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Inside Alphabet's 'Moonshot Factory,' Killing Projects Is Celebrated

Alphabet’s X division, formerly known as Google X, is often perceived and marketed as a near-superhuman force, specializing in audacious projects called “moonshots.” But, in a recently released video from this year’s TED Conference, X’s “Captain of Moonshots” Astro Teller said that doesn’t mean the team is always right. 179 more words


NASA selects 13 early-stage, high-concept moonshots for $100K funding each — TechCrunch

Ah, springtime, when a young engineer’s fancy turn to harvesting icy moons for rover fuel. NASA has announced the recipients of its yearly National Innovative Advanced Concepts awards, and they’re just as out there as the planets and other stellar objects they propose to mine, analyze, and explore.

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After Nearly Going Pop, Google's Project Loon Heads Into Carrier Testing This Year

Google’s “moonshot” to deliver Internet to remote parts of the world using high-flying balloons has survived a brutal development phase, and will enter testing with carriers in Indonesia… 642 more words


Moon Shots - Do you dream big?

Let’s talk about moon shots today. Get a minute out of your Saint Valentine’s Day for big dreams.

In Google there is a department which does “Moon shots” – they work on crazy and brave projects. 414 more words


Google's Other Bets Eat Up Less Cash (And Make Less Money) Than We Thought

Here is one thing to note about the non-Google parts of Alphabet, now the world’s largest company: They’re smaller than you think.

The company’s… 447 more words


Google's Moonshots Cost Lots of Money, but Running Google Costs Even More

For years, Larry Page told Wall Street he wasn’t blowing all of Google’s money on crazy bets like self-driving cars and smart contact lenses.

Turns out, he was right. 158 more words


Here's How Much Google Has Spent on Robot Cars, Internet Balloons, Its Anti-Aging Lab and So On

On Monday, we got our first look at how much Google has sunk into grandiose ventures outside of its core Internet operations.

It’s not a very detailed look. 96 more words