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The more I mope, the more I continue to mope.   The more I continue to mope, the more I mope.  To stop moping, all I need do is DO something.   210 more words

Erm... So not dead... 

So I feel I should update after this morning’s self-pitying mope at 3am.
I’m not dead. Obviously. Though I’m pretty sure a short spell of death would be less painful than this. 235 more words

A strong independent mope

Oh this is hard. It’s 3am, Jon’s away, the rest of the world is asleep, including the dog who is less than impressed at my coughing up a lung every ten seconds, and I feel horrible. 213 more words

There just aren't enough spoons in the world

I’m supposed to be in Brighton right now. Instead I pretty much haven’t been able to move all day. There are not words for how angry I am about this. 455 more words

Chapter 77 - Guilty

I stared at myself in the mirror, wondering where the broken and lost Ameerah went.

Instead I looked empty, defeated as if I’d given up. 388 more words

Part 3 ♡

New Patches Available Now!

Hey just got in two new patches, and restocked the pink Jeff Goldblum patch as well!

Click the “shop” tab above and click the etsy link to buy! 17 more words

Braving the elements

Oh my gosh, I want to go outside!  Daddy, can we go outside already?

Hey man, why did you take me outside?  It’s raining outside!  I’m wet now! 15 more words