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ripped from its moorings

during the midnight earthquake—

dangling spider web


lost moorings

You lose your moorings when you’re no longer fit to be tied.


Developing the Boys' Mariner Skills: Part 2

Last year while cruising around the British Virgin Islands (BVIs), we spent a significant amount of time developing and honing the boys’ maritime skills. ( 655 more words

British Virgin Islands

Oral Moorings - a poem

Oral Moorings

The shore of your lip meets the lake of your speech.

I like to take trips to bask on your beach.



Each year after the coverage of the Tour de France ends I start missing my daily dose of the scenes from the French countryside. I’ve always watched the Tour in part for the race and in part for the aerial travelogue. 206 more words


Ghosts of Discovery Harbor: Digging for Data

Death by starvation, drowning, and execution was the fate of 19 members of the US Army’s Lady Franklin Bay Expedition that was charged in 1881 to explore the northern reaches of the American continent. 846 more words