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January 2016 Full Moon Ritual Wolf Moon

The members of SLPS gathered together on Saturday, January 23, 2016 to honor the moon goddess and work magic by the full moon, also know as the wolf moon in January. 32 more words


Pic of the Week: Majestic Saturn

Ah, everyone’s favorite planet! Fresh from the Cassini mission, this picture shows the sheer immensity of the sixth planet orbiting Sol. To give you an idea of how big it is, look in the lower right-hand corner and you will notice one of its moons, Tethys. 124 more words

The Lunar Cycle

The moon completes it orbit around Earth every 29.5 days, creating the lunar cycle. The most interesting thing I learned from the Chapter 2 reading was that the word “month” is meant to sound like “moon” – I’m surprised I never knew the origin of the word before! 100 more words



I’ve reshaped the constellations
to reflect what I see

I have no interest in
how others see heaven

Makes it so easy
to now know the sky

Chagall 2015


Top Ten Largest Moons

This is the newest series to come to I Read Encyclopedias for Fun, the weekly Top Ten. I will be publishing top ten lists of various topics scientific, geographic, and anything related to books, TV shows, and movies. 1,608 more words


Greek word of the day: φεγγάρι (moon)

The Greek word of the day is moon – φεγγάρι (fen-GAH-ree).