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Apple Confirms iPhone Wireless Charging Accessories Coming from Mophie, Belkin, and More

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The iPhone’s charging is based on the Qi standard, so users will be able to charge their iPhones anywhere they can find a Qi charging pad. 82 more words


Mophie’s MacBook-charging battery pack is indispensable but overpriced

Every time we do a gift guide here, one editor suggests the same thing: external battery packs. Every time, like clockwork. And it’s true, everyone in your life probably needs one. 421 more words


Mophie Unveils PowerStation USB-C XXL Charger with Power of 19500 mAH

The PowerStation USB-C XXL charger from Mophie joins high-capacity batteries that can charge the latest MacBooks, USB-C laptops, smartphones and Nintendo Switch devices.

Although this battery operates through USB-C, it has a USB-A charging port that accepts standard USB cables. 176 more words

Nintendo Switch

Mophie Powerstation XXL offers battery for days

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66 hours is a long time. In fact, it’s the best part of three days. You could fly from London to Australia, spend the day in Sydney, and then fly back to Blighty again in 66 hours. 80 more words


Mophie Launches $150 'Powerstation USB-C XXL' Aimed at New MacBooks

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The Powerstation USB-C XXL includes one USB-C port and one 5V/2.4A USB-A port, so users can simultaneously charge an iPhone or iPad as they charge their MacBook. 466 more words


Mophie Juice Pack for Pixel XL Review

Battery cases are something that you may not think you need for your phone but once you do get one, you’ll start thinking to yourself, “how did I live without this?” 829 more words


Mophie Juice Pack Ultra iPhone 6/62 Review

Reliable, strong and handy case for your phone! If you like to use your iPhone on the go then a battery case is what you’ll need. 392 more words