words

Solar System

The Moon Express MX-1E Lander Is Heading for the Moon or Bust

(Source: www.wired.com)

Google can’t resist a moon shot, but this one is literal: A decade ago, the company announced the Google Lunar X Prize… 301 more words


Let's Play Super Mario Odyssey (Blind) 1

Chris has never touched the Switch before, but he’s about to dive head-first into Super Mario Odyssey! This is a blind playthrough where we’ll be beating the game and tackling some post-game content as well. 26 more words

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Webbed Moon

Also in the shop, this commercially dyed thread hand embroidery is on indigo dyed cottons.

One more to finish!

But i have been sampling too on other work, and ideas are pouring forth. 16 more words

In Progress

a natural moon

I’ve been slowly (and not so diligently, as other pursuits in the studio have “interfered”) working on this indigo moon, using my newly dyed naturally dyed threads. 213 more words


Enceladus heats up because its core is like a sponge

(Source: arstechnica.com)

On Earth, the heat that drives geology is partly leftover from the planet’s formation and partly the result of radioactive decay. For the smaller bodies of our Solar System, neither of these should be big factors. 622 more words


Spiritual Abyss

Ciphering my moon nightly

There’s no surprises here

Ambiguous transgressions

Between you and me

Lonely souls

Transcending breakdowns

A spiritual awakening


Garnishing what you think is stable… 39 more words