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That feeling when your bed is missing

That feeling when Mommy and Daddy decide they want to wash your bedding and leave you nothing to sleep on except the uncovered pillows.

Don’t you know that I liked it just the way it was?   50 more words


Word of the Day #1: Smope



verb: smope; 3rd person present:smopes; past tense: smoped; past participle: smoped; gerund or present participle: smoping

1. To smoke and mope simultaneously.

“Jayne sits on the porch smoping while loud music plays inside” 67 more words

Daily Prompt: Mope

Daily Prompt: Mope

Hi everyone! Hope all is well!

Well I’m trying to catch up from last year’s “Daily Posts”. Almost done so please be patience. 229 more words

Blogging Blogger

Why mope?

Why mope?

What happened?

How did it occur?

Whereabouts are they?

Which route shall we take?

Daily Prompt: Mope

The worst sadness comes when your hopes are crushed. You must have heard people say “We are not planning anymore because our plans always fails” or “Don’t get too excited your hopes will be crushed”. 265 more words


Nope to the Mope

Eeyore, the professional mope.  (Okay, I know he’s not meant to be that, but you get the idea.)  I once saw a post(er) on facebook that showed Eeyore and it had something to the effect of, no one left him out of their plans because he was sad, they just accepted him as he was.   587 more words

Kim Orlowski


It’s all death threats and trust with you,

I’d rather watch you shut up

Yes, my tongue slipped up and I gave you a  rude surprise… 148 more words