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Planet Meniscus

Welcome to planet Meniscus.

A planet with:

  • two phased moons
  • two suns
  • seasons
  • dynamic landscapes (desert, forest)


Water on Meniscus moves upward, not down, effervescing and foaming like soda in a shaken bottle. 34 more words

Science Fiction

Fleet Dispatch

  • Auto-copy and memorize coordinates function including history list.
  • Mission auto-selection.
  • Standard objective and routine tasks are available (expedition, collect & fleetsaving).
  • Memorize last missions to repeat them.
  • 11 more words

Main view

  • Extended resources information.
  • Coordinates from any player in the universe.
  • Planet list with large active area to select a moon. Moons are marked by orange text and border color.

Moon's win shows 'longing' for change: North Korean envoy

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

BEIJING: A North Korean diplomat said Monday the election victory by left-leaning South Korean President Moon Jae In reflected the people’s “longing” for change. 249 more words

Current Affairs

Phillips Phunny: Prankster Moons Eurovision Contest

Some guy MOONED 200 million viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest!

A Ukrainian prankster with an Australian flag wrapped around his shoulders jumped the stage and mooned the world at Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest.



Ramadan: Commercial Decor

Today I was excited to see that our local grocery store started decorating for Ramadan.  This is the first time I have seen commercial use of Muslim holiday decor.   57 more words

Awakening The Tides Of Rememberance

The full Moon on Wednesday May 10th in 21 Scorpio is carrying a potentially deep and stirring emotional energy, and a focus on the individual as the nexus both within significant change and its apparent opposite, stabilisation. 1,585 more words

Root Medicine Of The Stars