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Thanks Mum and Moosewood, bean and tofu casserole

Growing up in the seventies, our Mum was part of a health-food co-operative. She purchased natural food in bulk that wasn’t your average store bought fare. 749 more words


Moosewood Cookbook

Today’s beautiful moment: Lately, I have been very conscious about the food that I prepare. Fresh ingredients, minimal processing, less meat. I recently got a copy of the… 33 more words


My Cookbook Shelf

I’ve spent the last year having fun with old recipes from Minnesota’s flour milling history.

And I had fun celebrating The Washington Island Cook Book… 411 more words


American (Food) Revolution

Several months ago, the New Yorker published a long essay about vegetarian and vegan cookery. In the process, it critiqued a number of cookbooks of the vegetable stripe—recent titles like… 600 more words

Joy of Cooking indeed!

I decided I needed a pick-me-up and so plumped on trying something new in the kitchen. Several somethings in fact. And as a reward for rowing regularly this past month, in spite of less than 8 hours of sleep daily, the several somethings would not skimp on the sugar or the fat :) 329 more words

Kitchen Forays

Mushroom Curry!

Recipe three: Mushroom Curry. This dish was great! Mushroom Curry was a huge success – spicy and tart, great texture, and filling.

Jean checked her New Moosewood Cookbook edition to see what it had to say about this recipe. 222 more words

Moosewood Cookbook

Recipes #6 and #7: Samosas from Scratch and Salad with a Fancy Ingredient

I am in the midst of my very own 30-day recipe challenge. By March 25, I will have made 14 recipes from various sources. Today, I share with you my sixth and seventh culinary conquests. 483 more words