Beer & Batman #27: You Must Be Joking. . .

Sometimes, a thing can grow much bigger than itself.

The Killing Joke, a Batman comic by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland published in 1988, is a perfect case in point. 1,397 more words


The Millennial Effect

Hank Green just released a fantastic video called “Why the Word “Millennial” Makes me Cringe.” It’s a great look into how the term was assigned by baby boomers and subsequently co-opted by op-ed writers essentially complaining about “kids these days.” The term has quickly become an easy trigger word for disparaging an entire generation of young adults. 607 more words


The Moose

The second beer out of the case was the 5% Moosehead lager from Canada.  This is a light crips refreshing lager that is very easy to drink.   72 more words


Birthday Beers

After receiving a case of world beers from my brother and his wife for my birthday I decided it would be a great starting point for my blog to review each one as I try them. 98 more words


Moosehead threatens legal action against New Brunswick government

Following previous successful legal actions taken in the name of trademark infringement, New Brunswick’s Moosehead Brewery today named yet another claimant in their fight to make sure their name remains unique: The Government of New Brunswick. 323 more words


Ready for 2016

So here we are a couple of days in and two of my family’s birthdays are done and accounted for. The final projects of 2015 have been all wrapped up, and the Christmas decorations have been packed up and put away carefully for another year. 407 more words

Canada: A Heart Stopper

Poutine is Canada’s gift to the world.  It is also a dish that might kill someone within hours of eating it.  If you don’t know what is poutine , this is the time to read about what heaven would taste like. 392 more words

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