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August 28 - Enceladus and Alcock

Enceladus was discovered on this day in 1789 by William Herschel. This 500km diameter moon of Saturn has been proven recently to have the most impresive volcanoes in the Solar System. 527 more words


Karmic Astrology: Sagittarius North Node - Gemini South Node

The keyword here is promise. For lifetimes this individual has enmeshed himself in dualities, resulting in indecision. He has tried to be all things to all people and as a result has made himself attuned to superficiality. 727 more words


Karmic Astrology: Scorpio North Node - Taurus South Node

Here the individual is learning how to accept revolutionary changes within himself as well as the conditions of his life. He would like to rest, thinking that his soul journey is over. 756 more words


Wicca 101: an Introduction to Moon Spirituality

Ever been curious about Wicca? Don’t know where to get started with you altar, spells, and magic? Come on out to our 101 class and learn the basics of Wicca, history, ritual, and how to use your altar! 32 more words


New Moon Ritual August 2015

The new moon was upon us! SLPS met under the watchful eye of Artemis on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 10pm, to meditate, set goals, and welcome back a member who had been away for the summer. 144 more words


Háskólavísur 11: Nýtt Land og Nýja Hof

As the summer heat of his homeland approached its peak, the Skald prepared his ship to sail from Vinland onward to new adventures in Norway. Aided by runes of good fortune, the sailing was smooth and the Skald beached his ship in the bay and established his farmstead of Nýja Hof in the cozy little village of Sogn Studentby in the northern part of Olso. 168 more words