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Retrograde Orbits

(note: This animation has no audio track.) – The Open University

Although many moons in the Solar System follow prograde orbits, there are some notable exceptions. 70 more words

Deconstructed II


I will slowly pull myself apart:

fingernails, heart, vocal folds, tendons;

I will pour my liquids into a bucket:

blood, water, stomach acid, urine; 156 more words


Man-made moons

In an artificial universe, I bathe in the light of man-made moons.



I take a bike ride and ponder the complexities and chaotic nature of people and starlings. Deemed too dramatic for a sitcom. 

The twilight is intoxicating.

1,005 more words

What if the Earth had 2 moons

I know what you’re thinking so let’s get that out of the way. High tide would be a lot higher. Whenever the two moons are aligned on the same side of Earth, their combined gravitational pull would increase the tide significantly. 211 more words


The Super blue blood moon |What are Supermoon,Red moon and Blue moon..

Recently a part of earth (mainly large parts of the US, north-eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and Australia) visited a ‘celestial trifecta’ event labelled as “super blue blood moon”.Which combines blue moon, super moon & lunar eclipse at the same time. 241 more words


Super blue blood moon wows 5,000 people at Science Centre Singapore

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

View of the super blue blood moon observed from the Science Centre Singapore at 9.49pm, on 31 January 2018. Photo: Ang Poon Seng/The Astronomical Society of Singapore (TASOS) 736 more words

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