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The Moon XVlll Upside Down

The moon is a beautiful card. For so long Witchcraft has been labeled taboo, evil. So many people have died because people believed if you killed a witch or someone who does Voodoo you are killing the thing inside which is evil and bad and wrong. 470 more words


Turn 3

Narcissa had her own house, of more moderate size than Kaveri really expected though still luxurious and large enough comfortably for her and Evander, the bodyguards, and several servants. 2,541 more words


March 25 - Titan

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and the second largest moon in the Solar System (behind Ganymede, which is only ever so slightly bigger), was discovered on March 25th 1655 by the Dutch astronomer  322 more words

Going On Up There Then

Turn 2 pt3

(chapter continued from previous post)

The shop’s owner was nowhere to be seen—possibly part of the crowd outside that had fled from the bear, so potentially was upstairs, but since he or she wasn’t actually present, that was a low priority to work out. 2,182 more words


Turn 2 pt2

(chapter continued from previous post)

Kaveri looked at Tyrel questioningly, and wasn’t the only one; Tyrel just spread his hands, equally confused.

“He’s not saying… 2,143 more words


Turn 2 pt1

Kaveri tried not to tug too obviously at the layers of her mantle. There were several styles for wrapping it, showing the colourful pattern in different ways against the pale minimally-decorated dress beneath, but clearly there was some trick she hadn’t learned for making everything stay comfortably in place. 2,125 more words