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A "Proof of the External World"

G. E. Moore’s argument goes something like this:

Here is a hand.
Oh my! Here is *another* one of those things!
There are at least two objects in the external world. 58 more words

Charles Bragg

Charles Bragg, Brother of Joseph

Charles Bragg, son of Joseph Bragg and Mary Tapp and brother to Joseph Bragg, has some interesting facts attached to his tenure on earth: He was born 1692 in Old Rappahannock, VA and died 1759. 1,077 more words

Family History

Moores to Braggs

My 2nd great grandfather, 4. Jeremiah B Moore (1833-1917) was the son of 5. John J Moore and 5a.Elizabeth Bragg. John J Moore was born in 1808 in Albemarle, VA and died April 1870 in Weston, Lewis, WV. 2,807 more words

Blogging 101

Okay, this is the blue, black, white, gold dress that burned the internet!

For two days, the Internet has become obsessed with the color of a dress. The picture went viral all over the Web, as people have two very different reactions. 142 more words

Drive Thru Blues

Ok, so I’m coming home from the game at 10:30 at night feeling hungry—really hungry—but I’m not wanting to stop at the few restaurants open that late; I decided to head home for left overs. 1,039 more words