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Google's Other Bets Eat Up Less Cash (And Make Less Money) Than We Thought

Here is one thing to note about the non-Google parts of Alphabet, now the world’s largest company: They’re smaller than you think.

The company’s… 447 more words


Google's Moonshots Cost Lots of Money, but Running Google Costs Even More

For years, Larry Page told Wall Street he wasn’t blowing all of Google’s money on crazy bets like self-driving cars and smart contact lenses.

Turns out, he was right. 158 more words


Here's How Much Google Has Spent on Robot Cars, Internet Balloons, Its Anti-Aging Lab and So On

On Monday, we got our first look at how much Google has sunk into grandiose ventures outside of its core Internet operations.

It’s not a very detailed look. 96 more words


Google Is Moonshotting Heart Disease Research

Excellent. Heart disease is amazingly common, and yet somehow it remains constantly underfunded compared to diseases that are less common, such as various cancers.

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Why investors love Alphabet's new CFO

Ruth Porat has only been CFO of Google parent company Alphabet for seven months, but she’s already a huge hit with Wall Street. The former Morgan Stanley CFO is bringing transparency to the $489 billion (market cap) Silicon Valley giant, and investors are responding positively to the change. 377 more words


Dreaming about the Future

I’m a child of the 80’s. I’ve always been obsessed with computers and technology. So obviously “Back to the Future Part II” wasn’t just a movie to me, it was a roadmap; a roadmap to a time when we won’t need… insert dramatic pause… roads. 1,241 more words

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Can Alphabet Solve Google's Hooli Problem?

Fifteen months ago, Adrian Aoun looked to be on his way out the door at Google. The Mountain View monolith had scooped up his news aggregation startup, Wavii, … 856 more words