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Does your Puch Maxi smoke?

Over the years, I noticed wood Indian statues in front tobacco and cigar shops but never understood the reason since I’m not a smoker. However after seeing this ornate, gold one on a recent Puch ride, I researched a bit and learned wooden Native American Indian sculptures are advertisements of sorts for tobacconists. 39 more words

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Discovering Gilmore Park.

One of the unexpected things about riding around New Orleans at 25 mph on a Puch moped is discovering places missed when passing by in a car. 67 more words

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Notre Dame Seminary. Amen.

Notre Dame Seminary was established as a free-standing seminary and graduate school by the Archdiocese of New Orleans. It prepares men for the ministerial priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. 29 more words

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How to reduce motorcycle deaths

The best way that I’ve found to reduce motorcycle fatalities is to not own a motorcycle. Unless a motorcycle crashes into my vehicle and the rider flies through my windshield,  then my chances of dying by motorcycle are greatly reduced. 165 more words


Should we trust London police (and therefore the Mayor's/Home Office's) claims on crime stats?

I just read a report in the Islington newspaper about crime statistics.

Ten days ago I was sitting outside a cafe in Islington.

Thanks to a few years of working in a nightclub and a couple of years in Russia followed by episodes like the referendum, I have developed a greater than average degree of paranoia. 781 more words


Getting to Koh Samet was a bit of an adventure!!  As soon as we landed in Bangkok, we rushed to grab our bags from baggage claim and call a “Grab” (what they use there instead of Uber) that would take us to the Ekamai Bus Terminal. 501 more words