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Past is an outlandish place to be,
Visiting repeats of,
What you’ve done,
Who you’ve been,
Stirring through self debris.

Present is a meticulous state of being, 67 more words

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| clinical depression isn't all bad |

Hold it. Am I saying there’s a good side to the crushing, soul-sucking despair and hopelessness? Yes. Yes, I am. Am I nuts? Possibly, but not about this. 302 more words


Action 717 - Superman gets caught

Michelinie, Dwyer and Rodier continue with the Trial of Superman in Action 717 (Jan. 96).

The Cyborg Superman is working for the H’tros, and is out to capture Superman, Mope, and the other escapees.  54 more words

Action 716 - Superman on the run

Action 716 (Dec. 95) is part of the Trial of Superman story arc.  Superman is being held by the H’tros, charged as the last survivor of Krypton with destroying the planet, or something like that.  102 more words

Young Adult Syndrome

I sure do love my daughter, but she has to be one of the biggest drama queens that I have ever known. She mopes. She complains. 162 more words


Day Thirteen of One Hundred and Thirty Three

What’s up, party people?

My day started off like this:

Friday is my favorite workday of the week. I babysit these adorable 5 year old twins who are the sweetest, cutest little things in the world. 517 more words

Miss You

Right at this moment, my two dogs are by my feet.

It’s amazing to have a creature that is well within its rights to go away, go outside or anywhere else… but they chose to be right by your side. 183 more words