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Here's How Google Is Becoming a Lot Less Interesting Going Into 2017

Not that long ago, Google was the archetype of an Internet success story. Its massive search-related advertising business—an idea the company borrowed from a smaller startup—spun off a vast river of cash with almost no effort, to the point where Google started a host of unrelated businesses in what seemed like a vain attempt to spend it all. 551 more words


When Moonshots Fall Back to Earth

💥A Boom with a View💥 is a column about startups and the technology industry, written by Erin Griffith. Find them all here: fortune.com/boom.

Alphabet is in a pretty cushy place these days: Its revenue is growing, it has $78 billion in cash, and its $500 billion-plus market cap ranks among the top five of all publicly traded companies. 401 more words


What will it take for high tech startups to bloom in India

A few weeks ago, I heard the pitch from Team Indus which is the only Indian team competing for the Google X prize to launch a rocket to the Moon. 542 more words


When Will Alphabet’s ‘Other Bets’ Become ‘Other Businesses’?

How many companies can get away with spending $859 million to produce just $185 million in revenue? Not only that, but how many can do it and have investors celebrate it as progress? 406 more words


This New Google Camera Could Be Your New Watchdog

Google is now taking pre-orders of an outdoor version of Nest Cam, which is touted to keep an extra digital eye on its owner’s lawn while sending activity alerts and video to designated smartphones. 226 more words


Your federal government drives innovation by investing in moonshots

Imagine a future where “moonshots” are part of our everyday reality. In this future, shipping no longer uses environmentally damaging Styrofoam but instead an organic mushroom-based material. 814 more words


Inside Alphabet's 'Moonshot Factory,' Killing Projects Is Celebrated

Alphabet’s X division, formerly known as Google X, is often perceived and marketed as a near-superhuman force, specializing in audacious projects called “moonshots.” But, in a recently released video from this year’s TED Conference, X’s “Captain of Moonshots” Astro Teller said that doesn’t mean the team is always right. 179 more words