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Feb. 20-21, 2017: Offshore from Vero Beach to Dinner Key, FL

Our original plan was to get from Vero Beach to Dinner Key in a series of three hops:  down the ICW from Vero Beach to an anchorage near Stuart; down the ICW from Stuart to Lake Worth; and then offshore from Lake Worth to Dinner Key.  1,098 more words


"Velcro" Beach

We’ve been in Vero Beach for a few days and have generally enjoyed it very much.  Vero Beach bills itself as “the gateway to the tropics,” and the city is teeming with lush plants, from bamboo to palm trees to live oaks.  848 more words


Feb. 10-13, 2017: St. Augustine to Vero Beach, FL

Feb. 10, 2017:  St. Augustine to Daytona Beach, FL

We left the St. Augustine mooring field in strong current and had a great day of motoring through the ICW down to Daytona Beach.  1,168 more words


Feb. 6, 2017: Jacksonville Beach to St. Augustine, FL

Since we were at a marina and weren’t leaving until mid-morning in order to time the tide, we spent the morning taking advantage of marina life:  dumping every scrap of trash, cleaning the hull (at least on one side), rinsing salt off the boat, vacuuming below with the Shop Vac, filling our water tank and water jerry jugs, and charging all of our electronics.  643 more words


Sea Ice from Satellite at 20-m Resolution

I am a self-taught amateur on remote sensing, but it tickled my pride when a friend at NASA asked me, if I could tell a friend of his at NOAA on how I got my hands on data to produce maps of radar backscatter to describe how the sea ice near Thule Air Base, Greenland changes in time and space. 392 more words


Jan. 25: Toogoodoo Creek to Beaufort, SC

We knew that today’s leg would be through some very shoal areas, so we needed as much water under the keel as possible.  High tide was at 7:05 AM, so we were motoring out of Toogoodoo Creek at 7 AM.  331 more words


Jan. 14, 2017: Mile Hammock Bay to Carolina Beach, NC

On Jan. 14, 2017, we took the ICW from our anchorage in Mile Hammock Bay to a mooring ball in Carolina Beach, NC. It was an intense and draining day due to bridge schedules and a combination of tide state and shoaling. 364 more words